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Thanks to everyone here, Friday’s release of Pavel’s new book was a very strong showing.

“An amazing book that provides a great amount of knowledge in a streamlined package.
Like the program itself, Simple and Sinister, does not waste your time but simply provides you with the information you will need to get, stay, and be STRONG for a lifetime.
I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars traveling and learning from great minds in the fitness industry. Simple and Sinister provides value that FAR exceeds the price! I have highlighted my copy and know without a doubt I will learn from this book for many years to come.”

—Ric Garcia SFG II, SFL

“Eleven months ago, rapidly approaching age 63 and weighing in at 276 pounds I decided to do something. The something was sensible eating and exercise with kettlebells. Pavel’s “Enter The Kettlebell” was my gold standard for how to properly use the kettlebell. I dropped 60 pounds. Since I train at home, I must be my own motivator. Habits are powerful, for better or worse, and maintaining a good habit is easier if it’s something you do every day. Resistance training with iron has always been something that I thought could be done 3 times a week which isn’t do it every day.

Now there is “Simple and Sinister.” Pavel made some changes to his “minimum” and lays out how this program can be used near daily, where near means that if life happens you can miss a day without harm. When I finish this review I will be doing the program on the fourth consecutive night. Thus far I have felt energized post training and in the morning, without soreness.

He explained a credible method for progressive increases in work and moving up to heavier kettlebells. I like this, a lot and anticipate continued success in my fitness and strength goals with this based upon what I have done with the earlier version ETK.”

—David L. Murray

StrongFirst grows gets better each day with the feed back we receive from our brothers and sisters.

If you’ve purchased Simple and Sinister, please leave a review on Amazon so others can see why StrongFirst grows larger each day.

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If you haven’t bought it…why?
Plenty of good reviews on So banged a good review on my side of the world the UK,

Awesome book, hope lots of people get on this!
ETK infected me with the KB bug almost two years ago. Since then I've read & viewed just about everything from Pavel & his talented circle of experts & work my technique regularly with local KB trainers. After devouring S&S last weekend, I am blown away by the elegant simplicity with which Pavel puts all the pieces together into a strategy that addresses every angle of conditioning. Taken at face value, just do it, it works, move on. Taken as a template for tuning your favorite current routines, it's a goldmine of information that exceeds the sum of all of its parts. Case in point is the section on breathing behind the shield - sure it's been around, but you'd have dig through your library if you wanted to find it asap, yet there it is complete with context, concisely explained and conveniently referenced. This Simple & Sophisticated book, for practical purposes, can replace an entire library.
I enjoyed this review, by Guy. It made me silly about writing paragraphs when all that needed to be said was this:

"Best book on how to start working out with the Kettlebell. 2 exercises every day until strong. Do it now!"
So I want to keep this in "the family" so to speak, while I love the book and the program, my only complaint is the black background on the photos. while stylish, it lacks clarity.

Keep up the good work though. I have been so happy with Pavel's Strong First, I have rapidly seen serious results compared to programs of earlier years.
Have seen some other reviews saying the same about the pics, but the photos seem fine to me. Perhaps a device issue?
Not just the best intro to kettlebells, but the best intro to training in general.  Finally a book I can flatly recommend to family and friends.  Well done!
Will be posting my review this evening.  Will say in so many words that I kept looking for what I was missing. Finally realized the "simplicity" of what I was reading was the message and the true challenge was to just get busy and stop looking for more than is required.

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