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Bodyweight "Iron Wolf, Zero Gravity and Burpees/Bodyweight Training"

I am intrigued by the burpeeheads' stories above. I hate the move. But few things worthwhile are easy! What sorts of reps, sets progressions did you use? Anyone got a program?

And which burpee types do you use?
Using the BDT standards, I had good results doing two dedicated 20 minute sessions a week (one of 6 counts and one of navy seals) and after my two strength sessions for the week (basically Tactical Barbell) I would do a 10 minute session of each and aim to meet the pace of the next level. I got to Level 1D for both movements that way.
This another group which is into the dark art of burpees.

I did some OTM burpees yesterday. Man the freaking endorphin rush after was amazing. Did 5 sets of 15 swings, 1 goblet squat, 10 steps march in place and a mobility drill to warm up and then 10 minutes OTM burpees. In and out in less than 20 minutes and a lot of quality work in.
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