double kettlebells

  1. Double kettlebell burned me out

    I did double kettlebell squats and double kettlebell presses, and I felt like I got hit by a bus on my 3rd set of 5 reps. Why are double kettlebell lifts so taxing? Even compared to a barbell, double kettlebells are taxing like hell. Why does it burn out my system so much?
  2. Marty

    Diamond Pro Kettlebells

    Hey everybody! Just thought I’d leave this link here for anyone interested. All of my kettlebells are Diamond Pro. They are amazing for the price. Can’t really beat free shipping, and a price that’s less than $1 a...
  3. DancingLion

    Menopausal Woman about to do "Kettlebell Muscle" Program. Nutrition Help?

    Greetings, I need your considered opinions... I'm 50. menopausal. I'm 5ft. 6, currently Weigh 143 21% bodyfat. I was 148 19% 4 months ago but broke my hand and had to stop training. I reduced my calories thinking I wouldn't put on too much fat while not able to train and did lots of zumba to...
  4. Yaroslav

    Hybrid template based on principles of "Calisthenics for iron domination"

    Comrades, would you kindly share your thoughts about the following training template. I really like the idea of mixing training modalities and implements, especially calisthenics and kettlebells. Even more I like it after reading "Calisthenics for iron domination" by Aleks Salkin. So, below...
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