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29 JUL TO 4 AUG 2019 (W31/2019)

Spartan Race week. A bit of everything, but keep it light. You can't race if you don't get to the startline.


STR <EV> Squats. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 95, 100, 105kg. It is damn odd but this session felt heavier than the 107.5/112.5/117.5kg session I last did. Maybe the ruck took a bit out of me last night.
STR <EV> Bench Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 62.5, 67.5, 70kg. Easy-peasy.
STR <EV> Deadlift. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 77.5, 82.5, 87.5kg. Nothing to it at these weights.

BJJ <EV> Fundamentals class. I was late for the advanced class so well, did some kettlebells then went for the fundamentals class. Backtakes vs turtles, lapel choke and RNC from the back. I played around with escapes and defence vs the mostly white belt crowd, and didn't really try to submit anybody. On a positive note: my nose is absolutely fine!
PWR <EV> 1h Kettlebell Push Press. Soju & Tuba Day 2: 6x1@28kg each side.

STR <EV> Bench Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 65, 70, 72.5kg. Easy effort.
STR <EV> Deadlift. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 82.5, 87.5, 92.5kg. Despite the light weights I felt a little twinge in my glutes today, there was some residual soreness from BJJ last night.
MOB <EV> 15mins of lacrosse ball hell.

Just some light mobility work.
Comments: One of those days that I just didn't feel like training. I skipped the squats and did a light series of deadlifts instead, which didn't feel too great either. The mobility ball work felt really painful, maybe I just have been lazy on that front for a while.

OCR <AM> Spartan Super. I did it as part of a group and we cleared it in bang on 3 hours. I am happy considering that we are all between 40-50 years old and it was an easy effort on my part. I failed 5 obstacles however which was disappointing because for 2 of them I had no issues the last time around. Oh well. Those 150 burpees sucked. Overall, a great experience!

STR <AM> Front Squats. Linear Prog. 5/4/3 at 47.5, 52.5, 55kg. Light and easy.
STR <AM> Bench Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 67.5, 72.5, 75kg.
MOB <PM> 30mins of mobility work.
Comments: Woke up pretty much recovered from the Spartan Super yesterday so did some light strength work.

SUMMARY: Spartan is over! Going to do 2 hard weeks of BJJ and to Vegas we go.


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5 TO 11 AUG 2019 (W32/2019)

BJJ heavy block with a bit of everything else.

BJJ BLOCK (Wk 1/2)

STR <AM> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 100, 105, 110kg. Felt ok today.
BP <AM> Bench Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 70, 72.5, 77.5kg. Nothing to it.

BJJ <AM> 3 armbar variations from S-Mount. Devil in the details. Had 4 hard rolls today - nice back/forth with a brown belt with 2 rolls - we both got to be the bear once.

One of those great days in the gym when I just felt really good. I was lifting with a friend today and I just felt stronger than when I am alone. Maybe it is adrenaline. Who knows?
STR: Front Squat. Linear Prog 5/3/2 at 60, 65, 70kg. Easy.
STR: Squat. Linear Prog 5/3/2 at 105, 110, 115kg. Felt ok today.
PWR: Push Press. Adhoc as the bench was taken up...and I worked up to a new 2RM and E1RM PR with a 2x72.5kg. I don’t think I am any stronger but I figured out something about the push press technique today.
STR: Bench Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 72.5, 77.5, 80kg. Easy effort.
MISC: 5x10 Face pulls light weight.

BJJ <PM> Dealing with an underhook when holding opponent in SC, various options. There is a leg weave to mount vs turtlers that should work for me. Had 4 hard rolls, 1 brown, 2 purples, 1 blue. I got smashed by 1 other purple, but otherwise it was good.

STR <AM> Bench Press. Linear Prog 5/3/2 at 75, 80, 82.5kg. OK bar is starting to slow down a little.
STR <AM> Squat. Linear Prog 5/3/2 at 110, 115, 120kg. The set of 5@110 didn't feel great, but actually got better with the heavier weights. 2@120 was done paused almost! So very happy with that. I am going to call this block a wrap here - while I didn't set any PRs I restarted from a low base from my groin injury and am now squatting painlessly under load. I will probably work towards for a PR in my next back squat cycle.
STR <AM> Block Pull, 15cm. Adhoc. Worked up to 1@137.5kg (approx 87% of my 1RM in this lift).
Q&D <PM> #1/19. Playing around with this. 10/2 format, 40reps, 2h Swings 12kg + Pushups. Let’s see how this protocol goes.

BJJ <AM> Specific training all the way! I honestly think this is the best way of getting better at BJJ, just that it might not be as fun for many folk.
Q&D <EV> #2/19. 10/2 format, 60 reps, 2h Swings 16kg + Pushups.

PWR <AM> Sprints. 10 x 25m sprints E3min. Felt awesome.
SE <AM> Pullups. 8xEMOM 2s. Easy one as I haven't done pullups in almost 3 weeks.
SUMMARY: One more week of hard BJJ, some power/strength work, then it's World Masters week in Vegas. I am excited yet a little frightened but therein lies the fun I suppose!

SQUAT. Linear Progression. 5-3-2. Rebuilding squat from groin injury in Mid FEB19
12 Jun19: 532@40, 45, 50.
13 Jun10: 532@45, 50, 55.
19 jun19: 532@50, 55, 60.
21 Jun19: 532@57.5, 62.5, 67.5.
23 Jun19: 532@62.5, 67.5, 72.5.
24 Jun19: 532@67.5, 72.5, 77.5.
26 Jun19: 532@72.5, 77.5, 82.5
29 Jun19: 532@77.5, 82.5, 87.5
1 Jul19: 532@82.5, 87.5, 92.5
3 Jul19: 532@87.5, 92.5, 97.5
7 Jul19: 532@92.5, 97.5, 102.5
9 Jul19: 532@97.5, 102.5, 107.5
14 Jul19: 532@100, 105, 110.
17 Jul19: 532@102.5, 107.5, 112.5.
19 Jul19: 532@100, 105, 110.
21 Jul19: 532@105, 110, 115.
23 Jul19: 532@97.5, 102.5, 107.5
24 Jul19: 532@102.5, 107.5, 112.5
26 Jul19: 532 107.5, 112.5, 117.5
29 Jul19: 532 95, 100, 105
5 Aug19: 532 100, 105, 110
7 Aug19: 532 105, 110, 115
9 Aug19: 532 110, 115, 120


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12 TO 18 AUG 2019 (W33/2019)

BJJ heavy block with a bit of everything else.

