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Discussion in 'Strong Food Logs' started by Ryan T, May 2, 2018.

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    Ryan, have you tried substituting the potatoes for sweet potatoes? The sweet potatoes or yams have a lower glycemic value and I believe a bit more fiber.

    As far as the potatoes, are you eating the skins? More fiber and that's where all the nutrients are at.

    I should start one of these, maybe it would keep my dietary intake in line.
  2. Ryan T

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    I didn't have any sweet potatoes on hand so I used what I had. Normally, I'd incorporate them.

    I do eat the skins.
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    Well never mind then. LOL
  4. Ryan T

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    I will say that I am in the minority in my home as far as sweet potatoes go. Wife and kids are not as big fans of them, so I don't get a whole lot of buy in there. For the skins comment, I usually remove the skins for the sweet potatoes. There's something about the texture of the skin I don't care for.
  5. Ryan T

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    2:30 PM 12 Oz bone broth with 2tbsp ACV

    7:15-8:00 PM 4 servings of stir fry chicken breast with green beans. No rice.

    8:15 PM 2 energy balls made with almond butter, coconut, rolled oats, small amount of maple syrup with small dark chocolate chips.
  6. Ryan T

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    2:30 PM 12oz bone broth w 2tbsp ACV
    3:00 PM 1oz peanuts
    5:00 PM 10oz chicken
    8:00 PM serving of chicken and green beans with white rice
    8:30 PM 3 almond butter power balls
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  7. Ryan T

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    1:30 PM 3 eggs cooked with a pat of butter. 1 string cheese stick.

    4:30 PM Training

    6:45 PM 3 fist sized servings of shredded salsa chicken breast with black beans and quinoa

    7:45 PM 4 almond butter power balls

    Note: Very hungry today, so I ate more than usual.
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  8. Ryan T

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    Stats revised:

    Height: 5'8" (no it didn't change lol)
    Weight: 172lbs
    BF: 26%

    I've gained muscle and fat since my beginning post. Made progress with S&S and I did a stint with GN's Kettlebell Extreme. Unfortunately, I got so hungry doing the latter program that I started eating a ton. I'm not sure how anyone could follow that program and the nutrition guidelines as well. That plus stress and serious sleeping problems over the last few months contributed to fat gain as well.

    Goal for 12/31/2019
    Weight 158lbs

    This seems doable and to help, I'm going to fire up the food log again.
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  9. Ryan T

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    6AM: frozen peanut butter and banana smoothie with whey protein, Greek yogurt and milk.

    2PM Small serving of beef and brocolli with white basmati rice. A serving of peanuts.

    7PM 3 pieces of pizza and 3 cheese sticks.

    Dessert: Two small apples.
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    I like what your doing here Ryan. I may start a Food Log of my own. Keep up the effort.

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