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  1. Kettlebell How good are kettlebell swings?

    I read everywhere that swings work your entire body and great for conditioning but would heavy swings and push ups be enough for a stand alone workout if your goal is general fitness and weight loss? Or should you incorporate other movements like a squat?
  2. Kettlebell Kettlebell swing question

    Hello Strongfirst, I am new to this forum and also kettlebells. I recently got a 53lb one, and will be starting swings and push ups. I’m just wondering if hardstyle swings involve/strengthen the quads to any degree at all? I am adding squats for my quads, but just curious if swings target them...
  3. Kettlebell Are swings enough to maintain lower body strength and explosiveness?

    For basketball? I’ve read that the swing is a full body compound exercise. Are heavy swings enough to keep my lower body strong and explosive for sports, or should I add in a squat pattern since only swings will neglect the quads and squat pattern? I know I can just do both, but curious to know...
  4. Kettlebell Do kettlebell swings work the entire body enough?

    At the moment, I train bjj 5x a week so I am looking to tone down on my strength training to allow recovery between bjj sessions. I’m thinking of using swings as a finisher after bjj class since I do not have enough energy to do a full strength session. Would swings, push ups and sit ups be...
  5. Other/Mixed George Hackenschmidt's workout

    I recently finished "The Way To Live" and man, what a read! If you haven't read it, I highly recommend you pick it up. One thing I don't really grasp yet is the workouts prescribed in there, though. In the book he outlines the "best training method", prescribes daily, twice a day, for all...
  6. Kettlebell Anyone experience discomfort using the v grip on doubles vs inverted v?

    I’ve gotten comfortable with the v grip but after kettlebell strong, wondering if I should switch to inverted v during double kettlebells.
  7. Kettlebell Anyone experience discomfort using the v grip vs inverted V during doubles?

    I’ve gotten comfortable with the v grip but after kettlebell strong, wondering if I should switch to inverted v during double kettlebells.
  8. Kettlebell Double kettlebell work question

    When working with double bells, should you tilt both kettlebells back towards you before the hike pass like you would for a regular 2 hand swing?
  9. Kettlebell Is it wrong to keep your feet pointed straight ahead instead of turned out for ballistics and squats?

    I find it comfortable with my feet straight ahead, but notice most turn out. Is it wrong?
  10. Kettlebell Question on foot position during swings, snatches etc.

    Are the heels or toes supposed to lift from the ground at all during ballistics? I recorded myself doing sets of swings and snatches and noticed that on the way up my toes come off the ground and on the backswing my heels come off the ground. Is this fine, or should I focus on keeping my whole...
  11. Kettlebell Question on one arm kettlebell swings

    I did come across the article on what to do with your free arm during one arm swing. I was just wondering, are there any differences and/or pros/cons to keeping the free arm stuff in guard or hanging to the side vs using the mimic/tap the handle or swinging the free arm as well opposed to...
  12. Kettlebell Holding kettlebell in hook of hand during ballistics- is it necessary?

    Most YouTube videos recommend holding the kettlebell in the hook Olof the fingers like the picture under to allow rotation during exercises that require the bell to rotate like snatches and cleans. My question is, is there a problem with gripping the bell deeper in the palm like you would a...
  13. Kettlebell Technique question

    Hello, nice to meet you all. Just signed up for this forum to ask a question. I have been training with kettlebells since my high school wrestling days, around 9 years ago. I have found that these are great for athletic performance, works wonderfully combined with calisthenics. Here’s my...
  14. Kettlebell New to kettlebells: a simple question on grip

    Hello all, After a couple of years of bodybuilding, I am transitioning to kettlebells and currently I am on the wolf program. Now for cleans and snatches, I know to keep the grip on the kettlebells relaxed to allow the bell to rotate during the movement, but does this mean that during the...
  15. Kettlebell Torn calluses from doing swings. Grip question

    When doing kettlebell swings should my grip be more of a loose, relaxed hook grip similar to this image? Google Image Result for Or should I be squeezing the bell hard like I would on front squats?
  16. Kettlebell Keeping a loose grip on cleans

    On my cleans, the bells are smashing my wrist. I have done research and came across keeping a loose grip during cleans. Does this mean that my hands have be in an open grip on the kettlebells as I do cleans, snatches, high pulls etc. or should I still have a closed hand grip but loose?
  17. Kettlebell Elbow position during ballistics question

    Hello, hope all is well. I am fairly new to kettlebells, just started a couple of months ago when I discovered this website. Great content. My question is: During the snatch and clean, I was taught to keep the elbow close to the body to maintain the arc. However, for swings would this also...
  18. Kettlebell Stance width during exercise

    Hello, When performing standing kettlebell arm workouts such as kettlebell curls, overhead press, tricep extensions etc. should the feet be narrow and together, or wide similar to kettlebell swings?? Does one have any benefits over the other? I know you stand wide during kettlebell ballistics...
  19. Kettlebell Is “the wolf” program a long term program?

    Or should I just do the 6 weeks then switch to a different program after?
  20. Kettlebell Question about the hip hinge

    just double checking if I understand the hip hinge So during the hinge for kettlebell swings, deadlifts, etc. you push your hips straight back rather than down correct? Do you lower your hips down even a little, or is it only straight back to the rear?
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