BJJ BLOCK (Wk 2/2)

BJJ <PM> Eid holiday! So sprang for a lunchtime class which was packed pf course. RDLR + Lasso hybrid, 1 tech standup sweep. Got in 5 rolls today - 2 hard ones and 3 light ones.
STR <PM> Zercher Squats. Linear Progression. 5s@37.5, 42.5, 47.5kg. The first time I’ve tried them, they are not comfortable but perhaps I need a bit of that!

STR <EV> Bench Press. Linear Prog. 5/4/3 at 77.5, 80, 82.5kg. Not moving up as quickly as I would like but it is not limit yet.
PWR <EV> 1h KB Swing. 10x10 swings EMOM at 16kg. Felt powerful doing these today.
MOB <EV> Discipline! Did some dead hangs for the shoulders.

E <EV> 8km park run. Really took it easy today, 1:03 and 133 bpm HR average.

BJJ <EV> X-Guard with pant grip instead of underhook. Technical standup with leg drag variation vs stubborn posters. Also a backtake. Rolls: 1 hard roll, 2 medium ones, and 1 technical roll to finish the session.
STR <EV> Bench Press. End of block test - worked up to 3@87.5kg (this was a 9.9RPE effort!). This is the current 2019 E1RM best on bench press. I will try to revisit bench press before the end of the year... at this rate though it will be hard to get a PR on this lift this year.


BJJ <AM> A couple of X Guard techniques with lapel augment. A couple of chill rolls. Ready for some a#@ kicking next week - hopefully I will be the one doing it.


SUMMARY: Good week of training. Let’s see if I have done enough to win some bouts.

Bench Press. Linear Prog. Previous 1RM 90kg. Start at 50%x5.
8 Jul19: 532@47.5, 52.5, 55.
14 Jul19: 532@52.5, 57.5, 60.
23 Jul19: 532@55, 60, 62.5.
26 Jul19: 532@57.5, 62.5, 65.
27 Jul19: 532@60, 65, 67.5
29 Jul19: 532@62.5, 67.5, 70
31 Jul19: 532@65, 70, 72.5
4 Aug19: 532@67.5, 72.5, 75
5 Aug19: 532@70, 75, 77.5.
7 Aug19: 532@72.5, 77.5, 80.
9 Aug19: 532@75, 80, 82.5.
13 Aug19: 543@77.5, 80, 82.5.
15 Aug19: 3@87.5 (E1RM 92.7, 2019 best to date)


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19 TO 25 AUG 2019 (W34/2019)

BJJ competition week. Keep it loose and easy.


STR <AM> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 6/5/4 at 65, 67.5, 70kg. Easy peasy but wrist mobility isn't all that great. It is one of those things that seem to go away real quickly. I managed a 1x102.5kg back in Jan19 (all time PR is 3x102.5 in Oct18). I doubt I will be challenging for a PR in this block but will try to beat 1x102.5kg notionally.
STR <AM> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 6/5/4 at 30, 32.5, 35kg. Super light also. In the last block I managed 1x62.5kg, so will try to beat that number notionally this block.
SE <AM> Pullups. 8xEMOM 3reps. Easy today.
MISC <AM> Did 5 x 10 face pulls with bands. Then did a light yoga sequence to cool down.

Various stuff just to keep limber. Notables were 2 sessions of pocket yoga, Pullups 8x EMOM 4/3/3/3/4/3/3/3. Clocked plenty steps too.

BJJ <AM> World Masters Jiujitsu. Purple belt Masters 3 Light. I didn’t do well. Long way to travel for a butt kicking. Big stepup in level vs Asian Masters and I know the benchmark now. Working towards a 2nd bite of the cherry next year.


I wished I had a better World Masters outing but the truth is my BJJ was not good enough to contend at this level. I need to level up a few notches, notably on the skill front. I might not be able to hit this tournament next year due to scheduling but I will try to do at least 1 4* tournament (European Masters or Asian Masters).


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26 AUG TO 1 SEP 2019 (W35/2019)

Nothing formal, loads of travelling.


Lots of wine and rich food mainly.

STR <AM> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 3x12 @ 27.5kg (yes this is a total baby weight) but I just wanted to keep moving today.
STR <AM> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 3x12 @ 17.5kg (another total baby weight).
BJJ <PM> Guard Passing from the double shin-on-thigh position. Walk around to leg drag pass. Did well in rolls today, kept the pace high and loads of pressure from top and mobility from guard. I want to work more on backtakes, used to be something I did a lot but somehow just stopped being a big part of my game since I got to purple belt.

BJJ <PM> No-gi Class today. RNC finishing details using the leg to trap the defending arm. Had a few spirited rolls, was pretty sharp today.
STR <EV> Front Squats. Linear Prog. 4x5 @ 65kg.
STR <EV> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 4x5 @ 35kg.
MISC <EV> Banded Face Pulls 5x12 to finish the evening session.

SAT: STR <18k steps>
I actually wanted to get in an E session instead but my left ankle is still swollen from the submission that I tapped to at the World Masters. It is not that painful but still uncomfortable. So I settled for gunning for 15k steps thru the day and some barbell work.
STR <PM> Front Squats. Linear Prog. 3x12 @ 35kg.
STR <PM> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 3x12 @ 25kg.

SUN: E <25k steps>
E <AM> 6k Park run in 45min, 133bpm, very easy effort.

