Mira Gracia

profilephoto01-001370000076XkEAAUMira Gracia is a native New Yorker who moved to Oregon in 2000 to search for a better quality of life and an environment that supported her active lifestyle and passions. Beginning her athletic endeavors, in Tae Kwon-Do learning from her father and 8 years of competitive gymnastics as a child, she now focuses her efforts in strength training with kettlebells and barbells and competitive olympic weightlifting.

Over the last 15 years her passion, focus and practice of strength training has transformed into a journey to empower people all over the world. Being a first hand witness to the powerful physical, mental and emotional outcomes strength training enables, is why she advocates its importance.

Mira currently works with all levels from novice to advanced in an effort to build lasting results, durability and resiliency in her students. Also continuing education is a huge priority priority for her and is always learning and staying up to date of the latest coaching modalities.

She is most recently a StrongFirst Team Leader and currently holds 4 national level and 9 Oregon state master’s weightlifting titles. In addition to being the co-founder of Industrial Strength, she is the head coach for the weightlifting (aka “Olympic Lifting”) program and competition team.

On her off days Mira enjoys many of Portland’s fine coffee brews and enjoying the Pacific Northwest with her husband Tony and two Victorian bulldogs Suh and Dimas.

Experience and Credentials

Gold medalist 2021 Masters PanAmerican Championships 59kg
Silver medalist 2021 Masters World Championships 59kg
Gold medalist 2019 Masters American Open 59kg
Silver medalist 2019 Masters Weightlifting Nationals 59kg
Bronze medalist 2018 Masters Weightlifting Nationals 63kg
Gold medalist 2017 Masters Weightlifting Nationals 63kg
Gold medalist 2017 Masters American Open 63kg
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
Website: www.industrialstrengthgym.com
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Jeff Cox
I've known Mira for several years. The past two years I had the privilege of working with as my KB coach. I learned so much from her. Her attention to detail and coaching, tough, yet caring, improved my skills and pushed me further than I thought I would go. As a physical therapist, I've also had the pleasure of working collegially to help shared clients return to their activities and training safely. I trust her with any of my patients and have recommended many to her and her gym.

Donald R. Montgomery, PT, DPT
I have had the priviledge and benefit of working with Mira for over 6 years. During that time, I have known her as a mentor, coach, and fellow kettlebell workout collegue. She is an excellent kettlebell instuctor that is technical in her approach, fun, patient, and helps her clients become more proficient in their kettlebell skills. As a senior athlete (68 years old) and a Physical Therapist, I appreciate Mira's attention to detail in keeping me safe while getting me stronger. I have zero hesitation in recommending Mira to anyone (regardless of age) seeking increased fitness and strength and wanting to enjoy that journey.

Josh Kidd
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mira for 5 years. As a sports physical therapist it is important that I trust my patients and my own training to highly trained professionals. Mira has a unique ability to "meet the person where they are at" in regards to their physical abilities, no matter what level, and get them to their goals. I without a doubt trust her with my programming and the programming of my patients.

Steven H
On my first day of training with Mira, she surprised me with how much homework she had done for my specific case. I'm a former D-1 Rower, and had been spoiled by the high caliber coaching and facilities that come with that. I've also struggled with the lingering wear and tear from competitive rowing, and struggled with the perpetually high expectations I have for myself. I am willing to push my body to the very edge, but without the right guidance, I've been chronically injured as an adult. Mira related to my struggle, and provided a steadying hand to say "You can reach your goals, and we can get you there."

In the last eight months of working out with her, she has delivered on her promise and then some. My body has changed from chronically injured to feeling strong, limber, and resilient. I've adopted her philosophies of quality over quantity and truly believe that her level of instruction is responsible for my improved health and durability.

What's even more impressive about Mira is that she was able to coach my wife at the same time. She's built a supportive community where both my wife and I feel welcome, encouraged, and challenged. We are very different types of athletes and NOW WE CAN WORK OUT TOGETHER! And we love it! It's clear that Mira has a special talent as a coach and that she cares deeply about each of her athletes. I'm thankful to call her a coach, mentor, and friend.

Mira is an amazing coach! She is adamant about proper form to prevent injuries and to get the most out of each exercise and movement. Mira’s classes are always challenging and fun!

Katie R.
Mira is an excellent coach. As a former educator (both academic and fitness) and an avid fitness class enthusiast with a dance background, I have much exposure to various teaching and learning styles across several disciplines. For me, Mira provides a beautiful combination of instruction, support, and motivation. My training sessions with Mira are safe, fun, and yield noticeable results.

