Nutrition for Health and Endurance

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Food is a vital factor for health and endurance. Food is the nourishment of the body. A healthy body performs better. Also, the more fit and lean you are, the better you will perform.

A helpful way to stay lean (as too much fat or muscle weight can be more of a hindrance) is through intermittent fasting. Not only does your body get a chance to rest and break down the fat storage, but intermittent fasting also stimulates and detoxes the body's vital organs. Dr. Mattson performed an experiment on monkeys and rats proving both the brain and heart also benefit and become stronger and more resistant to injury with intermittent fasting. (

Intermittent fasting can be anywhere from 12-24 hours. After a poll taken with many athletes and army soldiers, those who fasted approximately 12 hours a day had better performance scores than those who did not. Most who fasted skipped breakfast ensuring to eat a healthy lunch instead.

Contrary to popular belief, eating 6 small meals a day does not boost metabolism! Eating throughout the day keeps insulin levels consistently elevated. This leads to insulin resistance, increased risk for cardiovascular disease, and increases fat storage.

Finally, the best advice for a healthy body is a well-rounded diet. Eating the same things repetitively does not give the body the nutrients it needs to perform at an optimum level. Muscles need vitamins to build, repair, and strengthen them. For example, milk contains growth hormone which stimulates muscle building, vitamin B breaks down sugars and provides energy, vitamin C heals the collagen in muscles, and vitamin E detoxifies CPK (creatinine phosphokinase) which builds up during rigorous exercise.

All in all, for better endurance and better results, a healthy diet promotes endurance, agility, and strength.

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Hey Danielle,

Thanks for this post, I got value from it.
I was used to eat 6 to 8 meals a day, and can tell you for sure that it doesn't boost metabolism!
However, it helped me achieve great results when I was willing to gain weight :)

Thanks gain for your post :)

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