Managed to get back to training after spending the first half travelling. As an aside, air travel does place quite a bit of stress on the body I reckon - I measured my morning blood pressure and it was elevated for 3 days after the flight! It only returned to normal range on Sunday.

Next week onwards I will be beginning my prep for either a Spartan 21k or marathon in 2h NOV (possibly both because why not). Will do less BJJ in this period, maybe just 1 gi and 1 nogi class per week.


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2 TO 8 SEP 2019 (W36/2019)

OCR Training. I need to lose some weight too, I've put on 5kg in the last 3 years and sadly I doubt much of that is useful muscle as my lifts have gone up, but not commensurate with the mass gain. Aiming for long term sub 68kg.

OCR TRG (Week 1/10)

STR <AM> Front Squats. Linear Prog. 4x5 @ 70kg. My wrist mobility is no good on the left side. Left ankle still injured/mildly swollen but I could go low enough.
STR <AM> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 4x5 @ 40kg.
SE <AM> Pullups 8xEMOM 4/3s repeat (total 28 reps).

BJJ <AM> Side control arm attacks. Stepover head control - details of weight placement. A couple of hard but technical rolls with 2 purple belts, then a couple of blue belts to chill. Somehow I aggravated my ankle injury, a bit swollen at moment. Ah well...

E <EV> Evening park run. 8.74k in 1:03:34 at 139bpm. Easy effort. I think my running is sucking quite badly at moment - my RHR hasn’t gone up very much but my running is far worse than vs approx 1.5 years back.

STR <EV> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 3x12 30kg.
STR <EV> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 3x12 40kg.
PWR <EV> 2h KB Swing 10xEMOM 10s with 20kg.
MISC <EV> Core Work 8xEMOM alternating sets of 20 situps/20 birddogs.

Very hungover. Ouch.
BJJ <PM> NoGI session. Finishes from thr back from the “wrong side” - RNC and armbar. Had a few spirited rolls today. i caught quite a few people with the “Craig Jones sequence”, basically inverting from butterfly guard or SLX to a cross411 to heelhook finish. Totally useless for IBJJF competition of course.

SAT: REST <did clock 15k steps though>

E <AM> 7k run. 45:24, 138bpm. Much better pace at easy effort... turns out I have not been breathing the way I used to for running. IN-IN-OUT.
SE <AM> Pullups 8EMOM 4/3/4/4, repeat (total 30 reps). Today felt really easy for some reason.

SUMMARY: Good week of training, I am working towards more of strength+bjj maintenance, with priority on improving aerobic base and dropping some weight for the next 10 weeks for the end Nov Spartan Beast.


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9 TO 15 SEP 2019 (W37/2019)

OCR Training. A bit of a fly in the ointment, I think I am coming down with a cold at the start of the week.

OCR TRG (Week 2/10)

STR <EV> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 4x5 45kg. Starting to feel it a lil by the last set.
STR <EV> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 4x5 75kg. Holding it in the rack position is the hardest part!
PWR <EV> 2h KB Swing. 10EMOM 10s, alternate 24kg/20kg.

E <EV> 2.4km/1.5mile baseline. 11:04. Not great but not terrible either. Garmin says 136bpm average but that seems off...felt way harder. I will try this again in about 8-9 weeks.

E <EV> 7k trail run. 49min, 135bpm avg Hr. Took it easy today. Note to self, trail runs in failing light is not a great idea, I turned my just recovered ankle a little, felt ok during the run but starting to hurt some after.

STR <AM> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 3x12 45kg.
STR <AM> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 3x12 35kg. Last rep of 3rd set was a burn!
SE <AM> Pullups 8xEMOM 4s. Felt a bit harder than usual today.
BJJ <EV> Squeezed in a session. SLX with lasso control. Standard twist sweep. Then a variation when they strip your foot-on-hip control to a low single type sweep. Rolls: 4 hard rolls today... shattered after class.


BJJ <AM> Closed Guard omoplata and star sweep. Jap Necktie finishing variations (the 2 finger gable grip). Specific training all the way, I did well generally but struggled a lot against 2 deep half specialists (a brown and a purple).
PWR: 2hs KB swing 10xEMOM 10@24kg.

STR <AM> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 4x5 47.5kg. Good.
STR <PM> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 4x5 80kg. Rack position felt much better today!
E <AM+PM> No formal session but managed >25k steps.
Comments: Air quality has gone to dogs due to regional forest fires. Will be a couple weeks before outdoor runs resume. Skipping and dreadmill sessions beckon.

Turned out to be a great week of training. I feel pretty good all around, which helps too, no burn out, no niggly aches (save for the perennial left shoulder crap), and my aerobic fitness is improving.


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16 TO 22 SEP 2019 (W38/2019)

OCR Training.

OCR TRG (Week 3/10)

SE <EV> Pullups. 8xEMOM 5/4/4/4, repeat. Last set was pretty hard.
E <EV> 5k Treadmill Run. Easy effort. 9.2kph, 134bpm avg HR. This was pretty good, I was trying my new running shoes On Running Cloud X which really seems to make a difference.

BJJ <AM> Armdrag from butterfly guard, and an arm bar variation when trying to take the back. 1 chill roll, and 3 very tough ones. Tired!
STR <EV> Front Squats. Linear Prog. 3x12 50kg. Tough but doable. 55kg will be challenging I'm sure.
STR <EV> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 3x12 37.5kg. Very tough. 3x12 at 40kg will be tricky.
Comments: There has been a major change of plan! Will be doing a marathon early Dec rather than the Spartan Beast end Nov... scheduling and travelling requirements made the former easier. So I will be aiming to just maintain BJJ at 2x/wk, finish up the current strength cycle, and then go full bore on the endurance front.

E <EV> 45min rowing session. Did just over 9km at 131bpm. So hr says easy effort but it actually felt pretty tough...perhaps the crappy technique contributed. Wanted to run but air quality was bad outside and all the treadmills were taken. Ah well something > nothing.

