Arianna Zaccagnini

profilephoto01-001370000076XpFAAUARIANNA ZACCAGNINI
• SFG and Pure Power Team Leader • SFG, SFB, SFL Team Leader
• Flexible Steel Level 1
• BPro
• FPI Boxing Instructor
• Personal Trainer Level 1 FIPE
• Barefoot Training Specialist Level 2
. AnimalFlow Level 1

• Sinister Goal
• Iron Maiden
• Ten years of competitive experience as a gymnast, regional boxing champion
and 2 ′ classified in the absolute Italian championships.
• Actively collaborates with Next Level Strength as organizer and assistant
teacher workshops promoted by the school and as a teacher and assistant to
the One Day SFG Course and to the SFG, SFL and SFB certification courses.
• She continues her training path constantly by participating in numerous courses
and workshops throughout the national territory.
• She works as a Personal Trainer and Athletic Trainer at the Milon Asd Gym -
StrongFirst Accredited Gym.
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Accepting new students.
Website: Instagram: zacchizac
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Simone Onofri
Arianna is a force of Nature, able to withstand all the adversities that life has put in front of her.
She herself is the best example she can give as a teacher.
With his rude candor, he is able to lead you through the Force to your limits ... and beyond.

Luigi Melchiorre
I have known Arianna Zaccagnini for 4 years and she led me to achieve the sfg1 certification with passion and professionalism. She has a unique charisma and her extensive training makes her a perfect guide in the world of Kettlebell and Body weight. Equipped with a unique strength, her skills are truly impressive ... in short, the perfect strength instructor !!!

I've been knowing her for 4 years, before my SFG 1 Certification. We had some lessons together and I could appreciate her addiction to quality and strenght. She is very skilled and effective in her job, also nice and awesome to train with her. She is also an excellent trainer and leader. Good Luck Arianna

Fabrizio transerici
I was lucky enough to have had Arianna as a teacher, she prepared me for SFG2 SFL. Great professionalism and great preparation both as a teacher and as a trainer ..... I'm glad I had it with COACH ....

gianluca casadidio
Professional instructor
His knowledge and know-how excels
Motivating and always present for every problem

Arianna is a tornado, both for her involving behaviour and for her deep knowledge.
Besides she represents a humble and helpful team leader.
She is always showing the best technique in any skill due to her athletic background.
No doubt, Arianna is an added value in our italian team.


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