Steve Freides

profilephoto01-001370000076TsXAAUMy passion for strength began at age 42. As I recovered from a severe back injury that initially left me bed-ridden and then unable to walk without a limp for a year and a half, I realized that I needed to be stronger. By the time my injury was 5 years behind me, I had set the first of several state, national, and world records for my age and weight class as a deadlift-specialist raw powerlifter.

Strength is my passion. I am a Senior StrongFirst Instructor, and also Director of Community Engagement for the company.

I am available for personal and small group training in my modest-but-sufficient basement gym. If I can help you, please contact me.
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Gerard D'Onofrio
Steve is an exceptional strength coach. I can attest to his thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, and technique as I am a sports medicine physician by trade. He helped implement changes in my kettlebell training that have me making tangible gains for the first time in a year. Further, techniques that were previously painful are no longer painful. He is attentive, thorough, and has an excellent demeanor.

Joseph Marcello
Steve has drastically changed my training. Before meeting him, I had a back and shoulder injury that discouraged me from lifting heavier bells out of fear of reinjury. He has this unique way of instilling confidence while teaching fundamentals. Within the first few weeks, my technique improved, and I began using appropriately sized bells. My “heavy” bells became light, and he has shown me how to harness my strength to take on heavier weights and more advanced movements.

I have always seen his name in the forum and knew he was well-respected in this community. When I realized that he was 15 minutes from me, I was beyond excited to train with him. Steve is kind, patient, and intelligent. He can tease out the small details that cause me discomfort or instability, and he effectively communicates how I could make them better. Every time I train with him, I am fascinated with the wealth of knowledge he has acquired and how effective he is at teaching those concepts. It is a privilege to know him, and I am honored to have him as a teacher. I highly recommend him to anyone from beginner status to those that look to fine-tune their technique.

Imran Khan
Steve is an amazing instructor. I knew he was highly regarded when I first sought him out but after training with him he far exceeded my expectations.

He clearly and concisely instructed us on the correct technique, form and drills. He is a exceptionally polite and well mannered individual and it has been an unbelievable privilege to refer to him as my teacher. He is patient and very methodical in his instruction. You wont find a more courteous and thought provoking kettlebell instructor and also someone who practices what they preach - his numerous accolades testify to that. His is an inspiration to novices like me.


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City: Ridgewood
Zip code: 07450
State: NJ
Country: United States

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