THU: STR + PWR + BJJ lite
STR <AM> Overhead Head Press. Linear Prog. 4x5 50kg. This went well today.
STR <AM> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 4x5 85kg. Struggled to hold the rack posn in rep 5 for set 3 and 4. Legs felt ok but the front squat is more than that.
PWR <EV> 2h KB Swing 10xEMOM 10r. Alternate 32/24kg each min.
BJJ <EV> Light session at a fundamentals class. I worked on my closed guard (my C game) vs a bunch of white belts, happy with the movements.

FRI: E lite
E <EV> Recovery 3km TM run at 9.3kph. 133bpm avg hr so nothing to it, but it was a great excuse to try out the new Cloudflows I got.

Double BJJ session! So much for de-emphasis huh.
BJJ <AM> Some drills then porrada. Had 5 very spirited rolls and was very happy with my performance today - I finished a black and a brown belt today that I normally have some trouble with.
BJJ <AM> Fundamentals class. I didn't realise it was armbar escapes and side control escapes. O well, it was good getting in the practice.

Woke up at 630, checked the air quality and it sucked, so the treadmill it was.
E <AM> 10k easy treadmill. 9.4kph, 134bpm average.
STR <EV> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 3x12 40kg. 12th rep of set 3 was seriously tough.
STR <EV> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 3x12 55kg. This was very easy today.

I red-lined a little this week as I would be travelling next week for a couple days for work. Will be a hectic trip, so not going to get much training in except some hotel room mobility stuff. Overall, very good week of training.


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23 TO 29 SEP 2019 (W39/2019)

Marathon training. We start in week 2 as I will take last week as week 1. Some interruptions as I have a packed business trip in the middle of the week but hey, that is life, I will deal with it.

MARATHON TRG (Week 2/11)

STR <AM> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 4x5 52.5kg. No problem.
SE <AM> Pullups. Neutral grip today as the straight bars were in use. 8xEMOM alternating 5/4 reps. These were hard in the last couple sets... my biceps struggled near the end. It seems that not doing chinups regularly has caused my biceps to be weak.
E <AM> 7k easy TM run at 9.5kph. 139bpm average HR. Was hoping for better but guess I was not fully recovered from yesterday.

Nothing except for 5mins each morning for some pushups, squats and mobility work.

Touched down early evening and decided to do an evening Strength session. I probably should have rested or do a tonic E session type thing instead, but that is alas with the wisdom of hindsight. Skipped the kettlebell swings as it was getting pretty late.
STR <EV> Front Squats. Linear Prog. 3x5 @ 90kg, then did 1x5 @ 90kg Back Squat, as my left clavicle was hurting quite a bit after the last few sets. My form probably slipped a bit under the weight, and you pay for it with clavicle destruction! Anyhow, couldn't hit the 4x5 prescribed so the next heavy workout will be 5x3 at 90kg. Not a total disaster as 90kg was my previous 5RM and I hit 3 sets with that today.
STR <EV> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 2x12 @ 42.5kg, 1x10 @ 42.5kg. On the last set I just ran out of juice. Even the 10th rep was pretty hard. So I couldn't hit the prescribed 3x12 @ 42.5kg, so the next light session will be 3x10 @ 42.5kg.

E <EV> 14k MAF run. 139bpm, 1:31:36. 10k split was 1:04. Pretty happy with this.

BJJ <AM> Randori session (I wasn’t expecting it). Lots of hard rolls from standing, and I did ok overall.

SUN: PWR + Lite E
PWR <AM> 2h KB Swing. 10EMOM 10s 32kg.
E <PM> 60min walk/jog by poolside while the kids played. Recovery session.

SUMMARY: Despite the traveling, I got in a few key sessions so pretty happy with that. On the negative front sleep has been crappy and probably the cause of this man-flu I feel coming on at the end of the week....


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30 SEP TO 6 OCT 2019 (W40/2019)

Marathon training. Full blown man flu to start the week!

MARATHON TRG (Week 3/11)

STR <AM> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 4x5 55kg. This went well!
STR <AM> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 3x12 60kg. Again, this felt pretty good today.
Comments: So weird that the resistance training went well despite my upper respiratory tract being on strike! Maybe the 9hrs of sleep I forced on myself last night helped. Pity about the running, I don't think I am up to that for a few days.

Since running is not on the cards yet, decided to bring forward some strength work. I feel better overall, but still in cold zone.
SE <EV> Pullups 8EMOM 54555445, missed a rep in set 7. Just redo this one.
STR <EV> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 3x10 42.5kg. Hard but doable.

WED: STR + Lite E
Feel quite human today. Planning to chance a short run tonight.
STR <AM> Front Squats. Linear Prog. 5x3 90kg. Hard but doable.
E <EV> Light session 60min walk/jog by poolside while semi-chaperoning the kids.

PWR <AM> 1h KB Swing. 10xEMOM 10s @ 16kg. Easy peasy.
E <EV> 16k MAF-ish run. It was super hot and I didn't sleep well last night and it showed. 1:49:34, at 145bpm average HR too. Oh well, can't crush every session.


That long run on Thurs with a cough/cold on hindsight was $&@“ stupid. Feeling like a dog again. No BJJ and E until this thing goes away.
STR <EV> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. Failed 4x5 at 57.5kg, managed 5, 5, 4, 4. Quite happy actually as 57.5kg is my 5RM. If all goes well I should be able to nail a PR this cycle. Considering that I could barely do a pushup at the start of the year, I consider this well done.
STR <EV> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 3x12 62.5kg. Really struggled to keep it in the rack position without pain - it’s not a mobility issue as I can wrap my whole hand! So maybe my delts are too small (oh the shame).

SE <PM> Pullups. 8xEMOM 54555455 was the plan. Missed 2r on s7, 1r on s8, oh well. Will do a max test for pullups/chinups next then re-evaluate from there.

Kinda crappy week of training due to a bad cough/cold, and it's still here 1 week later. I did some strength work through the week instead, but the priority once I recover will be E work for the marathon in Dec.


