What Are You Working On?

Geoff Neupert

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Since we're all here to work on our own personal feats of strength - I was wondering what you're personally working on.

I'll go first:

Military Press of Bodyweight *1.25
Deadlift of 3*Bdwt (600lbs) - probably a good year off
Muscle Up - brutal for me - EXACT OPPOSITE movement of Olympic lifts (Cl, Sn)

Who's next?

Sean Schniederjan

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Front Lever

100 lccj's w/ 24s in 10 min

Getting left hip back.  Pistoled on left side for first time since June 2011 2 weeks ago, pretty stoked about that.

Physical Culture

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After my powerlifting meet this weekend, I'm pushing for 45/45 in 10m in the single clean and jerk with 32k.  That's good for Master of Sport from USA Kettlebell Lifting.   Along with that, I'm working on my snatch numbers, working toward 35/35 @ 32k.  I'll put the powerlifts in maintenance mode for a 6-7 week cycle of kettlebell ballistics, performing the squat, bench press, and deadlift one day a week each at about 70% 1rm.

Ben Dau

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Press - 225

Bench - 315

Pullup - 15 consecutive and one with 75# extra

Squat - 405

Dead - not this year


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next 6 months of focused training: press-to-handstand, straight rear lever, straddle front lever, & press flag

following 6 months of focused training: one-arm handstand, straddle planche

And, with GTG practice, two one-arm chins per arm!

My iron sits neglected during these shenanigans...


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I'm hitting the basics hard -

- Practicing Kneeling One-Arm Pushups and watching my reps climb each week when I test my max.  Almost ready to make them harder

- Nailed my pistol on my right leg about two months ago, practicing those and working on getting my left leg

- Working the "RKC 6" (SF 6?) with my 20kg.

- Gradually making my way to a full range Handstand Pushup (A lot less emphasis on this)


I've recently made strength my main focus and I "feel" a lot more than an athlete than I ever have while working on "Body Re-composition."  That's still a side goal but I figure if I'm able to do with a 32kg what I can now with a 16kg I'll be pretty lean by the time I get there and have a lot more to show for it than a before picture.


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2x BW (360) DL, conventonal style

to be able to shoot the pistol whenever i want.

Steve Freides

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A six-times bodyweight powerlifting total before I turn 60 in two years and four months.   300 squat, 225 bench, 375 deadlift, 900 lb. total as a raw, no-belt 148.  I totaled 715 earlier today in a practice meet 11 days out for the WNFP worlds.


Dominic Matteo

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a clean OAOLPU for the SBS...I have it but it is sloppy now.

3x bw DL...I'm at 2.5 now weighing in around 185

Strict 40kg press both arms

Beast get ups both sides

18 reps c&J with 32s

Im doing ROTK with PTTP (side presses) during the grind blocks.  This should get me to my goals.  Thoughts?  Comments?


Kash Morrow

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Pistol squats.  I'm doing sets of 5 single leg box squats to a 4" box right now.  Getting close!

Just passed 2X bodyweight deadlift for two sets of 5.  Going for 2 1/2.

Working with my daughters to improve their vertical jump and overall strength and quickness for volleyball.  I want them hitting their head against the gym roof! I'll work with them as long as they'll let me.  So...I'm jumping a lot too.  Working towards making 36" box jump easy.





Jason Marshall

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Double Beast Press (at around 185 lbs BW)

Bottoms Up Beast Press

3.5x BW Deadlift (~635)

1500 lb Powerlifting Total - No Gear


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I've never considered myself very strong and never really made an honest attempt at getting stronger for the purpose of getting strong but in the last year having lost 50 lbs and completing the RKC for the first time and being 44+ yrs old I now want to get stronger and be a better example to my 2yr old son, my wife and to the high school students I teach and coach. Doing the Pull-Ups for RKC was a challenge for me but I'm glad I finally completed that goal. Now it's on to more.

My current goals are:

Press the Beast (each side preferably)
Strict RKC Pull-Up rep(s) with 24kg
Full Pistol each side
400lb Deadlift
SSST 200 Reps 10 minutes

I do not have a timeline for these as I am sure they will all come at different times.  I need to sit down and prioritize which one(s) to work on first.

Delaine Ross

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I'm on a strict program of Rite of Passage until I can press the 24kg on both sides.

I first pressed the 20kg in 2007 so it's been frustrating to STILL not be able to get the 24kg up, but over the years I got distracted with shiny new objects (AKA great programs but ones that weren't geared toward that goal.)


I will NOT stop ROP until that bell goes up.

Mike Provost

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1) Strict Barbell Military Press bodyweight (Currently weigh 230 lbs.)
2) Deadlift 2x Bodyweight (Current 1rm = 350lbs.)
3) 10x Pull-Ups
4) Lose 20 lbs to make #'s 1-3 easier;)

Michael Corrales

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5 solid naked pistols both right and left side (estimate 3 months out)
Get the One Arm, One Leg Pushup again on the left side and do the right side for the 1st time (est 6 months out)
Muscle up pullup (partially how I injured my right shoulder 2 years ago...this time do with strength and not momentum) (est 6 months out)


Bodyweight press (est 12 months out)
400 lb DL (est 12 months out)

Alan Martin

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Regain my pressing strength from days of old--no set numbers yet, just trying not to hurt myself--Haa!...took quite a break.

DL-(Jason Marshal's warm up weight)   This is my nemesis move....but I really want 600 by the time I am 40 yr   (2  1/2 yrs away)


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Working towards honing my basics with kettlebells. Working on basic barbell movements squat deadlift and bench press to help as well. I don't know how strong I can become, but I'm new to this game so I'm gonna give it all I've got and see where I am in 6 months.


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more wall handstands and to close in on a strict one arm pushup.........and adding weight,  at 44 yrs, 5'11 and 155 its at a standstill eating paleo. Time to pick one of Geoff Neupert's  programs and focus.....and eat
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