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Malou Fehlbaum is a 38 years old scuba diving instructor, from Switzerland, former Border Police Officer in the K9 unit and sometimes truck driver. Constantly seeking new challenges in sport and life in general to enjoy life to the fullest.
She discovered a passion for strength training, especially with Kettlebells, through CrossFit in 2015 and received her SFG 1 in 2017. Since then she has focused her training on kettlebells because they’re simply the most efficient tool to use, especially as a world traveler.
In 2021 she even had the audacity to prepare and pass all the certifications offered by StrongFirst by working only with kettlebells and bodyweight.
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Melissa Lancaster
Malou is one of the most dedicated trainers I have ever met. Her focus and passion on the kettlebell technique and her patience is endless when passing her knowledge and teaching her skills! Thank you for all your time you spent with me!

Megan Read
Malou's attention to detail, posture and passion for KB makes her an excellent trainer. Malou made me a training plan that I still use, and continue to see results with. She's patient, knowledgeable, i just wish i had more time to train by her side. I could not recommend her more. You will not be disappointed.

Tracy Carter
Malou and I met during our time working together as scuba instructors. During our free time, Malou started teaching me some workouts with kettlebells. Having never used them before I was thoroughly impressed with her teaching methods. She is very patient, methodical and can help adjust the workout for someone with past injuries that restrict some movements. Would highly recommend her!

I met Malou as a coach through the CF and then she transmitted me her passion for KB.
She is really rigourous about technic of training and full of communicatif energy and motivation ! Always having News challenge for her students ( and for her :))!

James Jones
Malou has an incredible passion and attention to detail for the technical aspects of kettlebell training. Perhaps more important is her inner resolve. I've never met somebody so determined and mentally strong. Her incredible recovery after breaking every bone in her body is a testament to that strength. Malou isn't strong. She's stronger.

Chloe allan
Malou was the most patient instructor i have ever had!
Doing it correctly and safely was always the no1 priority.
I felt such an achievement when i learnt new skills with her because i really knew i was doing it properly.
I feel so grateful so have had the opportunity to not only learn from Malou but now be able to call her my friend.

My name is Svetlana.
I am working in Jordan at a diving center. That's where I met Malou. I was lucky to work with Malou, in addition to diving, she had the opportunity to introduce me to other sports as kettlebel. She picked a special program for me to train , so I'm was absolutely new to this sport. I have to say that this kind of sport is unique for me which needs lots of approach, patience, strengths and time. But this is fun and I really had amazing experience. In one word for me she is a professional in her field. I'm glad I had that opportunity.
I hope to see you soon and continue our training.

Adam Wookey
Malou is a highly professional and knowledgeable trainer. She really takes the time to explain the rationale behind the KB movements and makes training a really enjoyable process.
I have learned a lot from training with her.

Sophie Hammond
Malou is an excellent instructor. She is patient and knowledgeable. I have met many various instructors from other sports who teach the TGU, and you think you’re learning it correctly from them. Well when Malou taught me, I realised all these people had taught me was bad technique. Thanks to Malou I've learnt to keep my shoulder engaged and can now perform a TGU that is nearly half as good as hers!


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