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7 TO 13 OCT 2019 (W41/2019)

Marathon training. I need to clock a 18k run/2h run (whichever comes first) this week. Starting the week with some residual upper respiratory tract issues but on the road to recovery.

MARATHON TRG (Week 4/11)

MON: STR + Lite E
STR <AM> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 3x10 45kg. Last set was not easy. This is a new 10RM, I didn't realise.
STR <AM> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 5x3 92.5kg. Left Clavicle is pulverized and weight felt kinda heavy too.
E <EV> 45min light session of running drills (butt kicks for 20m, slow jog back, side to side steps 20m, slow jog back, etc etc). These sessions actually always make me feel great, just that I'm not sure how to drive progression in them.

Woke up feeling pretty good, residual cough and cold only.
PWR <AM> 2h KB Swing 10xEMOM 10reps 32kg.
E <EV> Long session. 2h easy run. Covered 17.4k at 138bpm hr. Not great but I’ll take it after being flattened by the cold/cough last 9-10 days.

Really a rest day overall. But I did some mobility work after I got home from work and tested my max reps on pullups and chinups.
SE <EV> Max reps. Pullups 12, rested a few minutes and got Chinups 12 as well. Not bad but not great either. My EMOM training is more about maintenance and I am really only doing pullups 3x every 2 weeks.

For a change of pace decided to go to the University gym, bad idea. It was super packed at lunch time and all racks were taken... but the deadlift platform was free.
STR <PM> OHP. Linear Prog. I did clean and press, which made it somewhat harder but the cleans were snappy today so v happy with that. 5x3 57.5kg.
STR <PM> Deadlifts + Sumo Deadlifts. Adhoc session. 3@110kg, 2@120kg for both. For DL about 78% and 85% 1RM respectively. Felt pretty strong today.

One Punch Man scaled workout post dinner.
E <EV> 7k easy run. 49min, 137bpm HR.
SE <EV> 70 situps, pushups, squats. Not as easy as it sounds!


SUN: STR + Rehab
STR <AM> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 3x12 65kg. This went well today, I learnt some tip on the rack position and it seemed to work.
STR <AM> Overhead Press. 3x10 47.5kg (managed 10, 10, 7). This was always going to be tough but I am happy with 10x47.5kg (new 10RM).
Rehab <PM> Shoulder stuff. Just did lots of articulation work with the 1.25kg plates.

SUMMARY: finally over the cold/cough. What a stubborn bug, was struggling with it almost 2 full weeks. Training is progressing as planned.


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14 TO 20 OCT 2019 (W42/2019)

Marathon training. Highlight of week will be a 2h 15m ramble or 20k, whichever is hit first.

MARATHON TRG (Week 5/11)

BJJ <AM> Light fundamentals session to restart BJJ after 2 week break. Basic mount escapes. Had mostly easy specific trg and a free roll with a black belt where I got caught with a couple of left field subs.
PWR <AM> 10xEMOM 1h KB Swing 10s at 20kg. Did a set of 10 2h swings with 36kg after.

STR <AM> Overhead Press. Linear Prog. 5x3 60kg, managed 3x3, 2x2. A little disappointed as 57.5kg felt relatively ok, while 60kg just felt heavy from the start. After a light-ish session it will be time to test a max(ish). My all time E1RM PR is 2x65kg, don’t think I am quite ready to beat that.
E <EV> Long session. 2h 15min ramble, covered 19.5k. 141bpm average hr. I need to learn to take it easy on the long uphills.

Very light day as my legs are a lil achy, and feeling generally tired from last night’s run.
SE <AM> Pulls. 10xEMOM alt 2 pullups, 2 chinups. Finished with 3 x 30sec hangs.
STR <EV> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 5x3 95kg (managed 4x3, 1x2, form went out of window in last set and clavicle exploding).
Comments: Disappointed on a few levels with myself - I probably shouldn’t have done this session at all today knowing my fatigue levels. Could I have hit all 5 sets on another day? Probably. Instead I red-lined the body needlessly today. Lesson to be learnt: when you schedule a light day, keep it that way.

BJJ <EV> Takedown day. Hiza Guruma and Inside Trip. Then 3 really hard rolls... I am shattered.

Woke up with a slightly elevated RHR at 55. Guess last night's bjj was tough.
STR <AM> Overhead Press. Linear progression. 3x8 47.5kg. Felt strong. Did 5 x 30 secs hang after - I am determined to fix my shoulder issues.
E <PM> Light session. 5k track jog. 32:40, 144bpm avg hr. It was crazy warm, 33 deg C.

A tiring weekend getaway. Spent too much time in the airport, in traffic, to enjoy myself. Oh well.

I got in what was needed for the week.


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21 TO 27 OCT 2019 (W43/2019)

Marathon training. Highlight of week will be a 2h 30m ramble or 22k, whichever is hit first. Also decided that 2 days of rest per week might work better than just 1 day for me.

MARATHON TRG (Week 6/11)

BJJ <AM> Side control escapes: basic bridge/hip escape/reguard, and also a half guard recovery vs a mount attempt. Then many many rolls. Not strong opposition though, so I practiced B game passing and submissions from the bottom.
STR <EV> Front Squat. Linear Prog. 3x12 @ 67.5kg. Happy with this.
STR <EV> Overhead Press. Max test. Did 1@60kg, 62.5kg, 65kg. Last one was RPE 9.5... big maybe on 67.5kg but it didn't feel like an all out effort at 65kg. Very happy with the "double linear progression" system that I've been running. Actually realised it looks a lot like Reload from Strongfirst and also GZCLP.

Bah Hambug. Not sure if it was the OHP or BJJ yesterday but I woke up today with a bad sore neck. Was actually nauseated a few times today. Also, real life dealt me a tough hand today so I am not gonna be able to hit the 22k/150min ramble as planned.
E <EV> 10k Treadmill 9.5kph. 136bpm. Easy run, at least I got something in. What’s incredible is that my neck feels better!

