Raul Baca

profilephoto01-0013700000A7PgdAAFFollowing an accident in the right leg he had to stop his work for 3 months. During the rehabilitation process, he receives a work invitation to give functional training classes and change his lifestyle. There he found the meaning and importance of the body and movement and found his vocation and passion to help people who were in the same situation as him. With the passage of time he realized that he could complement the gastronomic part with physical coaching very well by providing his students with a diet with richer and healthier options according to each profile. He is currently director and founder of 2 branches of ennat

• SFB Strong First BodyWeight Instructor
• SFG1 Strong First Kettlebell Instructor
• TNG BOX ACADEMY (Train and Gain Box Academy level 1 certified instructor)
• HKS (Hybrid kettlebell system) certified instructor level 2

PREMA YOGA (Rehab 18h course)
• VIPR (Course)
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
Website: www.ennat.com.mx
Contact: Click to contact


Raoul give me the opportunity to prepare my SFG instructor Lvl1. I come from France and I prepared it since 6 months. At the last month, he brought me new tips to prepare my breath and focused on my technics.
Thanks for all your dedication about your students. Take care bro.

Patricia Brito
Raúl has designed my program focusing on scaffolding strength of my core muscles, movements and precision so that i can work with confidence and away from any injuries. I arrived to his studio with a weakened back due to a lumbar hernia, constant back and leg pain, and after a few sessions i could already feel the difference. Raul is empathetic, kind and firm. Best coach i’ve worked with.

My name is Edgardo. I reside in Mexico City. Training with Raul has been incredible. His workout are both fun and effective. I have learnt with him that is not about how much weight you can lift or how many reps you do but rather concentrating on the technique and the movement. I have better myself in my mobility and resistance under his coaching. I strongly recommend Raul for anybody who wants to improve physical condition or take it to the limit.

Jose A. Zavala
Raúl Baca has worked with me for over 1 year now, and I couldn’t recommend a better trainer in Mexico City. He is encouraging, patient and above all knowledgeable and safe. He’s top notch, and I’d highly recommend his expertise. Without his help, I don’t think I would have developed any desire to exercise, much less sustained it.

Omar Ochoa
Raúl is a very consistent, dedicated coach, he has tailored my training according to my flexibility and strength, increasing the efforts and training intensity according to my advance, when the Covid contingency started Raúl focused my training to loose weight, I have almost lost 20 kg, around 40 pounds in the last 6 months, with a great, funny and challenging training that doesn't drain my energy to keep up to the demands of my day to day job, without pain, and excellent motivation coming from Raúl.

Oscar Madrid Morales
Good Day, my name is Oscar Madrid, I from Orizaba Veracruz Mexico and I so interested on kb courses, if you could share me some contact please in order to talk about certification and more .

Criss Ayala Nava
If I had to define Raúl Baca in three words, it would be patience, empathy and professionalism, the qualities required to perform as an excellent coach.

José Luis Reyes
I have known Raúl since 5 years ago, even before StrongFirst was "a thing" in the fitness circles. Since then, he stroke me as a very energetic, focused, knowledgeable and trustworthy coach. I have had the chance to see him grow professionally, and achieving significant milestones such as:
- Being the first SFB certified instructor in México
- Being the first SFG II certified instructor in LATAM
- Being the first SF Elite certified instructor in LATAM
Previous points are evidence of his dedication and knowledge.
Also, he has being totally instrumental and critical in the growth of the StrongFirst brand in LATAM. He tirelessly works in helping StrongFirst grow, by organizing all the logistics of a number of user courses, certifications, seminars, all for free.
Raúl represents without a doubt all the principles of StrongFirst, and I cannot recommend him enough, both professionally and as a remarkable human being.
Being training one-on-one with him I can certify that there is no better coach than him in LATAM.

Tomas Bay-Betanzos
I’ve been Raul’s alumni for just a year, but in this time he changed mi life.
I came at 57 years old, in bad shape and very low energy, he evaluated me and kindly but firmly has taken me from there to recover health and strength in months.
I noticed he has a extraordinary empathy to each student/individual that makes him a remarkable coach mentally as well as physically.

Alexandra Galford
I've got nothing but amazing things to say about Coach Raul Baca. Honestly I've never ever considered myself a "strong" person and I've always seen people training with weights and admired the strength they had. Once I got to Raul's gym EN.NAT in the first lesson with Raul he told me I had natural strength in my arms and it was hard for me to believe at first but in less than 6 months I went from training with a 10 kg kettle bell to a 20 kg one! I can military press 24 kgs with the time and dedication that Raul has given me and believed in me. The amount of technique that Raul shows you makes you able to train from home over time and not hurt yourself. I would highly recommend Raul to anyone in the Mexico City area that is looking to get stronger via kettle bells.

Aurora Pérez Corzas
Raúl is a professional and dedicated coach, that planned your routine according to your capabilities, actual mobility, strenght and even your personality. He's a very open minded and creative person and uses all his skills and knowledge to help his students to reach their goals. He's always studying and preparing himself to give his best for their students. I highly recommend him as a personal coach.

Alma Ramos
Training with Raúl and his team has been a inspiring experience because I could change and make stronger my body, my mind and my soul.
The obsession of a good technique, the constant search of more effective routines, and also the community that I get when training, makes discipline and constancy the way to take my body to new goals and live my life in wellness.

I only have gratefulness to Raul for create a space for renovation, because it doesn't matter where you start or how many times you start, the important thing is where you want to go or what else you can do for your body and health, Raul is the perfect coach to discover it.

Tomás Bay Coronado
Raul is simply the best fitness coach I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He has a complete understanding of physiognomy and technique plus a great understanding of the process that every person has to go so the training never gets overwhelming or simple. Raul is as great human being as he is a trainer.

Anurag Tripathi
Very detail oriented and technically correct coach. He designs a very good routine by keeping in mind the strength, Force & Resistance. I would highly recommend him as a coach.


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