I came to Mira with a simple goal of wanting to get stronger, but not change much in size. I also had joint pain and mobility issues to consider. Lastly, while I already knew how to do the basic kettlebell exercises, I suspected I was missing some of the nuances because I kept having pain; I was right! Mira has taught me how to do things correctly for my specific body challenges. Progress-wise, she has tailored an ever-evolving program for me that has resulted in marked strength gains and desirable physique changes without any undesirable consequences--and I only train with her once a week. Best of all, my joints no longer hurt.

Now, I am much more confident with kettlebell technique and able to do things that were scary to me six months ago (e.g. bottoms-up Turkish get-ups). I attribute the results to Mira's keen observation and assessment skills coupled with effective communication about what I need to do (and sometimes not do) to succeed. I look forward to seeing what I'll be able to do after another six months!

Alayne Rowan
I have to admit I was very nervous to begin training with Mira! She is such an accomplished and knowledgeable athlete and I felt that as a trainer myself I should have had more ability or knowledge in the modality of the kettlebell. However, I did not, and I hired Mira to develop a training plan and to help me prepare for the strong first level 1 certification. Mira is an extremely intuitive coach and she sensed my nervousness from the start. She was relaxed when I needed someone to be relaxed, and firm and challenged me when I needed that. In our first session she gave me great coaching tips that helped in each skill I was working on for the cert, but most importantly she reminded me to be confident. I appreciate that she set some guidelines and initial goals for how we would go about preparing for the certification as these goals set the stage for me to truly learn instead of get caught up in the "passing of the snatch test." I trained with Mira in person once or twice per month leading up to the Strong First Level 1 and she provided me with monthly programs (week by week) to progressively increase my strength and prepare for the certification. She was attentive to my questions, watched and gave feedback to my videos, and was always patient with my sometimes dramatic tendencies. I am thrilled that the training I did with Mira resulted in passing the Level 1 StrongFirst certification on my first try. I think I even had a minute remaining on the snatch test! I followed her training program exactly and it paid off! Most of all throughout the journey she reminded me to remain calm and to be confident in my abilities. While I trained for a kettlebell cert, I learned lessons from Mira that will last a lifetime! Thanks Mira!

Kris Trimble
Mira’s outstanding coaching helped redefine strength on my own terms.

Since starting at Industrial Strength in 2017, Mira has exhibited her dedication to safely improving my weightlifting technique. This dedication started during our onboarding movement screening and continues to be demonstrated whenever I’m working with her. She knows the ebb and flow that a lower back injury can bring, and respects days that I need to rest (or take time away from the gym for my mental health). Similarly, she sets attainable goals and intuits when to push me in the same direction.

Strength has many forms and Mira has taught me how it shows up in my life. At the end of the day, she understands that I’m human, that my life does not revolve around the gym, and that my goals are greater than setting a new personal record. Strength involves knowing when to respect your body and the messages it communicates.

Elissa Sosland
Mira is truly a fantastic coach! She is knowledgeable, attentive, and detail-oriented in her craft of coaching clients; she exudes professionalism, positivity, and focus that inspires both confidence and a desire to meet her with the same energy. I’ve had various trainers over the last 15 years, but Mira elevates the role to coach and mentor. I feel so lucky to be able to train under her watchful eye and according to her personalized programming. She trains her students with long-term success in mind, so they can reach goals with safety and health, and prevent injury.

Mira consistently checks-in and tailors the movements and program to her student. She analyzes my movements diligently and shows up with new tweaks to substantially improve my techniques. She can do this because she is highly skilled at articulating and explaining what she notices, why it’s important, and how to optimize it. If it’s not an easy fix, she invents creative adjustments to try or cues to use until my form is corrected. I’ve learned SO much since I started working with Mira and hope to continue training with her for a long time to come!

Ultimately, Mira has introduced me to the proper techniques of olympic weightlifting and as a female myself I’ve particularly LOVED training under such a strong, competent, and knowledgeable female coach and accomplished weightlifter. She is a wonderful role model who practices everything she teaches. She truly motivates me, and if I could I would train with Mira every day!

Jessica S.
Mira's training has been the key to recovering my strength and confidence. I was daunted by the challenge to come back after a series of injuries and surgeries. Mira’s knowledge of form and technique and her masterful approach to teaching puts me at ease. I can set aside anxiety and focus on bringing my full effort to our sessions. Mira is able to observe exactly what adjustments I need to make, and to communicate and demonstrate just how to make those changes. She also knows the right moments to challenge and push clients to grow and meet their potential. Every day we work together Mira brings a warmth, humor, and optimism to our sessions. I can’t imagine a stronger or better trainer and instructor.