Neck is still quite screwed up. No BJJ until this heals (aka don't be an idiot).
STR <AM> Front Squat. Max test. Did 1@ 90kg, 100kg, 105kg. Last was RPE 9+, definitely had more weight left in me, probably even 1 more rep. But clavicle was hurting a little already and I'm happy with a new 1RM (though not a PR on the E1RM, that's a 3x102.5kg I did last year).
E <EV> 13k Treadmill 9.6kph. 136bpm. Pretty good effort. The neck was bothering me a lot at the start of the run but eventually faded away.


Neck is in the doghouse.
SE <AM> 5 x 20 pushups, situps, lunges. No break.
SE <AM> 10xEMOM alt 2 pullups, 3 chin ups. No issue with neck doing this.
E <AM> 10k Treadmill 9.7kph. 140bpm. Felt harder today, and neck hurt for first 3k.
I think I am going to take another rest day tomorrow and see if everything can unf&*k itself.


More like athleticism training, if it makes sense. I felt pretty good after the session, though neck is still crap.
PWR <AM> 45mins of 25m sprints or 10 tuck jumps. Generous rest in between attempts.
SE <AM> Worked in 4x20 pushups and 4x15 Lv Raises with 2.5kg each side into the session.

A bit unlucky with the neck injury, seems pretty serious as getting headaches and such. But I worked around the issue. Clearly no hard sparring or inversions in bjj for a while! I definitely need to rethink my BJJ training methodology - I can't seem to stop getting hurt when I am rolling hard. It is frustrating to be so fragile.
Overhead Press.
Double Linear Progression. 62.5 E1RM
29 Aug19: 3x12 17.5 (approx 27.5% 1RM)
30 Aug19: 4x5 35 (approx 55% 1RM)
31 Aug19: 3x12 25
2 Sep19: 4x5 40
5 Sep19: 3x12 30
9 Sep19: 4x5 45
12 Sep19: 3x12 35
15 Sep19: 4x5 47.5
17 Sep19: 3x12 37.5 (v tough)
19 Sep19: 4x5 50 (ok)
22 Sep19: 3x12 40 (r12 on s3 was tough!)
23 Sep19: 4x5 52.5 (ok today)
26 Sep19: 2x12, 1x10 42.5
29 Sep19: 4x5 55 (Ok!)
1 Oct19: 3x10 42.5.
5 Oct19: 4x5 57.5 (managed 5, 5, 4, 4).
7 Oct19: 3x10 45 (tough)
10 Oct19: 5x3 57.5 (from the floor)
13 Oct19: 3x10 47.5 (managed 10, 10, 7. Tough)
15 Oct19: 5x3 60 (managed 3x3, 2x2)
18 Oct19: 3x8 47.5.
21 Oct19: 1@65. (9.5RPE, maybe a little more weight, but no more reps).
Remarks: 1@65 is best this year. Happy with this.

Front Squat.
Double Linear Prog. TM 100.
29 Aug19: 3x12 27.5 (27.5% 1RM)
30 Aug19: 4x5 65 (65% 1RM… too heavy probably to start a cycle here)
31 Aug19: 3x12 35
2 Sep19: 4x5 70 (wrist mob NG)
5 Sep19: 3x12 40
9 Sep19: 4x5 75
12 Sep19: 3x12 45
15 Sep19: 4x5 80 felt much better in rack posn today.
17 Sep19: 3x12 50 (tough but doable, 55 will be fun)
19 Sep19: 4x5 85 (rack posn was tough r5 in s3+4)
22 Sep19: 3x12 55 (good)
26 Sep19: 3x5 90, did SQ 5@90. Clavicle $&@). Equal to all time 5RM.
30 Sep19: 3x12 60.
2 Oct19: 5x3 90.
5 Oct19: 3x12 62.5 (painful in the rack. Clav bashed).
7 Oct19: 5x3 92.5.
13 Oct19: 3x12 65 (felt good today! Rack position cue worked).
16 Oct19: 5x3 95 (4x3, 1x2. Tough towards end, and form deterioration)
21 Oct19: 3x12 67.5.
23 Oct19: Max day. Worked up to 1@105, RPE 9+. Def had more weight in me, perhaps even 1 more rep. But decided 1@105 was the best effort of the year already.


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28 OCT TO 3 NOV 2019 (W44/2019)

Marathon training. Highlight of week will be a 2h 45m ramble. Neck is still a bitch, hopefully it is not some herniated disc rubbish. Will take a week off hard bjj/weights and do mobility daily and see how it goes.

MARATHON TRG (Week 7/11)

BJJ lite <AM> Farside arm bar from Side mount, a transition to triangle or backtake. A few light rolls.
MOB <EV> OS resets for 15mins.

E <EV> Long session. 2h 30min ramble, just shy of 20k with a low avg hr at 133bpm. So it was slow and not very intense because my feet killed me today. Tried a pair of older “cushioned” running shoes and failed horribly. It was meant to be 2h 45min but I decided to cut the session early. One of those not so great days.

MOB <EV> OS Resets for 1hr. Nothing too tough, just kept testing the painless limits of the range of motion. I feel pretty good. While not out of the woods, the neck/shoulder complex is definitely on the mend.

E <EV> Medium session. 13k with good amount of elevation changes. 1:28, 141bpm average hr. Felt much better than Tue's session.

MOB <EV> 15mins Mobility work. Did some neck bridging (gently) as I think this is a weak area for me.
SE <EV> Upper body pull. 10xEMOM alternate 3xPullups, 2xChinups.
STR <EV> Bench Press. Double LP. 3x12 30kg.
90% healed I reckon on the neck/shoulder issues. So did some light work today.

E <AM> 8k at “Nasal Breathing Max”. 48:40, 148bpm. Felt easy but had to slow down fair bit on uphill stretches.


