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Excellent work by Pavel!

The S&S is truly the program of choice for the special operator, be it military or law enforcement. There are many ways to skin a cat, but this is the one that gives you the most bang for the buck. As an operator you need almost daily punch the clock training sessions that delivers results without wearing you down. Moderate training sessions that offer you the chance to instead go allout when you are spending time in the sharp end of the spear.

In S&S Pavel takes the two most basic of all KB drills and explains them in detail - including all the subleties that takes them from being good allround KB drills and turns them in to THE BEST KB drills. The TGU and the Swing injuryproofs both healthy and wrecked bodies, supplies you with plenty of GPP and on top of that teaches you the ability to focus 100%. And Pavel also tells you how to combine S&S with your own program - if you insist on doing other things in your training. Simple, but not easy. Effective and extremely timeefficient.

The only thing that seperates the elite from the rest, is that the elite does the basics so much better. So what are you waiting for?
Posted. If one takes the financial burden created by treating diseases of lifestyle seriously (never mind the epidemic of quality of life loss and threat to national security posed by a fat, weak, and sick population), it seems to me that Pavel, unlikely though it may at first seem, is one of the most important patriots of our time.

S&S, along with the subsequent offerings I anticipate from SF, have the makings of a Strength Revolution Manifesto. Strength has a greater purpose, indeed. What single other attribute contributes so much to so many aspects of life? Physical and mental vitality, longevity, and the ability to better one’s own life and the lives of others. That’s what Pavel brought to this country in 1998; the cannonballs with handles are in my opinion incidental.
This book is Pavel at his best. Pavel's genius is making the complex simple, and, as he did in his classic first books that inspired and motivated us all to become better men he does again in Simple and Sinister.

The book is all meat and no potatoes. Jammed packed with the great nuggets of knowledge he is famous, for I can read this book over and over again and get something deeper out of it each time.

Specific, to the point instructions of what TO do and what NOT to do leave no question about how to institute this program and what it can do for you and why. A great starting point for the beginner as well as the intermediate or advanced practitioner who wants to really dial in his game.

As usual, Pavel is unafraid to break new ground and refine and re craft his basic material; stripping it down to it's bare essentials. Only what really works and counts is carried forward.

I've been waiting for this book for more than a few years and it doesn't disappoint. I go to it regularly just to get fired up for a workout or to keep my sites on "keeping the goal the goal" as Dan John says.

It brings me back to the beginnings of my kettlebell journey while at the same time sharpening my focus up for the great road ahead, all with this simple cannonball with a handle and some serious smart principles.

Bravo, Chief.
just posted the following review ...

there are certain strength practitioners who not only own their strength, but know how to pass it along. Pavel lives and breathes his art and in a clear, concise manual of strength he guides the reader through all they need to know to bulletproof their body (S&S) and mind (breathing through the straw). the Simple (two exercises which cover the body in whole) and the Sinister (pressing the reader towards handling The Beast), this program is truly all you will need to create the foundation of strength necessary to allow you to achieve your goals. Pavel smoothes the path before you, what you do with your stones is up to you.

buy it and become StrongFirst.
Posted the following Amazon review today:

I have the Kindle version. I've read the whole book 3 times, now I just use the table of contents to click the sections I want to review. This is the clearest exercise book I've every read, both in the purpose of each exercise and the technical detail. As an old guy (65) trying to regain strength and fitness from a few years of struggling with a heart problem (afib) this book and program is perfect. I feel much fitter and stronger than when I started a month ago (I've done the program about 25 times). I first thought this was mainly an upper body workout but I feel much stronger in my back and legs. I feel it when I go for walks, like I traded in a four cylinder for an eight. My back feels better than it has in a long time. I particularly like the hip extension in the warm up, I've never felt my butt and lower back so much, it feels really good. The stretches after fit perfectly. I struggled with them for the first few times, now they feel doable and better and better. I could not be more pleased with this book and I recommended it for anyone trying to be more fit for any purpose.
As a total kettlebell beginner, I have to say that I enjoyed the book. It was clear, detailed and well laid out, just wish I'd found a hard copy on Amazon, the kindle copy is difficult on my small paperwhite.

The explanation of the swing was excellent, I could feel how muscle memory from deadlifting really helped me there. I did have a blonde moment on the Get Up. I think it was caused by the photo angles, because when I looked up StrongFirst Get Up on youtube I found two great videos that showed the leg angle/sweep.

Waiting for my kettlebells to get here from Paris, and in the meantime, back to practising the Get Up with an old shoe...

Thank you :)
Into my second week doing the S & S & loving the program.  I am feeling outstanding!  The warmup and stretches have opened up my hips.  No back pain,  plus my hands aren't so beat up like when I was doing KB Snatches along with pullups.

Thanks again Pavel!


I am brand new to the forum and brand new to kettlebell training - really just getting started. I have recently read Pavel's earlier "Enter the Kettlebell" as well as "Power to the People", "The Naked Warrior" and "Relax into Stretch". A fair bit of my fitness is spent hiking local trails so I decided to try the audio version of "Simple and Sinister" and I will say that I really have enjoyed it a lot. I will also be purchasing a hard copy of the book but it has been great to listen to Pavel's explanation of some of the finer points about form / technique as it really reinforces what I have seen to date in ETKB. Like the other books by Pavel that I have read I appreciate the no nonsense approach to how the material is delivered. Finally, I like the simplicity of focusing on two key exercises. Today's fitness world seems inundated with so many exercises and so many programs - keeping it simple is more my style for sure; as I feel quality over quantity wins every time!




Posted this review on Itunes.

"I have bin doing the Simple & Sinister program 5 times a week for 4 weeks so far. And I really like it, have improved my mobility, strength and endurance.  Started with 16kg kettlebell and now I'm doing both the getups and swings with 24 kg. My goal is 32 kg.
I have listen to the book several times and its full of great content. I really recommend it!"




I've loved kettlebells for a few years so a serious health problem last year was a double blow. Near death and goodbye to kettlebell training.

Or so I thought ...

After being given permission by the consultant overseeing my care, I put away the 32's and started S & S with a 7.5kg. I took a large slice of humble pie and followed the program as outlined, not really expecting much but glad to be alive and (at last) able to do something.

The results have been surprising. Muscle tone has returned, and as strength increased confidence grew alongside it. I have never felt tired - as I did when training previously - so five stars from me. S & S does exactly as promised.

Life is good.

Gary Chamberlain
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