Form Check: First time swinging a kettlebell (16kg) after reading Pavel's S&S book...

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by kettlebellklutz, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. kettlebellklutz

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    hey all, above is a video of me doing swings with a 16kg bell for the first time.

    from what i've been told elsewhere, i need to start with the bell a bit closer as well as work on my hip hinge.

    what jumps out at you most egregiously? what are some easy fixes? thanks!
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  2. Brett Jones

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    Couple of things - first congrats on getting started with the swings

    You are doing more of a "front raise" with the KB instead of a swing driven by the hips

    When you do get the hip through at the end you are pushing them too far through - finish in a standing plank (straight line from ear to ankle).

    The 2 Most Common Errors in Kettlebell Swing Set-up | StrongFirst

    this article should help

    Keep us posted
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  3. kettlebellklutz

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    Thanks Brett, I actually read that article last night and will work on it.

    That said, I don't really feel it in my shoulders like a raise typically would feel.

    Is there anything else to focus on? I was told I was a bit too far from the bell as well as needing to hold the plank a bit longer and let the bell float back down.
  4. Bret S.

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    Good job getting started, you have some good stuff to work with there, don't worry it'll come to you gradually.
  5. Brett Jones

    Brett Jones StrongFirst Director of Education Staff Member Master Instructor

    Try some towel swings to work on the rhythm and timing of the swing - that should help as well
  6. SuperGirevik

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    @kettlebellklutz, welcome to the community! (y)

    A couple of things that stood out to me. First, the bell is flying forward before your hips have fully extended forward. Your arms should act as chains connected to your body during a swing. So when you pop your hips forward with power, the bell will float up without assistance from your arms. I drew a red circle more or less of where the kettlebell should probably have been during this phase of your swing. Just think, your hips pop forward, THEN the bell floats forward and up.


    Second, when the bell is coming down, you are hinging back well before your arms get close or touch your body. The blue area shows how your body should be positioned at this point. Wait for your arms to get real close to your body before hinging back.


    I’m not qualified to give much advice but these videos might help you out...

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  7. Zack Kaufman

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    Get a Heavy Bell! 24-28kg and then send the video

    The heavy bells won’t allow arm raising
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