A trip to a chiro on tues morning and daily mobility work has seen the neck/shoulder back to 80-90%. Despite a washout on tuesday on the long run, I did manage to clock a total of 41k this week. Overall, happy that I managed to make lemonade out of lemons. Next week will see return of some strength work.


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4 TO 10 NOV 2019 (W45/2019)

Marathon training. Neck/Shoulder is 90% healed. Seem to have hit some form with running too. Hopefully we see some good sessions this week!

MARATHON TRG (Week 8/11)

BJJ <AM> Some basic techniques: loop choke vs turtle, some sort of croc roll from bottom of turtle position. Had a couple chill rolls, and 1 harder one. Note to self: do a good long warmup for morning bjj even if you have to wake up earlier, it seems to make a difference.
PWR <AM> 10x10 2h KB Swings 32kg.
STR <AM> Bench Press. Double LP. 4x5 50kg.

E <EV> Long session. 30k in 3:33. 140bpm average hr... definitely not the lungs that give up though. I was feeling pretty good up to 22k then the pain started. Had to walk a few stretches. But I got it done. My target is sub 5hr for the marathon, at this point seems doable if challenging.

Everything hurts. 30k is a pretty big step up from 20k.

STR <AM> Bench Press. Double LP. 3x12 35kg.
BJJ <EV> Omoplata details. Had 3 hard rolls and got my butt kicked today. Was outmatched.

STR <AM> Rack Pulls 15cm. Adhoc. 1 set of Conventional, Sumo stance each at 105kg, 115kg. These are not heavy (67%, 73%) of my last 1RM Rack Pull 15cm. I just am not keen on full range deadlifts in the morning, everything feels too cold. I will program a block of these pulls and see how it goes.
E <EV> 2.4km Cooper's Test. 10:46 ~ translates to 52+ ml/kg/min via the Burger method, probably an overestimate! Despite putting in quite a lot of mileage at an easy pace during the 8 weeks of marathon training so far, the lactate threshold ability hasn't gone up very much. But some is better than none, and it is psychologically (probably physiologically too) challenging to do lactate threshold stuff for any sustained time frame.

SE <EV> Upper body pulls. 10xEMOM alt 2 Pullups, 4 Chinups. For some reason my upper back was fried (the deadlifts yesterday? but those felt ok) and I couldn't complete this. Got missed 1r in each of last 3 sets. Somewhat disappointing!
E <EV> Medium distance (?). 9.2k easy park run, 57:42, 140bpm avg hr. Pretty good run today, felt effortless.

Well I did a “baby fighter pullup session” of 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 interspersed with some mobility work. The neck/shoulder injury is 90-95% healed but I am afraid it banged up something in the scapular region and I’ve to restart the entire pullup thingy.

Good week of training overall. Semipositive: half decent cooper’s test timing. Negative: might need to rebuild pullups from baby steps.


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11 TO 17 NOV 2019 (W46/2019)

Marathon training. Starting to taper off the running volume and starting a Rack Pull block.

MARATHON TRG (Week 9/11)

BJJ <AM> Fundamentals class. Some s-mount details (all about the weight placement and shifts). Had 3 pretty hard rolls with young athletic blue belts - I got them all but had to work for it.
MOB <AM> Slow TGUs with 12kg, 16kg, 20kg. Did a couple of pistol squats as well.
STR <EV> Bench Press. Double LP. 4x55kg.
STR <EV> Rack Pull 15cm. 5s at 92.5, 102.5, 115kg. Adhoc session. I will start a new block at light weights and work up form there.

E <EV> Long session. 20k, 2:12 (first 10k was 1:02, so pace dropped off quite a bit). 144bpm average HR. This run felt a little harder than it should have, given that weather was good, I felt pretty well rested, etc. Not a disaster, just not a great feeling run.


STR <EV> Bench Press. Double LP. 3x12 40kg.
STR <EV> Rack Pull 15cm. LP. 3x5 90kg.
SE <EV> Pullups 2/2/1/1/1. More like rehab - my right scap is struggling to activate post injury but I know I will get this back.


I will push the training volume and take a 3rd rest day tomorrow.
BJJ <AM> Some ways to beat the Peterson Roll. Had 4 technical but chill rolls today with a few brown/purple belts. Not taxing on the body and it was good fun.
STR <PM> Bench Press. Double LP. 4x5 60kg.
STR <PM> Deadlift. #1/17 Reload V2. 55pct target 1RM. 3x5 80kg.
SE <PM> Pullups. 2/2/2/2/1. Still struggling with the pull on right side. Be patient.
E <EV> 8k Treadmill run 10kph. 141bpm. Not bad actually, I’ll take it.


SUMMARY: Tried 4 heavier days of training with 3 rest days this week. I feel pretty good about that, something to put in the toolkit. Also decided my next main lift (after some faffing around with rack pulls at home) shall be deadlifts from the floor after all, it is not as convenient as I need to get to the gym for this but it is just twice a week.


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18 TO 24 NOV 2019 (W47/2019)

Marathon training.

MARATHON TRG (Week 10/11)

BJJ <AM> New instructor, somewhat random mix of techniques! Kneebar vs HG, Heelhook from resultant 411 position, Double Under Paper Cutter. Had a few light rolls.
MOB <AM> TGUs 1/1 at 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32kg. Felt good. TGUs do wonders for my shoulders, I should just have discipline and do it post BJJ class even if it is with light weights.
STR <EV> Bench Press. Double LP. 3x12 45kg. Real easy effort today.
STR <EV> Deadlift. Reload V2. #1/17. 3x5 87.5kg. Easy, as it should be at 60pct target 1RM.
Notes: I am going to be doing 3x5s, 2x3, 1x2 instead of the recommended 5x5s, 3x3, 2x2 for deadlifts on the SF Reload V2. 5x5 on deadlifts is pretty tough for me.

SE <AM> Pullups. Rehab. FPP. 3, 2, 2, 2, 1. Still feel something odd on right side. Just keep adding 1 rep per session - I have this injury before and it will get better, just takes time.
E <EV> Medium Run 12km Treadmill 9.8kph, 136bpm. Well it was written programmed as a 21k tonight but it was pouring outside and I really didn’t feel like getting wet. So I ran in the apartment gym until the staff came to close up.

