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Bodyweight Seluyanov protocol for grappler (BJJ/WRESTLING)

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Hello !

After reading a lot of strong first and Pavel work, I’ve been finally getting closer to find a more suitable protocol/routine to improve overall athleticism for BJJ/Wrestling practice, more particularly how to increase mitochondria density in slow twitch fibers.

My goal was to increase my strength endurance in those specific sport, ability to hold/clinch for a longer period of time before starting to burn out the muscle either in a “submission hold” or clinched position.

I’ve been doing research between strong first materials and my own research on seluyanov work and I came with this protocol :

Push up / pull apart, in a circuit style of 3series of 3sets of (30s work/30s rest) between series of push up I wait for 3min then do my series of pull apart then rest for another 3min before doing my next series of push ups etc...

Why 30:30 work to rest ratio ? It is promoted as the optimal protocol for Hypertrophy of Slow Twitch fibers (which are naturally high in mitochondria according to this article on Prof Seluyanov work ( Understanding Seluyanov: How to Program for Competitive Athletes | Onnit Academy ).

Now my question is :

Regarding the fact that slow twitch fibers aren’t the best choice of fibers regarding overall muscle hypertrophy ( I mean overall muscle mass gain ) how can I implement fast twitch fibers hypertrophy in my protocol to have the beneficial effect of strength endurance from slow twitch fibers required for the sport AND the benefits of overall muscle mass gains from fast twitch fiber training ?
** Due to the fact that Pavel wrote in his article of Slow fiber training that we can’t train both fibers at the same time.

I know that the post is heavy so whoever take the time to go through it, I thank you deeply.

** Regarding those current times of COVID situation I don’t have access to equipment, I’ve only a resistance band that I use for the pull apart.

** I’ve only mentioned push up and pull apart exercise but my weekly routine involved also single leg squat and hollow body hold and neck rolls training with the same protocol.

Thank you !


Steve Maxwell has a protocol based on very slow motion: "2 minutes 1 repetition":

Otherwise, you can also perfom sets of very explosive moves (push ups, squats) at the beginning of the training. For instance, doing 3 to 5 sets of 5 - 10 repetitions. The more sets you do, the less repetitions per set. Then, performing the regular strength routine.

Contrast training is also interesting.

Kind regards,

Tha k you @pet' for your answer and thank you @Steve Freides for the welcome !

The problem is more specifically concerning what Pavel wrote in his article on slow twitch fibers training, regarding the fact that we can’t train slow fibers and fast fibers, as we will shrink one type while building up the other type and vice-versa...

For example I’m doing sprint interval training twice a week (based on the study on Iranian wrestler, which is also described by Pavel in the Q&D book ) I’m wondering if my protocol of single leg squat for slow fiber hypertrophy that I’m performing 2-3 times a week is nullified by the sprint sessions which obviously recruit fast fibers...

That’s the confusing part that I’m wandering around lately, to ensure that my routine and protocol are leading somewhere !

Thank you !
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