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Since It Cost A Lot to Win (training log)


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Starting back on the SF Forums Log. This site is truly inspirational and the log feature is a great way to hold myself accountable.

Goals: Body composition and graceful movement.

I turn 50 next year, and achieving Simple is the goal.
May 2, 2022

DFW Week 5, Day 1.

late afternoon workout:
5' of halos and pry squat with 24k bell.
3x3 (C&P; FS) 24kg bells. (9' on the clock)

For the fist time in a long time, I've stuck with a training program to the end. I will finish up this cycle of DFW either tomorrow or the next day by testing with double 24kg bells (C&P, Front Squat)

After that, I am looking at starting Simple. Mobility work and conditioning will also factor in heavily. There will be hours long stretches over the next 4 months where I need to engage in GTG work or Mobility Flows.
May 3, 2022

early am: 40' Animal Flow. Felt fluid with good hip mobility. Worked on the basics.
Looking forward to KB C&P test later today.
May 3, 2022

afternoon workout

DFW Week 5, Day 2 (test day)
5' warm up Halos and Pry Squats

C&P Double 24k bells TEST 7 reps. No grind.
(note: disappointed. Thought I would get 10.)

Front squat Double 24k bells TEST 11 reps.
(note: pleased, but gassed at the 11th rep. need to breathe better)

C&P Double 24k bells TEST 6 reps. No grind.
(note: I guess 7 really was the number.)

total testing time 10'

Part 2:
Because I start Simple soon, I thought I would deliberately work with 24k bells on swings and get ups to see where things stand.

3 sets of 5 (each side), one handed swings (5R, 5L, rest).

3 sets of 1 (each side) TGU with 24k bell.

Deliberate practice. 15' total work for this section. HR stayed between 110-140 during working parts of the workout.

Takeaway: I am not nearly as proficient in the movements as I thought I would be. I was thinking about starting with a 28k bell, but I do not own the 24k bell by any stretch of the imagination. So, we start with 24k bell. (Watch each card you play and play it slow.)

Woke up at 338 a.m. this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. So, I am not exactly well rested. I think I will retest the C&P over the weekend.
May 4, 2022

afternoon workout

Simple workout (1)
Warmup 4' pry squats and halo.
One hand swings
1 24k bell 5L/5R
2 24k bell 5/5
3 24k bell 5/5
4 24k bell 5/5
5 28k bell 5/5
6 24k bell 5/5
7 24k bell 5/5
8 28k bell 5/5 140 max HR
9 24k bell 5/5
10 24kbell 5/5 (15'20")

1' rest

5x1 each side 24kg (144 max HR on 4th set; TGUs were just under 10')

total workout time: 25'20"

takeaway: I am not as far behind the 32k bell standard as I thought. I was very methodical on the TGU work.
May 5, 2022

a.m.: 10' OS Resets

p.m. (after dinner work, a rarity)
35' walk

35' Animal Flow work concentrating on upper thoracic work.
Crab Reach tutorials and drills.

Notes: Fell into an easy day, unplanned. The wisdom of years auto-regulated me. Looking forward to tomorrow's practice.
May 6, 2022

a.m. 15' Animal Flow practice.

afternoon work:

Simple 24kb
(no warm up)

10x10 swings (5L/5R) in 10'14" Steady
1' Rest
5x1 TGU

18'21 total time, which means the TGU work was in 7'07".

Rest 5'

Test C&P Double 24 KB Press = 8 reps. No grind. Had another in bank, but would have been a grind.

Notes: In another week, introduce heavier bell on the get ups. Get smooth with the 24k bell first.

later in the afternoon: Animal Flow work - upper thoracic work. Crab Reach practice. 15'
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May 7, 2022

"Sun so hot, the clouds so low, the eagles filled the sky...."

a.m: 7 mile walk in 2:05:23 (avg HR 101)

Notes: Looks like a scorcher in Texas, today. Got my Long, Easy movement in early.

afternoon: 60' of Animal Flow (flow work, and then mobility concentrating on upper thoracic into full bridges.)
3' (cumulative) Leopard Crawl.
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"Three days in the saddle, you know my body hurt.."

May 8, 2022

a.m: Walk 5.5 miles, 1:36:05 (20" tempo jog every 4 minutes). Avg HR 104.

then, straight into Simple
Swings: 10 rounds of 5/5 swings
Notes: First 6 rounds with 24kb, 1 round with 28kb, 3 rounds with 24kb in 18'21", so slower than what I have been doing. Was not feeling snappy at all. But I committed to the movements and took my time.

1 minute rest

TGU work: 5 rounds (24 28, 24, 28, 24). Felt really good on the 24s, the 28s were not great. HR spike of 156 at the end of TGU work)

Total time on Simple = 29'04" (which means TGU work was 9'43")

Avg HR of 131 , despite trying to go slower. Would make sure HR was between 110 -120 bpm before starting next round.

p.m.: 30' Animal Flow work. Low impact wrist, hip, shoulder work. Short flow for practice.
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May 9, 2022

"Roll away the dew..."

weigh-in 218lbs.

a.m.: 15' Animal Flow mobility sequence.

after lunch: 2 mile walk.

p.m. 50' conditioning on stationary bike. HR - avg 120, max 149.
Animal Flow work, post ride. 15' Flow work.

after dinner: 1.5 mile walk.

notes: Sore forearms from yesterday. More tired than I want to be. Right now I am doing Simple every other day. Relentless forward progress, even if it is every other day.
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"Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart. You just gotta poke around..."

Looking forward to a 2 hour window for workout where my creativity will be challenged. Not sure how I will use sandbags and mobility practice, but it should be interesting.

p.m.: Settled on Strength Aerobics with 40lb sandbag. 30 rounds of 1. (Left clean, Left OH press, Deep Squat, Right clean, Right OH Press, Deep Squat = 1 round) in 29'30" - moved on to some Animal flow practice including upper thoracic bridge work (25 minutes).

note: steady work. nothing all out. nothing fancy.
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a.m. conditioning on stationary bike for 35’. Kept in MAF range.

p.m. 15 rounds of C&J with 28k bell. Alternating sides, every 30" HR stayed 90-121 with avg HR of 111, well within talk test range. (15' of work)

notes: the p.m. workout was an experiment with Pavel's "Best All-Around" Workout. the "jerk" portion was probably more of a push-press, so I need to look at some videos of the Clean and Jerk with the kettlebell.
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"Take up the yoke and plow fields around"

a.m. 1 mile easy walk before breakfast

p.m. SIMPLE workout
4' warm up with pry squats and halo (24kb)

Swings 5/5 x 10 in 13'35"

One minute rest.

5x1 TGU

total time 23'52" (which means TGU 9'07")

Notes: added two extra reps post workout of TGU with 28kg. Overall, the goal was to rally own the swings, didn't start next set until HR was under 105. TGUs were done at steady pace without regard to HR.

p.m.: another walk for 1.5 miles and then 15' of Animal Flow practice.
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a.m. morning walk, nice and easy 2+ miles.
Animal Flow mobility work. 15 minutes.

p.m. 60' Stationary bike conditioning. Pushed it a little today.
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a.m. walk 7.5 miles in 2:05:00. Average 110 HR.
Jogged for 70 yards or so every 4 to 5 minutes to keep HR up a little.

weigh in: 217 lbs.

notes: Hips are tight. Trying to work through the impingement in a deliberate way.
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