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  1. Kettlebell Back to the bell with one size option

    Has anyone tried adjusting other variables in an A+ A program when you don’t have the prescribed bell size? In a few days I’ll have my snatch test bell after a months long absence from iron and want to do some snatching (and other skills practice) for the few months I have it. While one...
  2. New Book for Taming Arc in Ballistics

    Anybody see this yet? Aleks Salkin SFG II wrote it and Pavel Macek did the foreword. He’s got some really handy drills that make taming the different arc in the ballistic lifts a lot easier and faster. Tamers of the Lost Arc: Insider Tips on Smashing Your Plateaus, Kickstarting...
  3. Titleist #1

    Kettlebell 32kg Rite of Passage Snatches

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the forum. I have been a long time enthusiast of this forum and have practiced kettlebells seriously since late 2021 completing RoP with 24kg, achieving timed simple, rerunning RoP with 24kg and now beginning RoP with 32kg. Prior to that, I utilized...
  4. Kettlebell Are kettlebell snatches dangerous for the wrist and forearm bones?

    Hi. My long run goal is to achieve the SFG1 kettlebell certification. I am now practicing the snatch movement, which is the most difficult. I can do the basic movement, but the kettlebell hits my wrist/forearm each time, so I am learning now to perfect the movement. I understand that the...
  5. Adachi

    Kettlebell snatching with a sumo stance

    BACKGROUND: So, I'm just as unimpressed with a 2xBW bench press, where the bar travels some fraction of an inch in space, as anyone. And, I've been thinking of how I've been able to increase my rep speed and tempo via stance; while also doing my best to avoid a pause at the top of the rep in my...
  6. Kettlebell Snatch Test form check

    Hy Guys, it would be great if you could give me feedback on my snatch form during the snatch test (link below). Where do you see the biggest weaknesses? Does anything look already solid? Thanks in advance! snatch test
  7. Kettlebell Snatch form check

    Can you guys please critique my snatch form. Here’s a few links. One is me practicing with a 24kg bell and another with a 32kg bell. Looking forward. Thanks! 24kg 32kg
  8. Bajzath

    Snatch+get up workout

    Snatch +get up workout
  9. JimmyK

    Kettlebell Old Program Minimum vs New

    This is just a thought that popped in my head, not anything related to my current training, but is there anyone that consistently does the Bent Press + Snatch program minimum and who finds it more fulfilling than the classic Getups + Swings + (Goblet Squats)? I like the variety on this blog and...
  10. Barbell Full OH Squat/snatch Mobility

    Does anyone have any good resources on developing and maintaining the necessary mobility for a barbell overhead squat? I've had a recent idea that getting to a point where this position is viable and comfortable and then maintaining it could work as some form of mobility MED for me, due the ROM...
  11. Kettlebell S&S + C&J + Snatch ?

    Hello everyone, I do the S&S program 5 days a week, I started with 16 kg kettlebell now I train with 24 kg, one-arm Swing and TGU. I want to fit into C&J and Snatch workouts, what is the best way to do it in order to have time to recover? and in what quantities? split by week heavy, light, medium?
  12. Jacobcutt

    Other/Mixed Form Check Request

    Good day, Strongfirst men and women! I am requesting technique review. In the link below, there are three videos of me doing some exercises. If you are willing, I would appreciate review and feedback. For context: I'm 5'8", 145 lbs The deadlift was conducted at 295 lbs after a few sets of...
  13. J Cox

    Kettlebell Snatching A A every day

    Need a little direction. Is it possible to snatch A A every day?I think some have said they do it, but I am not sure what they started with in doing so. Just trying to find a good place to start if anybody has some suggestions.
  14. Kettlebell Enjoying Snatches and Bentpresses

    So I have been trying out snatching and bent-pressing, but not RSAS as I am still far from the required strength requirement of simple. But what I can say is I'm enjoying snatching and Bent pressing. I havent timed myself on my lifts but on weekdays I snatch my 20kgs and on Sundays I snatch my...
  15. Oscar

    Kettlebell Escalating Density Snatches - HR graphs

    I've been doing escalating density snatches once a week ala @Brett Jones prep guide, preparing for SFG 1 in November. I use the 20 kg for now and been using a HRM. I'm a bit intrigued by the HR graphs. Below are my sessions with 7/7, 8/8 and 9/9 reps on the minute. It was 12 minutes, 10...
  16. Kettlebell Snatch test record

    What is the heaviest bell anyone has managed to snatch 100 reps in 5 min?
  17. Kettlebell S&S with snatches

    Would replacing the swings with snatches in S&S be too much overhead work? Is there a particular reason S&S uses swings not snatches?
  18. Kettlebell Kettlebell snatch and clean and jerk program

    Ive been doing a lot of snatches lately and really like the conditioning and power results. Specifically I’ve been following the A+A but with snatches. Once I’ve finished the A+A plan i was thinking to add in some clean and jerks with one bell (I read a great article on martial conditioning)...
  19. Nancy Moyers

    Kettlebell Shoulder Pain?

    I am new to this forum and am looking for some help! I am training for SFG1 cert next month and so far so good (its my first time!) Although, I notice when I pull my (right) lat down, the front of my right shoulder has pain. This has been going on for only a few weeks, and I don't feel it doing...
  20. Kettlebell Snatches and Rollouts

    Ive recently been training little other than snatches and rollouts and simply want to recommend it! I’ve been gradually increasing snatches EMOM for 10-20 min then increasing the reps per minute once I achieve 20 min and repeating the cycle. Then rollouts for 5x5 with 60-90s rest. There is no...
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