STR <AM> Bench Press. Double LP. 4x5 65kg.
STR <AM> 1h KB Swing 10xEMOMx10 24kg. #2/17 for Deadlifts Reload V2.

Feeling the effects of 5 glasses of wine last night. Just struggling to survive the day.

BJJ <AM> Spider Guard Passes - step grip break; kick to X pass; KB Swing pass. Chill rolls only.

STR <AM> Bench Press. Double LP. 5x10 47.5kg (50pct target 1RM).
STR <AM> Pullups. Rehab. FPP. 3/3/2/2/1. Still pulling to the left.
E <PM> MED E. 10k Tempo TM 9.0kph (+0.1kph/km). 131bpm.


SUMMARY: next week is the real deal. I have been told by a couple folks that a marathon is no big deal - clearly that is why everyone has run 1 (and has a 1000lb powerlifting total at the same time).

To be honest though I am looking forward to taking a break from running for a few months post marathon.

Timo Keskitalo

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4 TO 10 NOV 2019 (W45/2019)

Marathon training. Neck/Shoulder is 90% healed. Seem to have hit some form with running too. Hopefully we see some good sessions this week!

MARATHON TRG (Week 8/11)

E <EV> Long session. 30k in 3:33. 140bpm average hr... definitely not the lungs that give up though. I was feeling pretty good up to 22k then the pain started. Had to walk a few stretches. But I got it done. My target is sub 5hr for the marathon, at this point seems doable if challenging.
Should be very doable. You've got a 11 week program with the race now a week away? That's a bit short program, but your pace seems nice. Usually long runs are maybe 30-60s slower than marathon pace. So if have kept easy pace your goal should be easy.

I did a 30km MR special with end part of it on my goal pace 5.35-5.40/km, average was 6.20/km. The goal was 4hrs. Later I ran 35km similar but it didn't go that well and was somewhat slower.

This was September 2012, trained since April. Then I got sick and couldn't participate. Then I ran in August 2013 basicly (total 64km, one 20km) untrained 4.29, including blister care in ambulance.


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Thanks for encouragement!

I ran 1:57 for 21k back in 2015, but got a bad knee injury after that and running gait changed so I’m slower than before. But I think sub 5 is quite safe and am hoping to do 4:45 actually.

Re Strength Goals - I am aiming for a PL lift 1RM total of 400kg, I reached 392.5kg at my best but a series of injuries dropped me to 367.5kg at moment.

Overall Lesson: don’t get injured.
Should be very doable. You've got a 11 week program with the race now a week away? That's a bit short program, but your pace seems nice. Usually long runs are maybe 30-60s slower than marathon pace. So if have kept easy pace your goal should be easy.

I did a 30km MR special with end part of it on my goal pace 5.35-5.40/km, average was 6.20/km. The goal was 4hrs. Later I ran 35km similar but it didn't go that well and was somewhat slower.

This was September 2012, trained since April. Then I got sick and couldn't participate. Then I ran in August 2013 basicly (total 64km, one 20km) untrained 4.29, including blister care in ambulance.


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25 NOV TO 1 DEC 2019 (W48/2019)

Marathon Race week. So will stop training by Wed, and only a medium run before that.

MARATHON TRG (Week 11/11)

BJJ <AM> Near side armbar from Side Control - very nice addition to my arsenal and I pulled it off a few times today too. Had a few challenging rolls but I got the better of my opponents (including a black belt) today.
MOB <AM> Bottom Up TGUs. I haven't really tried these before and they are really hard! Managed 4kg, 6kg, and failed on 8kg on the left side.
STR <EV> Bench Press. Double LP. 4x5 70kg. Failed rep 5 on set 4. This was disappointing as I have done 5x5 72.5kg just back in April19. I felt that I couldn't fully activate my right side, which wasn't a problem I detected during the lighter sessions. Oh well, guess the scapular injury did affect my bench press after all. On a positive note, far less serious than the last time, when I couldn't even do 1 pushup.
STR <EV> Deadlift. Reload v2 #3/17. 3x5 95kg. Nice and snappy.
ACC <EV> 25mins Freeletics Core, Legs, and Stretching as accessories for day. Didn’t overthink this.

ACC <EV> Freeletics. 10mins calisthenics, mainly core work. Warmup for run.
E <EV> Easy 10k road run. 1:09, 137bpm. Didn’t push hard at all, just making sure shoes, socks, headphones and other gear all ok. Now for the real thang.

STR <EV> Bench Press. Double LP 5x10 50kg.
STR <EV> Deadlift. Reload v2 #4/17. 3x10 72.5kg.
ACC <EV> Freeletics 25mins. Highlights: total of 150 squats, 150 situps.


SE <EV> Pullups. FPP. 4/3/3/2/1. Followed by Chinups 4/3/3/2/1. That’s it for the day.

E <EV> Marathon! Didn’t go as well as I liked - everything was going to plan until 34k when I got a calf cramp. I compensated with a slow jogging gait but I got a hamstring cramp at 36k that finished the run for me. I limped to the finish line (taking 1.5hrs for the last 6k...). 5:41.
Lessons: 1) take the isotonic drink when it’s offered. 2) eat the damn banana when its offered. 3) don’t turn up late, I had to fight thru hordes because I started with the 5:30-6:00 crowd, caught up with the 5:15 pacer despite being a flight behind (I was on pace for 4:45 until 34k). 4) 16 week cycle is probably better. 5) Run more on asphalt in training, the track and treadmill don’t give the same stimulus for the actual race.


I managed to finish the marathon even the timing was quite a bit poorer than my expectation. Still, some learning experience in there in case I ever want to do this again.

Will take a few rest/light days to recover, because everything hurts, before diving into a 12 week strength focussed block. I will next do serious amounts of running again in 4-5 months.
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