Lucy V.
I’ve been training with Mira, the owner of Industrial Strength, for approximately a year now. I started going on the recommendation of my excellent physical therapist to continue my recovery from a severe back injury. I really like the vibe at her gym, which is comfortable and welcoming, and that the priority is overall strength and function and health over appearances. Mira is focused and passionate and dedicated. She is prepared, skilled, knowledgeable, smart, thoughtful, insightful, and articulate. She is supportive, encouraging, patient, and understanding, yet always pushes me and challenges me. She’s super serious but fun. She’s also very professional and responsive. I am stronger than I’ve ever been thanks to Mira and IS.

Mira has been absolutely instrumental in getting this nearly 50-something back into shape. Her knowledge of strength training and nutrition have made a huge difference. Under her supervision I lost 35 lbs of fat while gaining 5 lbs of muscle and taught me why my body responded like it did so I could apply that knowledge myself in the future. Also, her knowledge of strength training technique and ability to communicate it has been key in avoiding the all to common injuries that occur when form isn’t good. I highly recommend her as a trainer.

Tim E.
Being a part of Mira's KB classes has improved my strength greatly. After straining my back some 3+ years ago and taking advice from my PT's at Advance Sport and Spine, I began taking strength training at Mira's Gym. She continued to help me through my recovery so that I am now stronger than I believe I have ever been. Mira inspires everyone she teaches and I would recommend anyone looking to improve their physical goals to stop by and take classes from her.

Mike Davis
Mira has mastered strength training and coaching. She has done this while overcoming the challenges of injuries and coaching others to overcome those challenges. I have been trained by Mira and practiced kettlebells with her in classes she has coached. She has taught me about movement, programming and strength and makes it fun. I was able to achieve SFG I certification, 40 kg TGU and 36kg press with the help of her coaching and instruction. Mira has trained people with many different skill levels. Mira has a thorough understanding of programming and building skills. Students are in good hands with Mira as their coach! Mira has a big heart for her students and the community.

I cannot say enough great things about training with Mira - her acute attention to detail & form, infectious positivity, ever the professional she is inspiring, encouraging, & challenges me to be my best, strongest self in body & mind. In short, she is the jam!

Michael Carothers
There are so many wonderful qualities that I could mention in this review, qualities you'd want in a coach while on the path to making your whole-self stronger: professionalism, knowledge of craft, awareness of setting and achieving personal goals , sincere kindness, being an attentive listener; Mira has all these traits in spades.

But there is one characteristic which has always so particularly impressed me. Mira's humility.

You'd never know all the medals Mira has won by the nature of her modesty. I lost 85 lbs in a year, I also recovered from a ruptured bicep. It was a daunting journey to say the least. Even as a competing athlete, Mira is a consistent example that it is betterment, not perfection, which we should strive for. Lifestyle, not vanity. Mira was then and is still today a crucial part in my continuing success.

It is my very good fortune and humble honor to call her coach.

Scott Mullin
Mira is the best instructor I've ever worked with. I've been training with her for five years, and every year she ensures I always push myself above and beyond in a focused effort to achieve my goals. Her wealth of experience and knowledge and her unrivaled technique put Mira far above any other instructor in the field. If you are fortunate enough to train with her, I highly recommend you do so.

Mira is great! From taking her kettlebell classes and watching her weightlifting ones, you can easily see how engaged she is in the class, making sure everyone is doing things right. Even in a busy class, she's able to make sure people are swinging/lifting appropriately. She's enthusiastic, engaging, and fun in class. She's also an inspiration as she's always pushing herself to get better and seeing her lift is a great motivator to keep myself going.

Alexis Allan
I have been working with Mira for over three years. She is a tremendous coach who is the perfect blend of pushing you to reach your goals and test your limits while helping you be mindful of your body and staying safe. Mira was instrumental in helping me recover from a back injury, she helped me retrain my body, breaking down the simplest to most complex movements in an easy to understand fashion which allowed me to heal and ensure proper form to avoid injury in the future. Mira did all this while working closely with my physical therapist to create a holistic program that would keep my body safe and me in the gym for years to come. I absolutely adore Mira, she takes what she does seriously and requires that from her clients while being easy to talk to, a tree of knowledge, and fun! If you work with Mira you’ve found yourself a champion, someone who will inspire you, push you to achieve new goals and rally beside you each step of the way. I am lucky to have found her!

Dr Tyna Moore
I can't say enough about Coach Mira and her skills as a Strength and Conditioning coach. Through the use of kettlebells, she helped me navigate through a horrible hip/back injury. As a Chiropractor and rehab specialist, I have been the worst client at time, not listening and doing my own programming. Coach Mira pulled me back on track, through the injury and kept me strong throughout the process. She inspires me, routes for me, sometimes yells at me (I need it somedays) and always keeps me on the path of continued strength. She is an inspiration as both a woman and a coach. I simply adore this woman.

