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First of all, thanks to @offwidth for the title recommendation. I would like to live in Meat Town. It sounds so inviting...

Anyway, here's the plan.
I am conducting a diet experiment. 30 days of meat/fish/eggs/dairy. No carbs.

Madness you say? Perhaps. This way of eating isn't new. In the early 1900s, 2 Arctic explorers ate an all meat diet, living with the Eskimos. In the 1950's bodybuilder Vince Gironda trained with a steak & eggs diet.

Fast forward to today. Here in Albuquerque, Dr Shawn Baker lives on a meat diet. He is also a power lifter. This guy is chocked full of information and is very active on twitter. His twitter name is @SBakerMD.

My carnivore experiment will run from May 7 - June 5. After 30 days, I'll see how I feel and go from there.

In a nutshell (wait, no nuts for me!) here's what I'll be eating..



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Alrighty then, the kitchen is closed on Day 1.

I don't weigh or measure how much I eat. I will keep a log of what I eat on a daily basis.

I have no idea what the outcome of this experiment will be. I can't even guess how I'll feel mentally and/or physically. I'll have this food log as a reference, when the experiment is over. If the experiment is favorable, I can duplicate some of the meals I've eaten. If the experiment sucks, I'll know what meals I never want to eat again!

This morning I made some bacon and ate some pieces after KB class. My husband ate the remainder. He's happy that bacon will be cooked on a regular basis. Look how pretty it turned out..

Later in the day, I made some cheeseburgers and put an egg on top.

Al Ciampa

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@LoriLifts what kind of eating style are you coming from? What type of physical training do you do? I can assume that you are female?


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As someone who has been following what is essentially the polar opposite of this diet for the last six years, I'm intrigued as to how this will work out. Make sure you keep us posted!


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Hey everybody!
Thanks for all the comments!

I admit, I was a bit apprehensive about starting this "meat" log. I know it's controversial. I'm not even telling any of my "in person" friends about this experiment. Well, my husband knows. He's been a witness to all my experiments. Some are successful, some not so much.

I like doing 30 day challenges. If it sucks (like when I attempted a juice cleanse, don't ask, it didn't go well), it's only for one month.

The kitchen is closed on Day 2.

This morning I had some salami and cheese and full disclosure...I'm not giving up coffee. You'll have to pry my black coffee out of my hands and that won't be easy because I have excellent grip strength.

Good energy all day, I hit the gym for some DLs and PUs. After work, I went for a one hour hike.

Dinner was chuck roast with an egg on top.

Onward to Day 3.


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Ya, I joke a lot but that was serious
According to my research, as long as I'm eating fatty cuts of meat, I shouldn't have a problem. Things get backed up when you're eating lean beef and chicken. I guess I'll know soon enough if this is true or not.
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