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  1. Other/Mixed Mixing movements in A+A/AGT

    Thinking through how to build a GPP program that fits my needs (be ready to enjoy chosen sports of trail running, back packing, obstacle course racing; meet the physical demands of a father and home owner; promote long term functional longevity) and is sustainable long term. I really have...
  2. Brak

    Kettlebell A+A+Glycolysis

    As many of you who have been helping me navigate some of the details of my Anti-Glycolytic / A+A style workouts know - in 2022 I read a lot about and bought into the premise of AGT and A+A style training. Due to an injury that needed to heal, and partly due to what I'd read, I stopped going to...
  3. Brak

    Kettlebell A+A Workout Duration Importance

    I've been doing A+A / AGT this year, and much of the good advice is to take whatever rest is required between sets to fully recover before the next effort. At the same time, I stubbornly can't shake some old habits like timing the workout, for seemingly good reason. The idea is that as we add...
  4. Brak

    Kettlebell Front Squat or Double Suitcase Deadlift

    I am planning an A+A / AGT training cycle. Overhead movements are contraindicated for my sad old shoulders, this rules out Snatch and Jerk which are a common prescription. I enjoyed a clean/front squat complex on my most recent cycle, so I am planning to continue using cleans and want to break...
  5. Eric Wilson

    Kettlebell Is Anti Glycolytic Training profitable for 400m, 800m?

    I've been reading the things Pavel and others have written about AGT, and it seems to make sense. In particular, it seems that AGT is clearly a good way to get strong, and clearly a good way to gain endurance. There are some athletes in my household, however, that will be competing in events...
  6. scottie

    Kettlebell A+A vs. VWC

    The new information churning out of Strong First regarding A+A or AGT is very interesting to read, learn and practice. I'm curious how is compares with the Viking Warrior Conditioning protocols. Both are a form of interval training but with very different work-to-rest ratios. Does A+A replace...
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