The Teachers of Strength

The StrongFirst instructor certifications and most other events are taught by the Teachers of Strength: Masters, Seniors, and Team Leaders. The head of the team is our Director of Education Brett Jones.

To use a martial arts analogy, the Team Leaders and the Seniors are, respectively, first and second degree “Black Belts.” The Masters are third degree—which makes them “Senseis”—and higher.

A Master runs an instructor certification at which students are broken up into teams of up to sixteen. A Team Leader is in charge of one such team; a Senior directs one or more teams. The latter are aided by assistant instructors.

This elite international cadre comes from diverse backgrounds: national team coaches, national champions, former military special operators, first responders, law enforcement officers, elite martial artists, national team doctors, and other high-end professionals.

In addition to teaching for our School of Strength, many of the Teachers offer coaching and consulting directly to the public.

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