Claire Booth

profilephoto01-001370000076ThIAAUStrongFirst Team Leader, Elite Instructor & the Country Leader for StrongFirst Great Britain.

Having enjoyed a successful bodybuilding career since 1997, Bodyology director Claire has won over 20 titles including Miss Great Britain, Miss UK, Miss Wales & Miss International. She has also competed internationally, placing 3rd in the world.

Claire is a StrongFirst Team Leader & travels the world coaching. She runs workshops & courses all around the UK, coaching fitness professionals & teaching people to move better, feel better & look better.

Claire educates clients about exercise & nutrition so that they may make an informed decision to move towards their goals. She also takes into consideration the clients lifestyle, including work & family commitments keeping the workouts simple, easy to follow yet extremely effective.

After winning the UKBFF West Midlands 2010 Body Fitness title, Claire decided to retire from competition & dedicate her time helping others achieve their best ever results without sacrificing their health.

Claire's qualifications include:

NABBA Advanced Instructor
NABBA Advanced Personal Trainer
Advanced Diploma in Optimum Nutrition
Advanced Diploma in Torso Training
Pilates Instructor including
Pre/Post Natal & Senior Populations
Advanced Extreme Kettlebell Instructor
Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3 (Advanced)
Former RKC level II certified kettlebell instructor
StrongFirst level II certified kettlebell instructor
StrongFirst SFB Instructor
StrongFirst SFL Instructor
Kinnective Therapist
Flexible Steel instructor


Matthew Dignum
I attended a one day Kettlebell workshop with Claire prior to Strong First Level 1, which gave me important tips to work on before the 3 day course.
On the StrongFirst course Claire gave lots of great information on how to do things professionally and watched over us giving small coaching tips, that can make a massive difference. Claire has been very helpful when I have contacted her for advice and information. If you want to get better with Kettlebells train with the best.
Cheers Claire.

Claire has been coaching me for about 9 months now. In that time I've lost another 20lbs (having already lost 15 before finding her, BMI has gone from 27 to 21) and my body composition has changed totally having lost fat and gained muscle. The strength I've gained has changed my life: my getup has gone from 16kg to 22kg, I can now do chinups and yesterday I did my first ever pullup.

Claire is all about sensible programming and perfect technique and she has clearly dedicated her life to learning about strength and health. I love that I can ask her about any topic and she'll be overflowing with information on it - I always come away with a list of articles, videos and books to go and look up. This works for me because rather than just blindly following what she says (which, to be honest, I'd probably happily do anyway!) instead I'm also becoming more educated at the same time.

Thanks, Claire!

Derry Walker
I started seeing Claire about two and a half years ago when I had so many niggles from running that I couldn’t carry on without help. I had also picked up an injury from self taught Kettlebells so I wanted help with that as well.
From the first session I could tell I had made the right choice. Claire looked at the body as a whole and worked out why I had constant tight and pulled calfs and looked at my Kettlebell form and stripped it down and rebuilt it. She explains what is happening and why so I’m constantly learning. Within a week I was running pain free!
The Kettlebell routines Claire gives me isn’t to complex but works, as I’m now running faster aged adjusted than I did twelve years ago!
Claire has a wealth of knowledge and is always off around the world learning the latest in the fitness world and passes that expertise on.
I now feel fitter and stronger than I have in ten years and that’s down to intelligent training from Claire, so if you want to be pain free, move better, lift smarter and feel great I can’t recommender enough.

Hannah Clay
I cant recommend Claire enough.

Claire has helped me on many levels

She has given me advice for improving my kettle bells techniques and barbell techniques which has lead to stronger lifts.

On top of this Claire has helped me with nutritional advice. My diet was affecting many aspects of my life such as skin problems and digestion. With Claire's advice and knowledge I have seen a great overall improvement with my health


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Senior StrongFirst Certified Instructor
StrongFirst Elite
Kettlebell Instructor SFG II
Barbell Instructor SFL
Bodyweight Instructor SFB


City: Marshchapel
Zip code: DN35 5TL
State: Lincolnshire
Country: United Kingdom


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