Finally, a reason to like Black Friday.


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11/27. We'll provide you an advanced sample of the book.

Visually, it's awesome. The material, like everything SFG, is tight and to the point will no fluff, no frills; simple and sinister.



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I must say I really like the wors simple and sinister. I think I like my training simple and sinister.


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I'm not sure if I can handle yet another giant, yet alone one by Pavel!  One side of me will be soaking every part of this up like a sponge while the other tightens my focus to finish the remainder of the program I'm currently on.

Kettlebell Strong has become one of my favorite programs ever and is a go-to resource for teaching students just as much as my instructor manual is, but it was designed for a tighter market and with a different purpose.  It's for people who already have some experience with kettlebell training, and who already have a grasp on "why" we do what we do.  It would be great to see it sold on this site (Make an affiliate program for that baby!) but we need a piece from the master himself.  Something anyone can lend to a friend and say "JUST READ IT!!!"

StrongFirst needs it's debut "Do This!" information product a la Enter the Kettlebell, Power To The People and Naked Warrior.  Too bad the organization can't put it's label on those because they define the essence of what we are while pulling a funnel of people in.  I must have read those three along with the entirety of Beyond Bodybuilding dozens of times and I still get new insights each time I go through one.  Since reading and understanding those masterpieces I've used the knowledge gained as the lens to view all other methods of training through.

I am very excited to see what comes of this!


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@Connor Peterson


Yes agreed on all counts. I re-read Naked Warrior a few times a year. So much in that book it is ridiculous.


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Not even a little hint about content?

I noticed is advertising the kindle version. Please tell me that will carry the book, or will you have reasonable shipping charges for us Comrads here in Canada?


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Hunter Jarvis, I'm in the UK and the book already seems available for the Kindle. I even managed to download a sample, which contains the table of contents.


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I only have the sample on my Kindle and can't just copy and paste. Besides, I have a feeling this was not meant to be available already via Amazon, same thing happened with Pat Flynn's new book I believe. So I don't want to pre-empt the official announcement.

Anyway, that said... Two parts, 1) Simple 2) Sinister. First part seems centred around the swing and TGU, culminating in the "Program Minimum Remastered". Second part is more about speed endurance, breathing and "hard style laziness".

I'm tempted to buy it as it is very affordable on the Kindle, but I should probably wait for the paper edition (if available in UK).


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Will there be a DVD to accompany this book?? And will there be alternative formats such as ePub?
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