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  1. Other/Mixed GPP endurance program idea using A+A and LISS

    Still mulling around ideas for a GPP program that maintains overall functional strength and ability to meet daily life demands (carrying children, working around the house and yard, etc), maintains muscle mass in my 40s, keeps me fit in the case of an emergency, and has a slight bias towards...
  2. Other/Mixed Mixing movements in A+A/AGT

    Thinking through how to build a GPP program that fits my needs (be ready to enjoy chosen sports of trail running, back packing, obstacle course racing; meet the physical demands of a father and home owner; promote long term functional longevity) and is sustainable long term. I really have...
  3. Programming Improv GPP and HIIT/glycolytic

    Curious about people's experiences and preferences for how often they incorporate HIIT/glycolytic training in their programming and what types they like? I understand this is likely largely dependent on fitness/training needs and goals. A little background on myself: I am a practicing...
  4. Other/Mixed Strength + Walking?

    Any thoughts on walking during long rests in between strength sets? I’m not a purist/specialist, so I like to develop good all around fitness and was wondering about this combo. Any thoughts on walking on a treadmill during long rests between sets? I have a treadmill at home and can do heavy...
  5. Barbell Old video of Polish weightlifting team - tell me about GPP!

    I find it quite impressive. Esp. the first half of the video (GPP stuff) is relevant for most of training population, not only weightlifters. Those guys were doing human flags and backflips as a part of their assistance training. Some highlights: Up/downhill running: around 8:00 Handwalking...
  6. Other/Mixed Can conditioning/GPP replace cardio?

    Hello all, I've been working out using complexes for a bit now. It's been very invigorating, I really love using them. The issue is that I wonder if doing cardio (burpees and jump rope) alongside my complexes is too much work in a week. My question is if the conditioning/GPP that complexes...
  7. masa

    Kettlebell The Red Zone

    I don't know whether anyone is currently complying with this program. Started a new thread, because the previous one is closed. Here's the old Kettlebell - The Red Zone (Pavel, T. Program) and here's the program Bodybuilding Success Blueprint: The Red Zone - Weighing between this RZ program and...
  8. Other/Mixed Progression to swings

    On the 12/27/2018 StrongFirst podcast, Dr. McGill explains (41:45-42:06) that not everyone can do swings. He said some people need to "build [a] stiffened foundation first." Have any of you worked with students who you realized had to do other training before starting swings? If so, what...
  9. Maine-ah KB

    Other/Mixed Help with time!

    Lets start with the Good. I'm gotten a promotion at work, my girlfriend is going to Grad school and i'm healthy. BAD: were i'm working is understaffed at the moment (hired highschoolers who ether quit or got them selves fired) so my schedule is in flux almost all the time. my sleep paterns are...
  10. offwidth

    Other/Mixed Why do we do it….?

    Ever wonder why we do it? This is what the updated members database has to say about it... Apparently almost all of us want to be prepared… But…not many of us are satisfied with a single training goal.
  11. Boosh32

    Bodyweight Does Naked Warrior Have Standards Like ROP or S&S

    Are there task standards in Naked Warrior practice? I have searched this forum and read all of the thread titles. I did not find a standard. Quick background. I am currently in the S&S program and upon achieving the Simple standard choosing a new goal. My overall goal is GPP.
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