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Kettlebell Maximorum Master Thread

Buenos días from sunny Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Happy to report the test for round 2 of maximorum - a1 i started at 15kg, then 20kg and it all felt good, so i skipped 24 and went right to 26kg and hit a tough 5, all clean reps. My left struggled on the last one but did hit the lock out.

So this go around 26kg for all movements, no strong legs option. For @Geoff Neupert. I really liked the program with a 7RM, Now with a challenging 5RM let's see what that feels like. Is there any harm in using 24kg on occasion?
Here’s my results. I pressed mixed double of 24 kg and 20 kg, and snatched 24 kg.

Press 4x24+20
Snatch 12x24

Press 7x24+20 (PR is 8, from Giant 2 years ago.)
Press 1x28+24 (I haven’t pressed 28 in years. PR is 3.)
Snatch 20x24 (PR)
Snatch 5x28 (PR. Never snatched 28 before.)

Shoulder: 46 inches (+0.5)
Chest: 38 inches (+0.5)
Arm: 12.5 inches (+1)
Waist: 32.5 inches (no change)
Thigh: 22 inches (+2)
Weight: 166 lbs (+4)
Just did my Week 12 C&P max rep test. I ran this program with 2x20kg, which started as a 7 RM. Tested today at 10 RM. I was hoping for a little bit more of a jump, but I have been doing DC&P as my main lift for more than a year now, so my body wasn't really primed for a big jump. I'll always happily take steady progress forward! My 2x24kg RM went from 3 reps to ... only 4 reps, although I did test after my 2x20kg RM test, so maybe I could hit 5 if more fresh.

I feel like I improved on the snatch more than C&P. For snatch weight, I used 28kg, which I had only snatched once before on a whim before surprisingly finding out it was my 10 RM prior to starting the program (I had done a lot of snatching with 20kg and 24kg previously, but not much in the year before starting Maximorum). I haven't tested a new RM with that weight, but it feels much lighter and doing sets of 8 have felt solid. And now, I can snatch the 32kg bell for a few reps, which is crazy as that is basically half my bodyweight (66kg)!

Body comp changes aren't dramatic, but I think I added a little muscle and trimmed a little fat, which is moving in the right direction.

Overall, at 46 years of age, after completely Maximorum, my pressing and snatching strength is the highest it has ever been, and my body composition is the best it has ever been.
Restarted the program yesterday.

26kg for all lifts.

Week 1
Day 1 - 90 reps experimented with on the :90 and :60, most sets done on the :90. L/R back to back for all repeats. HR and breathing were wellll controlled.

Day 2 - 30 reps emom, a1a2 done consecutive no rest. Heavier weight forced my grip to really activate in the front rack during a1 to have confident smooth reps going up. Even still, more than a few were hard. A2 smooth and steady. Was essentially a zone 2/3 workout, peaking toward the end in zone 4.Screenshot_20230303_114635_myWorkouts.jpg
Maximorum final results:

I had very minimal changes across my whole body, I would estimate I lost a couple pounds of fat but nothing statistically significant for a 14 week period (supposed to be 12 weeks, but an illness and an injury added 2 weeks to my timeline).

Starting Stats:

Average of last 3 days weight: 176.4
Navy Body Fat calculator: 17.8%
Neck: 15.42 inches
Chest: 39.4 inches
Waist: 34.17 inches
Two inches above waist: 33.2 inches
Two inches below waist: 32.97 inches
Hips: 37.87 inches
L Biceps: 14.28 inches
R Biceps: 14.71 inches
L Thigh: 23.61 inches
R Thigh: 23.78 inches
L Calf: 14.51 Inches
R Calf: 14.54 inches

Ending Stats:

Average of last 3 days weight: 171.67
Navy Body Fat calculator: 17.1%
Neck: 15.37 inches
Chest: 39.35 inches
Waist: 33.75 inches
Two inches above waist: 32.82 inches
Two inches below waist: 33.03 inches
Hips: 37.59 inches
L Biceps: 14.21 inches
R Biceps: 14.45 inches
L Thigh: 23.18 inches
R Thigh: 23.40 inches
L Calf: 14.21 Inches
R Calf: 14.20 inches

What did improve was my double C&P. Started with a true 5RM with 2x24kg bells, and during my test I hit a very solid 10 reps. Reps 9 and 10 the speed slowed down, but form did not.

My snatch definitely improved, but it’s hard to separate skill from strength and this was the first time I snatched a 24kg bell and did a program that had so much snatching.

I did not have a great diet in Phase 1 as I would eat good during the week, but would end up drinking too much on the weekends. Phase 2 I still ate the same, but dropped most of the alcohol once football season was done and that’s where I saw a little change to my weight.

For another final test, I did a barbell OHP 1rm test which I haven’t lifted since starting this program and managed to match my PR of 145 lbs but at a bodyweight 5lbs lighter.
Did the week 12 test day today

Cp with 20 kg went from 5 reps to 11 reps
and Cp with 24 kg went from 0 reps to 4 reps

Started w1d1 with 26 reps and maxed on w7d1 with 70 reps after that numbers went down again with higher rep sets.

Started w1d2 with 73 reps and maxed on w8d2 with 156 reps after that numbers went down again with higher rep sets.

Realy liked the program alot and find the mixing of cp/sq and snatch to check all the right boxes for my training needs.
I did my best on following it as stricktly
as i could and only did some easy runs alongside it since running is a job requierment.

Body comp changes were not drametic
but i lost some fat were i wanted and added some muscle were i wanted :)
and got some positive feedback from the people around me
without paying close attantion to my diet

Im gonna bell up on the cp/sq and keep the snatch at 24kg and run it again after a week or so
1. maximum is 4 days/week?
2. C+P/DSQ is done with snatch during one workout?

I am doing easy muscle with Killer program with good results .
I think to start Maximum program soon. regards to you
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