Post your last Session!


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I find it motivating and intresting to look at other peoples training. I dont know if you folks want to post your last training session, but if you do, do! :)

Ill go first.

Strength and Conditioning

Turkish Getups( 24kg) 5minutes ( changes arms each rep)

Swings ( 24Kg) 10 x 20 = 200reps

( 30 second rest between sets of swings)

Isometric stretching

Hip Flexors 3 reps, Hamstring stretch 3 reps. Groin stretch 3 reps. Tricep stretch 3 reps.




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That's not a bad warmup. :)


We are starting Kettlebell Muscle, with TGU's and swings as warmup & cooldown, along with some other stretches. We almost always include some Kalos Stenos to warm up as well.


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yesterday, not necessarily in order...
1)chin x 7,10, 10 (27)
 a)clap chin x 5,8, 9, 4  (26)
2)skip rope x 100, 100 (200)
3)swing  40kg x 8
4)muscle snatch 40kg x 5 60x5x5 (25)
5)sg high pull 60kgx3 70x3 80x2 90x2 (10)
6)kb snatch 32kg x 20,20


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Dead lift upto a heavy triple (355)
30 min sandbag clean & squat 5x, 20kg swings 40x, 100 rope swings
Easy 30min jog nasal breathing
Weighted chins up to heavy triple


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Kettlebell "STRONG", Session 23. Double 32's

After the Clean and Presses I did:

Chins 3 x(2,3,5)

2 x (Side Plank left 30sec, plank 30sec, side plank right 30sec)





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Good idea for a thread.  Everybody just post whatever the last session was, for a slice-of-life sample of what people are really doing.

Four hours ago:  One-arm kettlebell presses, on the minute, for one hour.  Four reps, switching hands every set, with a 32 kg.  So, 240 total reps, 120 each arm.  Between sets I put the bell on a bar stool instead of the floor, and I two-hand cheat-cleaned it every set.  The idea is to do my hip-hinge training on its own course, separate from the pressing.  I already know how to get tight.  This was a not-so-bad session, with the TV on, able to drink coffee and chalk up before the second hand on the clock hit 12.  Inspired by Kenneth Jay's volume days.  In ROTK Pavel writes about a Russian PE instructor who did 1019 reps in one hour, also with a 32 kg.  That means averaging 17 reps a minute!


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24kg 10 swings,  1 goblet squat x 10 rounds

Barbell military press 5-3-2, 125-135-145

Barbell front squat 5-3-2, 125-165-175

Ring pullups 5-3-2 bodyweight

Deadlifted and carried bar with 175 for a short distance

brian d

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After a couple months of easy strength I'm back on the ROP.  I'm trying to do it without putting the bull down in between rungs (that means I'm hitting the pullups on variety days). Today was my heavy day.

Frog, get ups, and goblet squats to warm up.

clean and press, 24kg

5 x 1, 2, 3

one handed swings, 24kg

220 in 10 minutes


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Pullups,  2 x 8 reps with 25#'s added

Zercher squat 2 x 5 with 185#

Overhead press 2 x 5 with 120#

Swings,  one handed 5 each hand x 5 sets no rest, 24kg

one arm one leg plank practice

cool idea for thread!

day 28/40



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@ Russell, thanks, I still haven't met the 1/2 bodyweight kb press standard.  Volume seems to be the trick.  Bodybuilding bodypart blasting.  What do you do for your traps, bro?

Kristen Hitchens

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Catalyst athletics warm up

Deadlifts sets of 5 using 40 lb jumps to a 5RM (215)

Squats sets of 8 using 20-30 lb jumps to an 8RM (135)

3x12 RDL (135)

Pullups 6, 5, 4, 4, 3




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Ton Up circuit today 

Ton up is  Skip, do the first exercise for 10 reps, skip, do the first and second exercise for 10 reps each skip and so on.

i did skipped inbetween each round, 50 skips

prisoner squats
decline pushups
dorsal raises
tuck jumps
diamond pushups
leg wipers
body blasters

took 30:45mins 

then 3x3 mins bagwork 

ps forgot to say we have 9m waves at the moment so we are rolling well 


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@Matt - I don't know if i'd go as far as to call it bodybuilding, unless we're talking the reeves, grimek, gironda era when bodybuilders were athletes...


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@Russell, -- those were the days, they were the men.  It seems like with shoulders strength and hypertrophy are practically the same thing.  Presses only is probably as close to bodybuilding as anything StrongFirst-minded people do.  Even so, it's at least a 1/2 body exercise.

Nice pulls!


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Currently on a few weeks easy break between ROP runs, which I planned to sync up with a big move/change of lifestyle which is going on right now.

Yesterday was:

30 min flexible steel session


Front lever work


Practice of: C&P, heavy cleans, TGU, single leg deads.

A few pullups.

All spread over 2 relaxed sessions.


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Currently resting my shoulder to get over a rotator cuff issue. I'd like to be doing ROP but that's out of the question so I'm currently in a bit of a maintenance mode.


Some super joints and "Becoming Bulletproof" work to warm up

5 min of unweighted get ups

Arm bars

Kettlebell complex performed without putting the bells down - 2x 20Kg

8 x Double swing, 8 x Double clean, 8 x Front squat

3 rounds. 90s rest in between

3 x 5 Hanging Leg Raise

10/10 24kg single arm swings. 30sec work, 30sec rest. 5min = 100 swings

Great thread. Really interesting and inspiring.


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2 arm DB clean & press (80 kg), 4x3

1 arm pull up, 2 each.

pistols, 3 each  leg

always stretches, mobility before and after.
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