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Simple and Sinister February or Leap into S&S


20kg, one handed swings
10L, 10R, 1 get up left, one getup right
Repeat for 5 rounds.

This one was a fun one. Felt better than expected. I get a little knot in my scapula sometimes so I spent the two days prior doing some original strength and foam rolling to get that gone. Next session Wednesday!

32kg get-up x 3+3
Double 32kg Iron Cardio traveling 2s x 15 sets in 13:50
32kg one-arm swing x 5 E30 x 20 sets
32kg get-up x 2+2
Humor me I’m new to the forum. What do you mean by “x3+3?” Particularly confused by the plus.
3 get-ups in a row on the right + 3 get-ups in a row with the left
So, I seem to have got a bug too, explains why I was tired at the weekend, so taking a couple of days off.
I have used my time to purchase the Iron Cardio E Book, thanks Brett!
Hays 02.14.24
100 50lb KBS 10x10 EMOM
30 15lb Clean and Press 3x10 L and R in prep to improve TGU
30 minutes treadmill jog. (Gotta lose some fat weight)

20k getup singles. Edge pullup / hang between each. Pretty tired today so only a few made it to 5 breaths

20k H2H swings 4 x 15

Hour or so break to answer work calls and make breakfast.

20k H2H swings 4 x15
TGU: 2x2+2
2H swings: 5x20
TGU: 3x3+3
Light and dense. 12:00 start to finish, before some HIIT work on the stationary bike.
I’ve been participating in the background, but had to skip today’s workout due to family and work obligations.

Typically doing iron cardio based on a 28kg bell MWF, and daily S&S with the 32kg.

When I first got to timeless simple, I remember dialing back the days per week for recovery, but I’ve been feeling pretty good on the every day schedule so far.
36kg get-up x 1 OTM x 10 sets
36kg two-arm swing x 5 E30 x 20 sets
Wasn't feeling hot yesterday (since when is a paczki AND a beer a bad idea?), so I did original strength and 10 mins of suitcase carries.

Back at it today:

20kg Bell
Turkish Getups, 1+1, 3 rounds
1H Swings, 10x5
Turkish Getups, 1+1, 2 Rounds
1H Swings 10x5

I've never done getups first. I noticed my second round of getups AFTER swings felt better. Maybe Pavel knows what he's talking about. :)
32kg get-up x 1+1 + IC sequence
36kg get-up x 1+1
36kg Iron Cardio + S&S 5 one-arm swings x 40 sets total in 23:20
36kg get-up x 1 OTM x 8 sets
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