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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by KIWI5, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. KIWI5

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    I can't help but notice that all the Strongfirst trainers wear pants. Not shorts, or sweats or compression gear, but what appear to be casual chino's. I'm sure there is a valid reason and I'm also sure that I want to find out what brand(s) are being worn. Does anyone know what these mysterious 'pants of power' are?
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  2. Chrisdavisjr

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  3. Mark Limbaga

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    I presonally use trekking pants.
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  4. Snowman

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    5.11 pants are tactical AF, as are most of the groups/people Strongfirst markets itself to. Kidding aside, pants are more professional than shorts, and I think they want to set themselves apart from the rest of the industry. There's no reason not to wear pants, as long as they're not restrictive. I usually stick to shorts, but I do have a pair of REI brand hiking pants that I've trained in before. Most of my training-while-wearing-pants has been because it wasn't appropriate to change into a PT uniform during a field training exercise.
  5. Marc

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    It does not really matter...some days I just train in my underwear that's the beauty of training at home ;)
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  6. william bad butt

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  7. Oscar

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    I have also wonderedbout this as well. I still haven't found long sleeve pants that allow good mobility. However, I have seen some SF instructors do deep squats or other moves thar require good pant mobility with no problem. I want those pants
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  8. KIWI5

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    So which 5.11 pant is the Strongfirst approved uniform? I just tried a TGU in my jeans and I believe it added about 10% additional effort. I just looked at the 5.11 instructor pants and they advertise them as "too heavy to train in, but perfect for everything else".......I don't think I want those pants.
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  9. offwidth

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    Any decent pair of climbing pants will allow ample mobility. But I also train in old combat pants and even loose fitting jeans. I think if people talk about so called 'functional ' fitness they ought to be able to train in most anything...
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  10. Neuro-Bob

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    If you really want to look tactical, get a 5.11 shirt along with a subdued American flag hat. AKA “defense contractor standard uniform.”

    You can get that style of clothing at a Tactical store....they all have different names, but there’s sure to be one such store if you live in a moderate sized US city. Amazon has several options as well. REI hiking/trekking pants are basically the same thing, but they hold less bullets and the pockets are not freedom-sized.

    Nothing wrong with standard athletic attire from Target or WalMart if you can’t afford $60per pair...
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  11. KIWI5

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    I just tried a TGU with some dress slacks, better than my jeans but these are my "good pants" so the hunt continues. The choices are a bit more limited over here in New Zealand compared to the USA- but I reckon I can find something that works.
  12. Stefan Olsson

    Stefan Olsson Helping Make Others Stronger

    Full comando :D Or preferably my running shorts.
  13. Phil12

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    I wear running shorts, regardless of weather. I don't know if this is approved, but last time I tried something else I ripped the boxers I was wearing...
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  14. Pinkninja

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    Have you tried gi pants? I wore them in BJJ and Ninjutsu..fantastic movement in them.
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  15. Pinkninja

    Pinkninja Double-Digit Post Count

    Gi pants (martial arts pants)..
    Personally though I just wear my leggings...most comfy, least chafing.
  16. Neuro-Bob

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    There is something called golf pants - basically athletic pants that look like slacks. They are very mobile, an appropriate choice.
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  17. Steve W.

    Steve W. Strong, Powerful Member of the Forum

    I have a hell of a time finding pants that fit. If the waist fits, the butt and thighs are way tight. If the butt and thighs are big enough, the waist is at least 2" too big.

    The pants I almost always wear are Vertx tactical pants, but unfortunately they have now changed the cut to make them much more slim-fitting, and I can't wear the new ones at all.

    The old ones are great. They have a little elastic gather at the waist that is designed to allow for an inside the waistband holster, but has the effect of allowing a little more hip room without the waist being overly big. They also have a gusseted crotch, articulated knees and a rise that is not too long, which allow for great mobility -- you can squat without the pants binding or having to hike up the legs. And the cargo pockets are the best ever. They are recessed into the legs, so they don't stick out as obviously as "cargo" or "tactical" pants, but still hold a lot if you need them too. The pocket flaps are stitched down and without velco so you can get in and out of them easily with one hand and silently, but stuff doesn't fall out. There is also a concealed zipper pocket inside one of the regular front pockets that's great if you are carrying some loose change or other small object you want to make sure won't fall out when you sit down.

    I wear these pretty much all the time (they are perfectly acceptable at my job), so I train in them when I do sets of various exercises throughout the day in my office during breaks.

    There are now lots of pants that use stretch fabrics that allow for good mobility, but every one I have tried is still cut uncomfortably tight for me.

    However, given a choice, such as when I train at home, I definitely prefer to train in shorts.
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  18. Shawn90

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    The more your skin can breathe the better :D
  19. MikeTheBear

    MikeTheBear Strong Member of the Forum

    Dude. . .
  20. North Coast Miller

    North Coast Miller Strong, Powerful Member of the Forum

    I work out in blue jeans sometimes, usually just plain drawstring sweatpants.

    I have an aversion to spending more on my workout pants than I do on my Lees or Levis.
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