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I am a French guy, living in Nantes FRANCE, 45 years, 1,78m for 76Kg, I practice quite a lot of TRX and I tried the kettlebell in autodidact, swing one and two hands, halo, squat. Without going towards the movements that I considered too dangerous to be practiced without wise advice and corrections.
I came back to discussions on S&S and decided to start on November 27,2017.

First week, Monday to Friday :
only the 100 one-handed swings (50L 50R) with a 16kg. The only one in my possession at this time. But Christmas came with a heavy gift.
A lot of research about the get up before launching me.

Second week, Monday to Friday :
100 one-handed swings (50L 50R) with 16kg always
10 getup (5D 5G) with shoe
First try of the getup with the 16kg at the end of friday session. 1 each side. Wrist placement needs to be improved.

Third week, Monday to Friday :
awakening at 5:30 a. m. by kids. No way to get back to sleep. Might as well practice...
Full session at 16kg on an empty stomach. (accustomed to running and TRX on an empty stomach.)
100 one-handed swings (50L 50R) with 16kg always
10 getup (5D 5G) with 16kg.

Fourth week same workout :
100 one-handed swings (50L 50R) with 16kg always
10 getup (5D 5G) with 16kg.

Fifth week from Monday to Saturday :
on Wednesday test of the 24 in swing 2 hands
from Friday full swing 1 hand full swing

Sixth week :
from 01/01/2018 one-handed swing 24kg OTM
getup 16kg OTM

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Thanks for moving the message, I hadn't seen the dedicated thread.

Today at the end of the session, first test of the getup at 24kg. One on each side.
Successful but I feel it's a little too much for the shoulder. I'm gonna stay on the 16kg and try it out in 24kg occasionally.


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It was a good day. I was feeling it so I tried. Full 24kg session, one hand swings and getups...


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today I decided to test myself with the 24kg.
test passed just in time but passed.
I progressed too fast in weight. I'm going back to 16kg. I need to improve movement.


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Stagnation with the 24th. So I try to boost the progression without heavier bell.

For today's session:

After warmup, 5 deadlift to 40 kg (16+24 two-handed )
Attempted swing but too uncertain with the two handed bells.
And then my series with the 24 which seemed a lot lighter. Hacking sensations.

For getup, 5 on the right and 5 on the left instead of alternating.

A little bit more challenging.

May the force be you.


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Welcome to the forum. I have TRX too. Can you recommend any easy, minimalist and abbreviated program for the beginner?:)


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A word about my S&S evolution. Still at 24kg, progressing slowly but surely.

The 100 OH swings in 5 min and 10 TGU in 10 min test is validated without suffering. I did it several times without running after the clock, without excessive fatigue to follow. Almost without a trace.

I stay at 24kg, I find that there is still to do on the cleanliness of movements. And I'll see an instructor as soon as I can.

To find the right rhythm, I launched a video of anna cannington and followed it :

@masa :
may be you could start with this : TRX Kettlebell: Iron Circuit Power


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Surprise today.

Full session with 32kg since July, I tried today the Simple mode during my diet window of 16/8 intermittent fasting.

The 100 OH swings in 5 min, One minute rest and 10 TGU in 10 min test is validated. Swings are not fully hardstyle but I am happy. Reached my goal but I know that I have still a lot of work with this level.

Next week, I will learn the ROP training with instructors. Perfect timing.
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