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Barbell Powerlifting and kettlebells.

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Jonatan Malmlöf

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Hello fellow strongfirst instuctors and power to you!

My training has recently switch more towards powerlifting and focus on max strength plus optimized performance im the art of lifting.

Any of you who have this kind of area of experties on how to best intergrate kettlebells for better powerlifting performance?

Power to you!
If you have a chance to attend an SFL, this is covered quite extensively in the programming lectures.

One easy option is to use KB lifts as assistance exercises for barbell lifts. Example: You main squat is the low bar back squat, but you use double kettlebell front squats as your assistance exercises. It's easy just to base it off of movement patterns.
There's a couple of pages on increasing your deadlifts with kettlebell swings in The Russian Kettlebell Challenge.

It references Steve Wilson's deadlift routine of performing barbell deadlifts with a 26-32% 1RM load for sets of 20 2-3 times per week. PT recommends using sets of KB swings instead and performing 2-3 sets of 10 reps per arm 2-3 times per week and trying a 'conservative max' with your barbell deadlift once a month. Once I've completed my next PTTP deadlift cycle, I'll probably give this a try (much as I love the deadlift, I'm really starting to miss KB swings).

And, as @Arryn Grogan suggests, it recommends KB drills as assistance exercises for the powerlifts: In particular, kettlebell overhead squats are recommended for building mobility in the lower and upper back, allowing a lifter to keep a tight arch in the lower back when deadlifting and squatting.

Double KB front squats tax the abdominal muscles in a similar manner to Zercher squats but are much easier on the inside of the elbows and will certainly teach you a thing or two about staying 'tight'. They also allow for safer high-rep sets than barbell squats, making them an awesome exercise for hypertrophy, but I digress.
I have very minimalistic programming. I use Craig Markers KB swing program or Simple and Sinister 3 times a week. I do all 3 lift on Sunday with the supervision of Marty Gallagher and I do on acessory day. It's all about load managment espcially for an old guy!
Thank you guys! Alot of good info! Yeah im atm using the front squat and swing to help both squat and deadlift! It really helps!
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