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clean and jerk

  1. BillSteamshovel

    Kettlebell Push press & beyond

    Give me a hand to understand this better please, it has been a source of frustration that I don't get it. Whats the intent/purpose of a push press - 1. At the end of a set of heavy presses, it is used to give yourself an assist from the legs if the KB is too heavy ? 2. A way of getting a...
  2. Luwuwu

    Knee Pain After Doing C&J

    I have been doing the A+A C&J protocol prescribed in Kettlebell StrongFirst for a while, currently C+J+C with a pair of 24 for 30 minutes done. The knee pain that appears after a session disturbs me a lot. Sometimes the left knee only, sometimes both. I do not know what has caused this. Is...
  3. Luwuwu

    Kettlebell Question about Kettlebell Berserk Training Program Phase I

    Greetings, everyone! I bought the Kettlebell Berserk, a double kettlebell online course, from StrongasHec. In the manual that Hector provided, the training program consists of 3 phases. The phase I quite confuses me. For example: "3 DJK, 3 FSQ * 3 sets OTM". Does this mean I do 3 jerks on...
  4. Luwuwu

    Kettlebell Hardstyle Double C&J Form Check

    Greetings, strong men and women! I bought the Kettlebell Strongfirst course and would like to start the double C&J program. I've practiced the C&J for a while, yet I fear that I might be bending too much at the rack position - a little more GS style. I am also worried about my clean, whether I...
  5. J Cox

    Kettlebell Best All-Around Training Method Ever

    Pavel published a great article/program for A+A using C&J. I have two full weeks under my belt and started week 3 today. The early results have been noticeable, especially in strength and fat reduction. The one thing I really have enjoyed running a session and then doing some mobility work...
  6. Max.Sehr

    Kettlebell Are high rep C&Js chipping away at the anterior cruciate ligament? (ACL)

    Hi All, first of all i want to make clear that i dont want to accuse any program or the C&J to damage the ACL but rather want to ask a critical question, hear your opinions and experiences on this matter. So 5 weeks ago i started the C&J program which was published by Pavel at the Strongfirst...
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