StrongFirst O-Lifting Requirements

This seminar is designed for any individual interested in learning proper lift mechanics to ultimately increase their power and athletic ability.


Due to the strict movement path the barbell demands, proper mobility and technique are critical prior to training weightlifting lifts.

Previous kettlebell training and barbell power lift experience is excellent, but not mandatory. The ideal attendee will be able to accomplish a barbell front squat and dowel or barbell overhead squat to gain the most from all this course has to offer. Those that cannot may still attend with the understanding that they will have some “homework” before adding weightlifting lifts to their training. Because of the demanding nature of weightlifting lifts, the attendee’s most important consideration should be his or her current mobility level. Although the full (squat clean or snatch) will not be taught, hips and shoulders should be mobile enough to accomplish power variations of the lifts (catching the barbell high).

This is not an instructor certification and there are no tests. Dress comfortably.