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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Karl, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Karl

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    I'm sure this is overboard, but thought I would share my little google sheet that I've been using to plan my 8 weeks of volume for snatching or swinging. It sticks with a waved volume from day to day and week to week based on recommendations from @Al Ciampa posts on A+A. It probably is not random enough for some of you, but it is enough for me.

    Volume is waved 20% from week to week, and 30% day to day except the 4th day which is 20% lower then the lowest value for the week. This is basically just a number generator. You just enter the max number of powerful repeats you are sitting on then it makes a 8 week program. The bottom 8 week table just randomizes the order of H,M,L,20L, that is the only difference from the table above. Also note the second tab waves the volume in a 15%, 20%, 25%, 35% on a day to day basis, otherwise it is the same as the first tab.

    Repeat Planner

    Feel free to copy to your personal google drive. If you have someth% ing better, please share.

    Thank you
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  2. ShawnM

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    That’s pretty cool. Thanks for posting it, I’m going to use it for the next cycle of swings.
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  3. Al Ciampa

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    That is pretty cool. There are several back to back sessions with less than a 20% difference, but it has the general idea.
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  4. Karl

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    Valid point, thank you @Al Ciampa.

    I changed so the 4th day is 20% lighter. The 4th day was the remaining volume after summing days 1-3 (which are 30% different).

    I know this is painfull for some, but I like quantifying stuff. To be honest I just want to wake up at 0430 and train, not think. Just look at the plan and do it. That is why I made this.

    Thank you for the input.
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  5. Bauer

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    Very interesting! Just for clarification: The standard way would be about 5 reps per repeat with a rather heavy bell that you could probably do 8-10 reps with? And then to use this bell for the complete cycle with 5-rep-repeats?

    Asked another way: What would a good pre-test for the right bell look like? Take a challenging bell that you feel comfortable with and then test your comfortable-max of repeats?
  6. Karl

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    @Bauer I am not a trainer, nor do I play one on the internet, and I did not stay in a holiday inn Express last night.

    Hopefully the smarter folks on the forum will answer your question for you. I snatch 5 reps and swing 7. I figure out my starting repeat number by being honest with myself of what I can comfortably and powerfully do.

    My understanding is all based on the knowledge gained from this forum and a few visits to the city to meet an SFG.
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  7. miked

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    That's pretty cool! Very similar to how I do my programming. Since we're sharing, here's a light version of one of my programming tools. I use compressed splits that are right on the 20% limit, that keeps the overall variability a little less. Then on the light (17%) week, I distribute that over 3 days plus two rest days, and on the heavy (34%) week, I distribute that over 5 days. The other two week are 4-day weeks. That way the shortest (not-rest day) workout is only about 1/2 as long as the longest day. That makes it easier to fit into my schedule, but I still get day-to-day and week-to-week variability.

    What I'll do is run this for a 4-week cycle and then increase the average weekly volume by something like 20% and run a new random 4-week cycle. That way it behaves a bit like this: The 1TRM EV PS Program: Escalating Volume in the Plan Strong Style | StrongFirst

    Other things I'll do is pick 3-5 exercises and run each one on it's own cycle - meaning some days I'll have all exercises and some days I'll only have a few of them. It's a cool way to get some variability too.

    3-4-4-5 20% Variability
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  8. Pavel Macek

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    Karl, perfect, thank you!
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  9. malleus

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  10. Karl

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    I just updated the spread sheet so you can set your weekly and daily wave percentages without changing the formulas. You just enter the values in when you put your max comfortable repeat. Plus I churched it up a bit to make it easier to read.

    Repeat Planner

    Glad I shared, did not think anyone else would use it. Plus it has helped me improve it and think about it from other users perspectives.

    Thank you,
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  11. Jacques van der Merwe

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    I'm still naïve to the A+A methodology, so bare with me here. :)

    So if I understand correctly a repeat is a repetition of a set? So 16 repeats is 16 sets? Within each set you do X reps, so as stated as an example above 7 reps per set, repeated 16 times.

    Each week has a prescribed set of volume that is split over 4 days, determined by wave %. Each weeks volume also varies based on wave %.

    Do I understand this correctly?

    Finally, as this is A+A the time between repeats is fixed or by-feel (heart-rate, talk-test, etc.)?

  12. Karl

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    Your assumptions are correct, or at least correct in my interpretation and how I have been practicing A+A.

    Starting the next repeat is based on full recovery. I use heart rate as my measure. Some people use feel. Others use time. Point being full recovery has been echoed repeatedly on the forum.
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  13. Jacques van der Merwe

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    Awesome! Definitely going to give this a go with swings. The starting max easy repeats is based on a benchmark/test?

    Edit: I forgot to ask, how long have you been following this protocol and more importantly what has the A+A benefits been like for you?

    Thanks for putting this out there Karl!
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  14. Jacques van der Merwe

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    Would it make sense to vary bell sizes as well? When it's a lighter repeat day, jump up a bell size (+4/8kg).
  15. Karl

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    To say I am standing on the backs of giants from this forum, is an understatement. Better yet said the people on the forum showed me how to build the net, now I'm learning to fish. I am just doing what others have figured out and shared

    I started doing Simple and Sinister, S&S, per the book 4 january's ago. S&S is in the spirit of a+a training. That first January was a train reck because my ego was in the way and I was to busy trying to do less with more. Swinging to heavy of kb and not recovering between sets. My job doesn't allow me to consistently train with kettlebells during the summer. So I was hungry to learn by the next fall.

    That following fall I went and saw a sfg and received some help with form. Then I dug in on S&S, kicking my ego and training perceptions aside. By the next summer I was starting to own the 24kg kb and adding some 32kg bell work.

    The next fall working the 32kg bell and starting to learn to snatch with a light bell. From advise from @Al Ciampa, @Harald Motz, @Anna C, and many others on this forum, it became clear I need to move towards A+A training with kb snatch's. So I did S&S with some snatch practice. With rucking, MAF running, and heavy carrys.

    This winter swinging a 40 in bell a+a and snatching a 24kg bell a+a. With Rucking,MAF running, and some heavy carrys.

    At 46 I feel strong as ever and have endurance that I only had through metal toughness before. If your patient, punch the clock consistantly with a+a style training good things happen. Don't expect it to happen over night.
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  16. KenKennedy

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    It's probably not optimal to vary intensity (bell size) by increasing weight on lower volume days. StrongFirst programming decouples volume and intensity while varying both. There is value to all combinations of volume and intensity.

    If someone were creative, a few weights could be chosen with corresponding reps per repeat and the number of repeats could be varried separately from which weight/reps per repeat was used. For instance, one might be comfortable doing sets of eight with the 24kg, sets of five with the 28kg, and sets of three with the 32kg. A simple way to divide the weight is with dice: one or two do the 24kg, 3-5 do the 28kg, and six do the 32kg. Assign the number of repeats using the spreadsheet. This is just an idea.
  17. mikhael

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    Looks great and very useful tool, but I have a problem with downloading it.
  18. Karl

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    If you have a google account you can copy it to your google drive. It's not like downloading a excel spreadsheet. Hope that helps
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  19. mikhael

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    @Karl Got it. Thanks
  20. Sergio

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    Karl, do you practice swings and snatches on the same day or break them up into different days? Also, are you working on other lifts on a+a days, like TGU’s or military press?

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