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  1. silveraw

    Other/Mixed Navigating supplements for performance

    I came across this good summary of how to pick and choose supplements. Basically a surprisingly high amount of supplements (10-30%) have extra things (test boosters tend to have dangerous “male enhancement drugs” in them). That isn’t including supplements who just don’t have effective dosing of...
  2. Getting started, but i need a workout plan and some help

    hey guys. First of all, y'all should know what i want to reach. I want to loose a bit of weight (maybe about 5kgs) and build some muscle (nothing too crazy, but get in form) and dont have access to a gym-membership, so my only options: cardio (running, rope jumping) and calisthenics. I have a...
  3. WarrenEllis

    Nutrition Nutrition approach?

    Good afternoon. I know Pavel and company aren't nutritionists, and this is the place to talk strength and not diets. A quit search of the forums with the keyword "nutrition" strengthens this. I also know nutritional requirements and tolerance are very unique and personal. However, I am...
  4. silveraw

    Nutrition Popular weight loss advice that probably does more harm than good

    An informative talk about how a lot of technically correct advice probably does more harm than good for long term weight loss. Rolls nicely into a couple of the other threads we have had recently about lifestyle changes for obesity from a great evidence-based source.
  5. caeth6

    Off-Topic [Nutrition] High Protein options at every fast food chain

    **Mods please tell me if this post is suitable for this forum. If not, I will take it down I was keeping a running list of high protein items at the places I was going to for lunch everyday (office job downtown) Around the beginning of this year I was learning to make websites and thought this...
  6. silveraw

    Nutrition Reduced caloric intake via food textures

    Just saw this interesting research review that looked at hard textured foods vs soft textured foods. They found that the group eating hard textured food ate around 200 less calories in a meal and felt as full as the group that ate soft textured foods with no additional snacking or caloric...
  7. Nutrition What should i Do ?

    What should I do ? Should I gain muscle mass or lose weight? I have 5 meals a day, 20 years old, 182 cm and 72.5 kg.
  8. Andi-in-BKK

    Nutrition Getting enough calories around a full training day

    Here is my situation currently with regards to training and diet: I am 34yo and weigh 196lb at an estimated 18% body fat (tape/Naval method with the same tape at the same reference points). I want to drop fat slowly to retain muscle that I’ve worked very hard to build over the last 6 months off...
  9. Nutrition work out diet with supplements

    Hey all, I just bought a couple of dumbells and decided to start a home workout. I used to go to the gym before the pandemic, but even though gyms are still open, I prefer to give safety top priority. Before I started, I would like your advice on something that has been bugging me lately. When I...
  10. Nutrition In desperate need of nutrition advice

    Hi all, I am really hoping someone can help me out in regards to eating for my lifting and physique goals. First and foremost, I desire to lose body fat and gain strength. Once this pandemic is over I really aspire to train for powerlifting comps or strongman, whichever works out best first. I...
  11. B_ski7

    Nutrition Thoughts and experience on V-Diet

    Hi all, Just curious if anyone has done the Velocity diet, and if so, what was your experience and thoughts on it? How has it benefited you after completing the 28 days? Have been lifting weights and training for a little over a decade, and over the last year have really fallen in love with...
  12. Tobias Wissmueller

    Nutrition No Refined Sugar

    Since Monday I am avoiding everything that contains refined sugars. Although am very active with cycling 100km per week, kettlebell practice, active weekends and intermittent fasting (16/8), my belly fat proofs to be very stubborn. So, I have decided to do the obvious, to improve my...
  13. banzaiengr

    Nutrition Food Logs

    As there is a separate category under "Diet and Nutrition" for food logs I would like to offer to all who are interested to begin keeping one. I began one a few weeks back as I tried to ease into clean eating. Now that I have started my regimented diet I'm going to try and keep it current. I...
  14. Niek Schokkenbroek

    Nutrition A Hit the Target (HTT) Diet attempt

    Hi everyone, I just stumbled on Fabio Zonin's article a few weeks ago on the Hit The Target (HTT) Fat-loss Plan. My wife and I thought to give it a try and I would like to keep track of some progress here, but mainly share some experiences and doubts we had and have along the way. At this...
  15. Off-Topic Hey Pavel what are your thoughts on Vince gironda?

    Thoughts on Vince Gironda`s diets and workouts and adding kettlebells to them?
  16. Marius_Lefter

    Nutrition Help with resources on nutrition topics

    Hi to all. This is my first post in the section regarding Nutrition. For the past several days I have browsed the threads and I am impressed with the amount of knowledge this community has on this topic. I am in an early stage of training with kettlebells. But I want to learn on nutrition. I...
  17. Ryan T

    Nutrition Fructose and fat storage

    So something has been perplexing me a bit. I've read articles and watched youtube videos on the perils of fructose and fruit consumption if timed incorrectly. Primarily should be used before training and possibly a little in the AM. I also read articles that say fruit is good for fiber and...
  18. Jak's Dog Food Log

    11AM: shake with protein powder (Just Protein), milk, peanut butter, 1 packet of microwave oatmeal, crushed ice + coffee with lots of half and half later, 1 peach 2PM: Prison Pad Thai, ramen noodles with peanut butter and sriracha, actually one of my favorite lunches 1 peach 6PM: couple...
  19. Ryan T

    Nutrition Call to start logging your food!

    Folks, Been thinking a lot about nutrition. Compared to the actual "strength" areas of the forums, this one gets less attention. This forum should rank up there with the strength forums since nutrition is a foundational component to our goals for strength and well being. If your nutrition is...
  20. Nutrition not gaining weight with 4K calories.

    Hey, I am 6.2 feet tall (190cm) and weigh 178lbs (81kg). I have been trying to gain weight for a while now and eaten +-4000 calories every single day now for a bit over 2 months. I am 6.2 feet tall (190cm) and weigh 178lbs (81kg). I haven't gained ANY weight at all in these 2 months. i don't...
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