How should I progress towards the advanced lifts such as snatch, clean and high pulls?


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Hello everyone, good afternoon.
How should I progress towards the advanced kettlebell ballistics such as the snatch and clean? (With double kettlebells.) i am new to kettlebells. Should I practice my basic swing with one kettlebell for a couple of weeks, then start with double swings for a couple of weeks after that, then start practicing my snatch and other things? Or should I practice my swings longer. I have the basics of it down, just seeking advice on progressing.


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One thing I would strongly recommend against is rushing into double kettlebell ballistics. Refine all your single kettlebell work. This will take months but it’s well worth it. If you feel that you have to pick up 2 bells, stick to cleans, presses, and front squats before trying to do double kettlebell snatches. There is a lot of load that you’re moving and if you haven’t learned to tame the arc you will feel it in your back. Wish you the best in your training.


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If you haven’t put any time in with a single bell snatch I wouldn’t even attempt a double kb snatch. It’s a different animal than the single bell snatch. I remember when I first tried the db kb snatch and it felt very awkward. Plus what @Gypsyplumber said.
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