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Strong Endurance Variations on Strong Endurance plans

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Sean Sewell

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Certified Instructor
Hey SE friends! This is my first post on the StrongFirst forums, so I apologize if I goof something up here....

I have been using the SE protocols for the last 1 1/2 years with great success. For myself as well as many students. After following 033C and 044 to the "t", I started tweaking them a little. Good results with that. Then I tweaked them a lot with pretty good results as well. After each tweak, I would try to take as many notes as possible and replicate the experiments...... Long story short - I have found that I was able to see great results for my students as well as myself. I would be happy to go much deeper down this topic if anyone is interested.

I would love to hear any feedback you all have had with mixing up the SE protocols! What worked, what did not, what you might be curious about. All of it :)

For example, I put some intermediate students through a really simple variation. I added some squats and changed the times a bit. Just is just one of MANY that we went through. The people improved strength while not taking away from there chosen outdoor activities (bow hunting and hiking). So there is the setup.

Here is the workout. Feel free to use it!

4 rounds
0:00 10 snatch 24kg left
1:00 10 snatch 24kg right
3:00 5 goblet squat 32kg
4:00 5 goblet squat 32 kg
6:00 10 snatch 24kg left
7:00 10 snatch 24kg right

So, that is an example of how we took the idea and tweaked it. Hope that gives you all some insight into the potentials of this kind of training. I love it. I hope you all love it too! Let's get this discussion going :)

Sean Sewell

Level 4 Valued Member
Certified Instructor
Yes, absolutely! I played with other mixes as well. The squats were done fairly fast, but certainly not ballistic. I found that putting them in the middle gave a good amount of recovery time for the swings or snatches. Plus give the user some good overall conditioning.

The goal here was to improve the endurance for hiking under load. On off days, the bow hunter would load up a pack with 70 lbs or so and go for a hike in the Colorado mountains. I did not do that LOL, I just took the dogs for walks with a standard backpack during the summer. However, I did use this during the slitboarding season as well. The gear I carry is 30lbs + and the incline of the "hike" (it is actually called a skin track) was 25 degrees or so. I would "skin" up 1000-1400ft up the mountain and then snowboard back down. Lots of fun!

The hunter and I never felt crushed after training and consistently improved during the training. The carryover for him was that he was able to keep up with his wife on biking (while he towed their kid) and randomly jump into some 5k fun runs with ease. So, quality of life was pretty dang good :)

Matt Griffith(Griff)

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Thanks for sharing. I'm also curious how others have implemented what they've learned at SE. I've been playing with several concepts but 033 is the only thing that I have done consistently enough that I feel like I can comment on it.

I've been riding the 033 train pretty consistently since I got back from SE in October. I've been impressed by the flexibility within the program. It's really just swings (or snatches) and push ups, how much could there really be to it? A lot. Here's what I mean:

One handed, two handed, double kettlebell, banded swings and uneven doubles
- I don't think uneven double swings are great for expressing power but they have been one of the more interesting experiences. I finish the whole series with the heavy weight on one side and switch sides the next time around. I don't know what it is but when I switch sides it feels like I've never done that movement before. Really weird feeling, I'm curious if anybody else has felt the same way.

Push ups:
Pavel advocates pausing so I've experimented with pausing at the top and bottom, not pausing and occasionally hopping my hands up to yoga blocks.

I feel that with that much variability I can continue training for quite some time.

Cheers! I'd love to hear about others experiences
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