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Kettlebell ROP support group

Logan - those are good numbers, I think. My first snatch test last week was a 5 minute one and I managed 60 reps - working on fixing my breathing during snatches at the moment.

Thanks KRG, and good job on your test day! Eye opening, right? I had no idea it would be that tough but man my lungs were burning! Still got a ways to go but enjoying the journey. Just super stoked I FINALLY pressed the 32!
Is anyone who is doing ROP also particiapating in Al Ciampa's A + A swing Protocol?
I'm just wondering what anyone elses stratagies are.
There are some fairly high volume days that will be a little more than I'm used to for my variety days :s haha
But I'm also really enjoying the progress that I'm seeing with ROP.
This is going to be interesting
I will be entering week 9 when I start the protocol next week and I think when the volume picks up I may use a week or two as a ROP recovery and then Return to week 5 and start with a heavier bell (assuming I'm ready of course ;)
Anyone else?
This would have been week 2 for me. But I decided to do singles on Monday and Friday with my 53 and Wednesday do some heavy singles with my 80. I want to stay as fresh as I can for weeks 5, especially week 6 session 2
I gotta admit I was tempted to participate in the study, but my press is the focus now and don't want anything to get in the way of my progress there. Hopefully Al will give us a chance to take part in his research again in the future! Let us know how it goes for you guys.
As much help as this group has given me, and the way kettlebells have taken the pain away in my back. I will willingly put most kettlebell goals on hold to help in a study I qualify to help out in!!
I am torn but I didn't participate in the last call out due to an injury and am really interested in the concept of "Lazy Endurance" haha.
I'm going to keep with my pressing as long as I can and jump back in once the trial is over. Its only 6 weeks and I think the heavy swings will be great for some extra stability.
I'm going to give it a go, but probably not for a week or two. Will try and do the swings on easy, medium and the two variety days and keep the heavy day for pure presses only. I'm getting close to 5 ladders of 5 for 24 kg so I'm at pretty high volume - time is my only concern. And 6 weeks brings in Christmas madness.

Also I have a 40 kg bell on order - I don't think I'll get too much out of sets of 5 swings .with a 32 kg.
I'm debating on what to get next. I have a 36kg, honestly thinking of jumping off a cliff and go straight to a 48kg. But first Im getting a bar and plates to start deadlifting.
I'm kinda on the opposite side of that conundrum with a bar and tons of plates, but no kettlebell bigger than 32kg. I'm planning to get a 36, 40 and maybe even a beast as my "Christmas presents" this year.
Completed 5 rungs of 5 ladders with the 24k today. I am pretty satisfied. Moving on to 28 might take some time though, because of funds. Any tips?
Hi Rayhzel,

I think Pavel's standard advice for needing to buy a new bell is to skip a few meals to save up:)

But in terms of getting the most out of the 24, there are plenty of things you can do. Here are my first thoughts:

-Stick with the 5 x 5 ladders for a few weeks and really let that volume stack up
-Add the pullups (if you have not done this already)
-Start the cycle over and concentrate on compressing the time

There are other options, too, and I'll be curious to hear what other people like to do in these situations.
Options as I see them -
1) keep grinding away with the 24 for more weeks of 5 ladders of 5 rungs until I am ready to move up
2) GTG with singles with the 28 kg bell on variety days to try and speed up progress
3) continue as in 1) but do the bottom rung of each ladder with a 28 kg bell

Does anyone have any other ideas or experience with these strategies?

Update on option 3 - it has worked a treat this week. 28 kg going up nice and easy now, reckon I will be ready for laddering it in 2-3 more weeks.
Been back on the ROP for a few months with the 24kg. Had not even hit 5x1,2,3,4,5 but yesterday I was in my living room and did some OS work and felt a surge of strength. Went outside grabbed the 32kg and pressed it with both the Strong and Stronger arm. That felt awesome. Will continue with the 24kg till I hit the target and then move onto the 28kg. ;)
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