Thomas Cerboneschi

profilephoto01-001370000076WphAAEPassionate about strength training and optimizing athletes’ performance, Thomas Cerboneschi became the first Strongfirst Elite in France in December 2019.

Former athlete in Karate Kyokushinkai, he was in the top 5 European ranking for four years, before deciding to prepare athletes and become a coach and physical trainer.

Eager to help his athletes and clients perform, he is also very interested in injury prevention. He’s been working for several years with INSEP’s performance unit for Olympic federations, and is the strength and conditioning coach of the French Wrestling team.

In September 2021, Thomas will be launching his gym in Paris 15th, where beginners as well as athletes will be able to train with him in small groups, with a program exclusively built around Strongfirst. The gym will offer physical strength conditioning for athletes of all sports, as well as tailor-made programs for beginners of all ages, levels and physical condition. Functional Movement Systems (FMS) tests will be issued for everyone on the first session to prevent injury.
Thomas can also offer personal training for specific objectives : all Strongfirst certifications, Simple, Sinister, Beast Tamer, Iron Maiden…

- BOLC Level 1,2 & 3 Weightlifting Totten Training (16/04/2014)
- GFM Level I (25/10/2015)
- Strongfirst Plan Strong (28-29/05/2016)
- FMS Level I (30/12/2014) & Level II (02/05/2017)
- FMS Level 2 with Foundational Strength (03-05/02/2017) (correctives with Kettlebells, in collaboration with Strongfirst)
- Strongfirst SFG I (11/06/2017)
- Strongfirst SFL (08/04/2018)
- Strongfirst SFG II (07/10/2018)
- Strongfirst Strong Endurance (08-09/05/2019):
- Strongfirst SFB (01/12/2019)
- StrongFirst Resilient (08-09/02/2020)
- Strongfirst Elite (01/12/2019) & Recert (01/03/2020)
- FCS Certification (09/02/2021)
- StrongFirst Second Wind (12-13/07/2021)

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Mob : 06 48 15 42 00
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Mark Mul
Thomas assisted the english speakers on the SFG1 certification in march 2022 in Paris. Besides the great instruction he was a very welcoming and fun person who helped us with great passion.

greetings Marmule :) !!

Tom Guillemin
More than a coach, Thomas is a mentor and a friend to me. He passed on to me his passion for strength training and physical preparation.

He gave me the desire to develop as a coach and to orient myself towards training methods that are more respectful of the human body and its functioning.

I have the chance to continue to evolve with him at La Kave (Paris 15th) and can only recommend him to you.

I have known Thomas for several years and have had the opportunity to meet him and work with him in different situations and with different roles. I saw Thomas fill the role of student and teacher, and I was able to appreciate his great professional and human skills in both situations. As a student he has always been attentive, interested and diligent, always ready to support his fellow students. As a teacher he has shown his preparation and attention to detail, as well as his great passion for teaching and his interest in the needs of the students and the whole team. His humanity, friendliness, availability, his sense of humor, together with his high-level technical skills and his professionalism, make him an example to follow for all those who work in our industry. If I were in France, and I needed a gym to train and a very good instructor, I would go to Thomas without hesitation.

Pavel Macek
Thomas is a top-level professional, coach of the Olympians: smart, strong, with a great sense of humour, overall great guy. We have taught on many certifications together, and I took a lot of notes from our talks and discussions. I can sincerely recommend his gym to anybody who wants to move better, get stronger - doesn't matter how old you are, or how (in)experienced you are, Thomas and his crew will help you to accomplish your goals.

Stephane Caulet
Thomas is an exceptional coach and athlete. He has helped me gain muscle and become much stronger than I ever was, and I haven’t stopped making progress ever since I began training with him. I recommend him to anyone interested in developing strength’ skills.

Valerie Bodocco
Thomas has been coaching me for two years now, and he has helped me reach all my sports’ goals ever since I have met him. He is an incredible coach, able to get the best out of athletes, while making sure to prevent any injury. His approach of physical training, his pedagogy and his tremendous knowledge of Strongfirst and strength training make him the best trainer you could ever dream of.


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