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Simple and Sinister February or Leap into S&S

Mix of IC and S&S today
32kg Get-up x 1+1
Mix of IC and S&S—32kg Iron Cardio c+px2+sq + 5 one-arm swing x 40 sets total in 23 min
32kg get-up x 2+2 x 2 sets

You can visit my instagram for a video of the sequence—Left arm IC sequence > brief rest > Left arm 5 swings > brief rest repeat sequence on the right (just being clear that it wasn't "continuous" work).
So got my 100 swings in the mix of IC.
I tried the IC + S&S combo.
28kg get up x 1+1
28kg iron cardio
C+2p+sq + 5 1 arm swing
20 sets total in 24:00 (that’s 100 swings, right?)
28kg get-up x 2 x 2 sets. Never doubled the 28 before. That was hard.
Two Hand swings 10 x 10 EMOM 16kg
TGU 10 EMOM 16kg

struggling with an inflamed tendon in my left hand so single hand swings are an issue right now. Had a steroid injection Wednesday so hopefully will settle down in the next few days!
I tried the IC + S&S combo.
28kg get up x 1+1
28kg iron cardio
C+2p+sq + 5 1 arm swing
20 sets total in 24:00 (that’s 100 swings, right?)
28kg get-up x 2 x 2 sets. Never doubled the 28 before. That was hard.
If you are counting a set as performing both the right and left sides then yes.

I count each side as a set (L = 1st set > R = 2nd set etc...) so 40 sets for me.
I too am feeling the weight of daily KB work.
GU 20k 1,1,3 before work. Planned on doing swings later in the day, but decided the rest was better

2/7 - Climbing day.
Getups 20k. 1,1,1,2 with edge hang/ pullup between each.
Swings H2H 4x26

Felt good climbing. I think my body is starting to adjust.
Work schedule is changing so, kettlebells on days I work from home (3-4x/week) and rucking on lunch when I'm at the office (2-3x/week).

2H Swings, 20kg, 20 sets of 5. (first time breaking this up into sets of 5 instead of 10. LOVED it).
Getups, 20kg, 1L and 1R, 5 Sets. (Enjoyed this as well too, getting more time under tension.)

Thanks for the inspiration here, @Brett Jones . I just picked up a copy of IC, been meaning to do so for a while. Gonna stick with S&S for a while, but I think the experiments this month will give me an idea of how the more intuitive programing in IC might work for me. Seems like it might fit really well with my goals post S&S.

Hays 02.09.24
✅100 50lb KBS 5x20 1 min rest
✅5 15lb KB TGU L and R 1 min rest
✅50 lb KB Rows and Shrugs
✅15lb KB Bicep curls L and R
I missed my S&S session yesterday.

32kg get-up x 2+2
36kg get-up x 1+1
36kg Iron Cardio (press x 2) + 5 one-arm swing x 40 total sets (20 of IC and 20 of S&S) in 29 minutes
32kg get-up x 2+2

20kg Bell
Swings, 5R, 5L, 5R, 5L
Getups, 1R, 1L

Repeat for 5 rounds, 100 Swings and 10 Get-Ups.

I did the first set of Get-Ups as Reverse Get-Ups, starting with a clean and press, but my press with the 20kg is limited, so I did the rest as regular Get-Ups.

Day 12 in a row of the following weights:

20 single hand swings 24kg (double hand every 3rd day)
80 single hand swings 28kg (double hand every 3rd day)
2 getups 24kg
8 getups 28kg

Today being Super Saturday, I worked in a 32kg for 20 single hand swings and 2 getups.
Ended up having 2 days off as I felt tired yesterday! Back at it today:

TGU 1 + 1 16kg, Alternating swings 20 16kg, five rounds.
20k getup singles with edge pullup / 5 breath hangs
20k 2 hand swings 10x10 e90

I have always disliked 2 hand swings, I don't like the compression with my hands together and don't like how the bell/ forearms hit the thighs.

It was good to think about how to learn from them though...
It was easier to focus on keeping the TVA engaged throughout the movement
Tensing the lats and pulling the scaps back at the float part of the swing .
When the bell would "flop up" at the bottom of the swing it was a good cue to let the bell pull me into a deeper hinge.
2/11 - climbing day

20k getups singles. L-Sit edge pullup with 5 breath hangs between

Board session - 2 hours. Concentrate on short boulders with some 4x4 s at the end

20k swings. 1x 100 e20

Pavel talks about KB work being like manual labor. The singles on the 20s embodies this feeling more than any other set /rep scheme I have tried .
32kg get-up x 1 OTM x 10
32kg two-arm swing x 10 OTM x 10

32kg get-up x 1+1
36kg get-up x 1+1
40kg get-up x 1+1
Alternating weight IC + S&S 36kg and 40kg x 40 total sets (10 IC with the 36kg, 10 IC with the 40kg and 20 sets of 5 swings)
32kg get-up x 2+2

32kg snatch and get-down Get-ups x 1+1 x 5 sets
32kg one-arm swing x 20 x 4 sets + one set of 20 two-arm swings
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