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Posted the following to Amazon, a big thanks to not only Pavel, but the entire StrongFirst team.  Simple and Sinister is just the foundation that this whole forum and website with additional material build upon.  I can't wait to see what else StrongFirst has for us!
"(For some perspective on my review, I started this program in January and refused to post a review until I had completed the simple goals, which I just completed in May.  It is easy to be excited about a workout program for a month or so, but I wanted to stick with it for a longer period of time to get an honest perspective.) 

The title of this book is perfect and explains it perfectly, you can judge this book by its cover.  I can’t speak how this book is for beginners, because that wasn’t me, but I certainly have no qualms directing beginners to this book and encourage them to see a certified instructor.  Just about anyone at any level of athletics (or desk-jockeying) will benefit from following this book to the letter.

First off, Trust Pavel!  He knows far more about working out than I ever will, and while the workout plan may seem simple, there have been years of thought and gallons of sweat devoted to perfecting this plan.  The biggest struggle many will have with this book is the monotony of the “punching the clock” type of workouts, but once you get used to it, this part can be quite liberating.  No need to spend 30 min planning your workout…just show up, grab a bell and 30 min later you are done. Do it again tomorrow and the day after and “repeat until strong.”

My second point: When you hit a plateau or feel you are stuck, re-read the book.  Every time I was stuck at a certain mark and not feeling any progress, I would re-read the book and pick up another tidbit that I had overlooked the first few times through it and next thing you know, I’m not stuck at the plateau anymore.  Trust Pavel!

This program alone will not put you on the front page of a fitness magazine, but expect a thicker trunk, popeye forearms and a shredded back if you follow it (the change is gradual so I did not notice them so much as others made comments over the months).
While nice, those are just aesthetics, the real gold is in the flexibility and rock solid shoulders, hips, hamstrings, and lower back that will protect you from injury in your daily life.  That is the real beauty of this program, it gives you the freedom to enjoy the rest of your life by not only giving you strength, flexibility, and conditioning but also keeping workouts brief so that you still have time and energy to enjoy life away from the kettlebell.

This is my "foundation" workout plan that will keep me busy for several years and I have no doubts my progress will continue as I pursue the Sinister goals!

Buy the book, trust Pavel, work the plan, and repeat until strong!"
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