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Community is an important part of life and learning, It has always been an honour to be part of Pavel's extended family. Sorry I don't eat chicken or meat but I'm always working on being StrongFirst!


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very wonderful daughter invited me this past year to learn and be akin

to this movement of strength... thank you nikki

mitch shlosser

Jim Staley

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I am glad to see that this is coming together. Excited to see so many people that I consider to be my mentors involved.

Reneta Music

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I am so excited to be a part of this community!!! Very excited about certifications and being a part of them! I would re-cert tomorrow if I could! LOL

Thanks for all your hard work!


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Very happy to be here despite being in the middle of multiple foot surgeries (and counting). I love learning from only the best!

Court Wing

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It was Pavel's work that brought me into this world of strength & conditioning originally, so naturally I'm excited to be a part of his next evolution.  His insights and methods have always been a STRONG  part of my foundation in teaching and personal training. Looking forward to learning and training with you all!


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What an effective launch, from a marketing standpoint. So many users already on these forums and the FB page! It is a good sign when quality education/training develops the following it deserves. Excited to be here and contribute what I can to the organization.



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I'm ridiculouslyabsolute ridiculously excited for this. I earned my HKC back in August after studying with both RKC and HKC instructors and its changed everything for me. I'm now beginning my journey as a trainer and was planning on taking the RKC until I heard about pavel starting strongfirst. I can't wait to be a part of the first ever strongfirst level 1 cert in march. Gonna be another game changer for me.


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I've been around since the early days of Dragondoor and look forward to seeing how SF develops.  It is looking good already.
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