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I've been reading a lot here lately and decided starting a log will hold me accountable. My goal is to hit the S&S standards with 40kg this year. I'm 37, 5'11 and 190lbs. I have 3 young kids and time is precious. My consistency is not an issue, but my rest/recovery can be. I do not follow S&S by the book. I mix in some of my own things along the way as you'll see as my log progresses. Today is a good day to start my log because I completed the S&S standards with 34kg. Swings are always more of a challenge for me than TGU's.


34kg 100 1H swings in 4:50
34kg 10 TGU's in 9:23

I felt great after this session! Last time I tested myself was November 26th, 2017 with 32kg. I hit the standards but felt really beat up after. I am happy with how much better I felt after this testing session.

Just looked back on my paper log and March 17, 2017 was my first S&S session. I can't believe it's almost been a year already.


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Thank you @masa!

2/14/18 -- my grind day
32 kg x 2
40kg x 4
44kg x 4

Double KB Front Squat (DBKBFS) - 1 second pause at bottom
30x5, 32x5, 32x5, 32x5, 30x5. Last set held the bells in the rack position for about :15sec

Weighted Pull-ups
25lbs 3x5 all strict chest to bar

Abwheel 3x5

Fat bar Farmers Carry 100lbs/hand 1:15
I prefer to go for distance but the gym was crowded and went for time instead and I liked that. I may do it that way for now and see how much time under tension I can add.

I will be out of town the next 5 days. I will try to get in some bodyweight exercises, crawling and/or mobility while out of town.


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2/20/18 -- Back at it!!
32kg 1H swings x 100 EMOM

40kg TGU's x 10
I set the timer while doing TGU's but did not look at it until the end. I was taking my time and it ended up being 18:25 to complete. The last 5 reps always feel better than the first 5 reps. I'm thinking I should add in a few light TGU's to my warm-up and see if that helps those first 5 reps feel better.

Felt good to get a sweat going. I had good intentions to get some exercise in while out of town, but it didn't happen.


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36kg 1H swings x8 EMOM 10 mins.
80 reps total, felt good and crisp from start to finish

DBKBFS 1 sec pause
32x5, 32x5, 32x5, 32x5, 30x5

Weighted pull-up chest to bar
25 x 5, 5, 5
These felt great today. Will stick with this weight to make sure I own it and then move up soon.

Fat bar Farmers Carry 100lbs/hand for 1:35

Abwheel 3x5

Some lateral banded walks

All in all a good session even though I almost skipped out today...was feeling tired before the workout but it re-energized me!


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2/24/18 Early Sat morning workout

As many swings as possible with 24kg. x 175
My goal was to follow this pattern: 1H left x10, 2H x10, 1H right x10, 2H x 10. I did this up until 120 reps and then most everything beyond that was 2H swings with a few 1H's sprinkled in as needed.
Laid on the floor in my own sweat for about 5mins after

24kg TGU
1x4 continuous reps Right side
1x4 continuous reps Left side
First time I've done more than 3 continuous reps with 24kg

One arm push up practice

Quick and painful =)


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I just didn't feeling like touching a KB today...not sure why. did some hypertrophy instead.

a1) DB BP 60x10, 75x10, 75x10, 75x10
a2) Cable Face Pull 60x10, 70x10, 70x10, 70x10

B) Bench supported alternating DB rows 45lbs x 20, 20, 20

c) RFESS 40lbs per hand x 10, 10, 10

d1) Dips 30X1 tempo x 8, 8
d2) Cable curls 30X1 tempo 70lbs x 10, 10

Hoping tomorrow my mind is back in the game.


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2/27/18 No workout today!

I was planning on a S&S session today but I am WAY too sore from yesterdays hypertrophy workout. I shouldn't be as sore as I am, I may work in some more workouts like yesterdays once in a while.

Michael Scott

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Sometimes a day off is just as productive as a workout.

2/27/18 No workout today!

I was planning on a S&S session today but I am WAY too sore from yesterdays hypertrophy workout. I shouldn't be as sore as I am, I may work in some more workouts like yesterdays once in a while.


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Sometimes a day off is just as productive as a workout.
I need to do a better job of remembering this. I always feel like I need to be doing something. The day off served me well because today everything felt great.

36kg 1H Swings
8 sets of 8
2 sets of 10 -- the eights felt good so decided to push it the last two sets.

32x5, 32x5, 32x5, 32x5, 32x5

Weighted Pullup CTB
25lbs x 5, 5, 5

Fat grip farmer carry's 100lbs/hand
1:40 -- these were tough today. I think my grip was fatigued from the 1H swings


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Oh, and more good news. I'm working on getting some time with someone who is SFG certified to look at my swings and TGU's. She helped me years ago with my TGU and that's one of the reasons I feel I'm so much better at TGU's than swings. Hopefully in the next week or two her and I meet up.


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3/3/18 Early Sat morning workout

75lbs 1H swings EMOM

40kg TGU x 10
Set the timer but I didn't look at it until the end: 15:30. Shaved some time off compared to the last time I timed myself. I am still a long way from even attempting to do this in 10mins.

This workout was at home. My 75lbs KB I have is not the best. It has that glossy black paint all over it and I was having a real hard time with grip today. I've tried chalk in the past that seemed to be even worse. Anyone have any ideas on how to "roughen up" the handle of the bell to get more grip? All my other KB's are Rogue and I much prefer the grip on those bells.

I've got some travel coming up later this week, so my plan is to get after it every day this week before I leave on Thursday. After this trip I don't have any more travel until July so I'm looking forward to more steady consistency.


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This week has become crazy with work and personal life stress. Sleep has been limited as well. I've missed the last two day's workouts. I should be back on schedule tomorrow, but then I'll be out of town and out of the gym until Mon or possible even Tue.

I did speak with my SFG1 trainer, our schedules aren't matching up so I will be sending her video of my 1H swings and TGU's for evaluation. I'm looking forward to her critique.


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1H swings x 10
R - 32, 36, 32, 36, 32
L - 32, 36, 32, 36, 32

36kg TGU x 10

32 x 5, 5, 5

Weighted pullup CTB
30lbs x 5, 5, 5

This was last week. I was short on time so it was abbreviated. I filmed some sets of swings and TGU's and sent to a SFG1 trainer and I'm looking forward to working with her.

Today is 3/12 and I just got back into town. I am sleep deprived and really not feeling my best. I may take the next day or two to try and catch up and get back at it by Wednesday. I'm happy I am in town for the foreseeable future and can get focused on this goal.
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