Barbell/dumbbell alternative exercise for KB Snatch

Discussion in 'Barbell' started by damogari, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. damogari

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    Recently I started incorporating A+A (or HIRT) work into my strength routine. Unfortunately the heaviest kettlebell in my gym is 28kg which feels too light for me to generate maximum power - I can comfortably snatch 32kg for reps. On the other side there are barbells, and fixed dumbbell options here up to 50kg, so the question is:

    What are good DB alternatives to KB Snatch for A+A training?

    I know and sometimes do a DB/BB One Arm Snatch, but I think that its more suited for heavy singles than for burst of 5-6 reps. Especially dropping kettlebell feels more natural and puts less pressure on the lower back.
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  2. Steve Freides

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  3. Pavel Macek

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    Dumbbell snatch. But as much as I love dumbbell lifting, kettlebell swing and snatch is the king for these protocols.
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    If the gym has KB doubles, then double KB cleans.

    You can load up the ballistic hinge with more than a single arm swing or snatch (and usually more than a two-arm single bell swing). The double clean feels a lot more natural than the double swing, has a satisfying sense of completion like the snatch and loads the zipped up top position like the snatch (although the top position is obviously the rack rather than overhead lockout).

    I've done a lot of A+A training with double cleans and found it very effective and enjoyable. IMO, it's a very underused move.
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    Thank you @Pavel Macek . Knowing that you are such a supporter of dumbbell work (which I also admire) and still recommending kettlebell ballistics for this protocol tells much about dumbbell suitability for A+A.
    This! I think that I saw a pair of 20s or 24s there so I will check it out next time. Thank you, a very valuable advice.
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  6. Pavel Macek

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    The Hardstyle dumbbell program I am developing is generally:

    - low rep grinds (press, bent press... ) - like our kettlebell grinds, or barbell military presses
    - low rep power drills (swing, snatch) - like unilateral Oly lifts

    I am not a fan of high rep dumbbell snatches - it can be done, but in this area, kettlebell is the true king.
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  7. Garage Guerrilla

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    For one armed DB snatch, I highly recommend using adjustable handles with plates (olympic or standard size) over the fixed ones if possible. I found the spinning plates to be much more comfortable.
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