Sage Dillon
I recently started training with Mira and would highly recommend working with her! Her level of expertise and knowledge has helped me gain confidence with form and technique while having fun! Regardless if the classes are small or large, she makes sure to give everyone her full attention in order to make small detailed changes to our form that allow us to get stronger without hurting ourselves along the way. She will also make time outside of class for any questions and clearly cares for all her students. If you get a chance to work with her get ready to be motivated to get strong while having fun in a positive environment!

Alena Rott
I thoroughly enjoy my time working with Mira! She inspires, encourages and teaches. I got super lucky to be a part of Mira’s gym and community!

She helps in the most encouragable way to overcome any physical or “mind” obstacles that we, as her students, build around our physical abilities. I appreciate her scientific approach to the body mechanics that allows building fitness and health routines that motivate to gradually and consistently change and grow as an athlete.

She is a dedicated and knowledgeable coach and an all-around great and fun person!

Aaron Sanchez
Mira is an incredibly balanced and knowledgeable coach. She has excelled over the years and offers outstanding technical coaching along with awareness of her students needs. Mira has the ability to observe a movement and find the perfect explanation on adjustments that should be made with skillful and clear instructions . Mira's likeable nature has students embrace her instruction and stay motivated throughout training. Mira operates at a high training intelligence and is capable of training anyone from novice to professional skill level.

Sheila Schaeffer
I started training with Mira after another coach I had worked with for several years retired. I didn't think I would find anyone to "fill his shoes" but after my 1st class with Mira, I felt very confident with her coaching and was impressed with her expertise and professionalism.

Regardless of the number of students in a class, Mira provides a lot of personal attention. I appreciate her acceptance of where I'm at in my individual level of training while encouraging me to build my strength. She is very detailed in her coaching, ensuring my form and moves are correct which not only helps to build my strength but keeps me safe from injury in the process. I've benefited greatly from Mira's classes and have a lot of fun in the process!

Andrew Yarborough
Training with Mira and watching Mira train over the past couple of years, I'm always impressed with her attention to the details in every movement. I've now done hundreds of Turkish get ups, but each tiny movement can still be improved by making sure each rep is done with the intention of making it a perfect rep. This is something I see every time with Mira. Consistency, an eye for details in how we move, and practicing that always. When I feel tired and just want to quickly move through and get a rep done, I refocus and move deliberately. It's an inspiring model of consistency that Mira displays every day. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to train with her.

Galen Fairbanks
As a newbie to kettlebells, I always leave Mira's classes knowing more than I did before. She has a keen ability for breaking down complicated moves and exercises in a way that makes sense and feels approachable. She's a total powerhouse and someone I admire!

Carl Sciacchitano
Mira is a wonderful teacher, and has been instrumental in my growth as a student. I had never touched a kettlebell before I walked into Mira's gym and started training, and I know that her coaching in particular has been a big reason for my progression to more difficult techniques and weights. She has a unique ability to break down movements and exercises, and to explain them in ways that really "click". Movements that first felt entirely foreign soon became comfortable, and soon, I became more confident in my ability to accomplish them. Her classes and comments are always insightful and encouraging, and I'm not sure I would have stuck with my new workout regimen if it weren't for her tutelage. Thanks Mira!

Elizabeth Raftopoulos
I've been taking (and loving) MIra Kwon's kettle bell classes at Industrial Strength Gym for a few months now. The level of specific and consistent technical instruction directed at improving my technique has benefited me enormously!
What I've also come to appreciate from Mira's keen attention to technique are the nuanced and detailed prompts for correction during the arc of a movement. They're seemingly small but very impactful observations that leave a lasting effect and have been instrumental in helping me get the absolute most from that particular movement. She knows when to push for more and when one should lessen the weight for the sake of proper technique. Mira is one of those rare instructors that sincerely cares about her students..... I so look forward to her classes!!

Ashley Fisher-Nelson
Mira is amazing (and I'm not exaggerating )! I brag about her all the time to anyone who will listen. She is everything you could want in a trainer. She has a deep knowledge and commitment to building strong, proper movement with her clients. I've significantly increased my strength and mobility as a result of working with her. She's a master motivator! I often hear her cheering/pushing me on even when I'm working on my own. And she doesn't stop the motivation or commitment to your strength at the end of your session. Mira has supported me as a whole human through injuries and health issues. She'll recommend physicians, acupuncturists, podcasts, and supplements. She's freaking sent me flowers when I had a whole month where I was out sick - what?!? She'll work with you no matter where you are or what your goals are (and trust me you'll hit those goals). She'll challenge you to be so much better, stronger, and even happier. She's patient, dedicated, and passionately committed to every client. She's an exceptional person and a truly outstanding trainer.


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