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Kettlebell Starting to do Q&D, Doing with Jumpropes + Other Questions

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Apologies in advance for the long post!

It's been a long time since I posted here. Two years has passed(I think).
Basically, I went from doing S&S, but not able to progress from 13.4kg bells since I didn't have the budget, to getting a gym membership and moving to 16-20kg swings and 16kg TGUs, and transitioning to more athletic focused programs(barbell and dumbbell stuff) but still doing kb swings and TGUs from time to time, to now where I am not able to go to the gym due to the pandemic so I am stuck with bodyweight training, stamina drills, plyometrics, jumping ropes, and my old trusty 13.4kg kettlebell.

I play football/soccer, so I did sprinting drills along with plyometrics and bodyweight exercises until I got my ankle bruised and in extension, got my other foot injured as well.

It is fine now, but I guess I had time to reevaluate my training because of that. I first decided to do 3 stamina exercises for variation:

Day 1 - 15:15 kettlebell swings
Day 2 - 30:30 jumpropes
Day 3 - 10:50 sprint-jog/walk

I did week 1 of that, and felt like it was too taxing(or maybe I'm too lazy to complete 4 weeks of that?).
Day 1 made me sore for 3 or 4 days.
Day 2 was fine, felt balanced.
Day 3 i was not able to finish 10minutes of 10:50 sprint:rest because the runs, felt too fast and I guess I hit a wall.

Those three variations though, I think serve my purpose well. Same but different stamina and injury proofing.

Kb swings for stamina, power endurance, and overall toning and injury proofing.
Jumpropes for stamina, muscle toning, and injury proofing especially on foot and ankles(strengthens bones, if the research online is right).
Sprinting for stamina, speed practice, and hamstring injury proofing(?).

I read about how swings and sprinting can hit the AMPK thing in 5-10 seconds and rest before fully activating the glycolytic system. I really don't get how different it is from S&S or A+A besides Q&D doing 4 sets of 5 reps every 30seconds and resting for 2:30 to 3minutes every series instead of 10 reps every minute(A+A) or 10 reps and resting until full recovery(S&S).

All I know is all of them avoid the glycolytic pathway to avoid producing lactic acid and hampering recovery between workouts.

15:15 kb swings and 30:30 jumpropes, if I understood it correctly, was glycolytic, and that's why I was sore for days.

My intended sequence of implementation is either

Plyometrics/acceleration/plyometrics/max velocity
Bodyweight exercises


Jumprope 30:30*

Plyometrics/acceleration/plyometrics/max velocity


So I guess, this is where I put my questions to prevent rambling off lol.

1. Can I do Q&D with jumpropes? Or.... Doing Q&D with swings and pushups, and then doing jumpropes for reps and sets, OR 30:30 interval sometime after my full workout would be better?

2. How to do Q&D if with sprints? 5 or 7 seconds sprint every 30 seconds for 4 sets with 3mins rest every series? I think doing q&d with sprints was not that expounded upon in the book.

3. I am definitely omitting one arm swings and snatches. I can't do 1h swings properly for some reason. Snatches, I am not willing to learn since it leads to hypertrophy in the arms that I am not willing to have since I play football. I have to be light. Also, I have some shoulder imbalanced that I think would worsen if I did snatches.

4. I am planning to do Q&D for 6-12 weeks, and A+A for 6-12 weeks as well... Would doing Q&D for 6 weeks, and A+A for 6 weeks as well be better?

5. My strength programs go for 12 weeks. I have 4 programs I follow, that makes it a full year program with one week deload every month. For my endurance/stamina program, I was thinking of using Q&D, A+A, 15:15/30:30/10:50 kb swing/jumprope/sprints interval, MATCHFIT STAMINA(football specific 300 yard sprints with rest of 1min for 5-8 sets). So that means 3 months Q&D, 3 months A+A, 3 months glycolytic intervals, 3 months football specific running drills.
IS the 3 month differing programs necessary? Or should I just avoid the 15:15, 30:30, 10:50 intervals, and stick to Q&D and A+A cycles for the whole off season and do 1 month of matchfit stamina before in-season, and then do Q&D and A+A during in-season for maintenance?

6. Is there an overlap with Q&D and plyometrics? Can I do warmup, Q&D, and then plyometrics, acceleration, or max velocity drills after? Or should I just do Q&D in the morning, and then do my full plyometrics + bodyweight workout in the evening? OR should I do Q&D on days without the plyo+bodyweight workouts? In that case, I can only do Q&D on wed and sat, since my bodyweight workout consist of 4 days workout(mon tues, thurs fri).

Those are all I can think of for now.

Thank you!
Snatches, I am not willing to learn since it leads to hypertrophy in the arms that I am not willing to have since I play football. I have to be light. Also, I have some shoulder imbalanced that I think would worsen if I did snatches.

I do not think snatches with your 13.4 kg bell would have this effect, especially if you program in smaller sets, staying away from "the pump".

This doesn't address your Q&D questions specifically, but your goals and skills made me think of the kettlebell athletic drills. They might be a great thing for you!
Unless you are actually eating more than which you consume, you will not induce hypertrophy..

Take note that Q and D is an advanced protocol which has a pre requisite of having unlocked timeless simple before pursuing it.

Some tough love time..

Since you've been self studying the whole time and you mentioned you are having difficulty learning one arm swings etc, perhaps it is best that you reach out and get help from a strongfirst instructor..

What may seem "expensive" such as one lesson will actually be a return of investment in a short period of time since your technique gets dialed in and you progress much faster..
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