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Kettlebell Would Farmer Carries be a good temporary TGU substitute

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I injured my left shoulder about a month ago but increasing pull up volume too quickly. Originally I thought I had aggravated a previously C6/7 radiculopathy but I saw my doctor today and she thought it was just a strain, likely of the insertion of my lat into my shoulder. The result has been discomfort with the arm overhead and with unilateral exercises.

In terms of S&S, I'm currently doing mostly two handed swings with 20 kg (my prior working weight) with 1H swings with 16 kg. (The higher weight is aggravating the shoulder).

I've been substituting naked TGUs just to maintain shoulder ROM as well as doing OS resets.

In terms of continuing to work on strength during recovery, would Farmer Carries (or Farmer's Carries) be a reasonable substitute? I did them in the gym today without any shoulder pain. If so, how would you program them?
I would think so. Maybe add some crawling, if you can.

And are you able to do partial GUs? Especially to elbow or to tall sit?
I’d clear it with your doctor, but generally if they don’t hurt you should be fine

S&S is not a sprint race, if you have to pause a bit nothing bad will happen, and you’ll rebuild quickly. Learn the lesson from pullups, don’t do too much

loaded carries are awesome in general, keep them in even once you resume S&S!
Thanks, all. Definitely working on crawling as well. Partial TGUs to tall sit do not hurt so will add them back in. Overall getting better but sloooowly. Going to check in with an Ortho to make sure I’m not missing anything.
Regarding Farmerwalks...a good starting point could be half bodyweight in each hand for 100m. Walk - rest - continue until you have finished 100m total.
Farmer's carries are an excellent exercise but they do take a considerable toll on your grip and may affect your swings if your grip is fried.

There's no shame in using straps or other grip aids if your grip gives out before the rest of you does.

Single KB 'suitcase' carries are great if your obliques have made you unhappy somehow and you want to take revenge on them.
I did carries when I had a shoulder problem, although in my case I was able to rack and carry which is a bit more closer to the TGU perhaps than suitcases.
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