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  1. Cody Rhinehart

    Strong Endurance Deadlifts with 523A & 524A for TSC

    I'm going to be prepping for TSC and trying to figure a plan for this. How do I add deadlifts into a program that already has quite a bit of hinging .Thanks .
  2. Kettlebell Olympic Dumbbell Training

    I only have one and very much enjoy using the DB for DLs, get ups, side presses and suitcase carries. I want tips on the power snatch and how to properly do a goblet squat. As for snatches, I’ve done quite a few with fixed DBs but I’m concerned about the plates hitting me as it comes up so any...
  3. Kettlebell Form Check(Swings\TGU\Snatches)

    Hey everybody! Could you please check my form Didn't expect it to be so sloppy, but we all start somewhere Swing.mp4 Turkish get-up.mp4 Snatch.mp4 Thanks
  4. Hector G

    Kettlebell How To Improve Your Kettlebell Snatch-Part I

    Just finished up the 1st part of a 3 part series on how to improve your kettlebell snatch. The most common thing I see go wrong with the snatch (and the clean) is the "taming of the arc". The snatch is a "vertical projection of force" compared to the swings "horizontal projection of force"...
  5. NoahMarek

    Kettlebell Snatch carryover to deadlift

    Hey everyone, I am curious about your experience with snatches or swings (specifically heavy snatches A+A style) transferring over to deadlifts. I have decided to put deadlifts on the backburner while I pursue improving snatch strength and capacity. I am interested to see what will happen to my...
  6. Kettlebell Strength Standards

    Beyond things like "Simple", "Solid", "Sinister", "Beast Tamer", "Iron Maiden", and the SFG I & II technique standards, are there any more formalized strength standards for kettlebell exercises? What comes to mind for me is something like these: Weightlifting Performance Standards for the...
  7. rebelshrug

    Kettlebell GS vs Hardstyle Cleans and Snatches

    I’ve got an idea of the differences, from another thread - but wondered if someone could go into more detail? And the pros and cons of each? Thanks.
  8. damogari

    Kettlebell Programming snatch for TSC

    Hello everyone, I am thinking about starting a program where I would be able to prepare for TSC while improving my double press. It would consist of these elements: Double Press twice a week (KB Strong template) Pull Ups every other day (FPP template) Snatch twice a week Deadlift once a week...
  9. Kettlebell KB overhead snatch grip - open or closed? (video)

    What do you think of the form of the snatch presented here? Is an open handed grip recommended or not the greatest? I felt strong on my right side, but a little less on my left. Comments on form are appreciated.
  10. damogari

    Kettlebell Snatches sets/rep equivalent to 10x10 of swings

    I am thinking about idea of mixing exercises from Simple & Sinister (Swing & TGU) and old Program Minimum (Snatch & BP) into a "park bench" program between more intensive cycles. It's from Program Minimum [Squared] but I would like to program it more like S&S. The idea is to do these trainings...
  11. banzaiengr

    Kettlebell The Kettlebell Snatch

    Video from Kettlebell Kings and the Texas Kettlebell Academy. Just would like comments on what is shown here. I think the tell is when he says "soften it up". As Strongfirst is hard style SFG's will likely disagree with this instruction. I'm not saying right or wrong, I'm just trying to...
  12. Kettlebell Jumping in weight for snatches

    I currently own a 16 and 24kg kettlebell. I can snatch the 16kg with ease, but when I try snatching the 24kg, i feel very shaky. Any ideas on how to move up between weights without purchasing a new bell? Should I just work on the one arm swing more? Silly question probably but I'm kind of at...
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