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Sven Rieger

profilephoto01-001370000076XBYAA2My name is Sven, I studied Healthcare Management and work as a strength / fitness coach in Stuttgart, Germany.

I fell in love with the kettlebell in the fall of 2010, when a friend of mine introduced me to this "cannonball with a handle". Back then I didn´t really know what to with it, but for whatever reason it was absolutely clear to me, that this was what I was searching for so long.
Shortly after that I found Pavel Tsatsouline´s material and was hooked - a journey that turned passion into profession began.

I did my first two kettlebell workshops in the spring of 2011 and set the goal of becoming an instructor myself.

This also lead me to doing my FMS Level 1 in the fall of 2011.

I finally did my SFG Level 1 in August of 2016 in Hungary where I realised StrongFirst was about so much more than "just" the kettlebell, and I knew that this is where I belong to. But little did I know, where this path would actually lead me to.
In November of 2017 I did the SFL certification in England.
In September of 2018 I earned my SFG Level 2 in Philadelphia and passed the SFB Certification in November of 2019.

A journey during which I learned what it means to "be a student of strength".

The two personal achievements in the "Iron Game" that I am most proud of are achieving "Sinister" in March of 2020 and becoming the 204th person to lift the Dinnie Stones in Scotland.

My endeavour as a coach is to help you in any way I can and to pass on to you my experiences as well as the many valuable lessons I learned from so many great teachers and mentors.
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
Contact: Click to contact


I had the pleasure of a private training session with Sven, focusing on the evaluation of overall strength and fitness while considering a rather serious health condition (disc hernia). Our goal was to define a sustainable training program to address current issues and establish a stable foundation to prevent future ones.

After a thorough examination based on the Functional Movement Screen, we discovered that physical limitations were not as severe as anticipated. Therefore, we can address them with a few simple basic exercises covering back mobilization, strengthening, and stretching.

Sven is more than just a skilled fitness instructor; he also possesses deep knowledge about the anatomy of the human body and considers crucial aspects such as the individual's situation, current fitness level, and health. He is a gifted and empathic mentor, and above all, a very nice and friendly person!

I am looking forward to following the personal training plan and am confident that it will help me regain my strength and fitness. I certainly hope to attend another session or workshop guided by Sven in the near future!

Its already the second time that I have the honor to learn from Sven.
On Friday 12.01.2024 I spent a half of a day with a friend of mine, who was the main customer in this case, watching Sven during FMS and other tests. The goal was to find out, if the existing movement restrictions are caused by the functional lower back problems or, probably a psychological blockade. Fortunately we've finished being absolutely sure, it was the second. I again enjoyed watching Sven and learning from him, as a high professionally acting, very empathic and warm person. It was a great experience and a lovely day full of positive emotions. Especially the prioritizing of goals for the client in the given process Sven's skill of teaching and explaining were great! My friend whent and I went home feeling liberated of anxiety of very important bw movements and of movements under load.
Now he can start to strengthen his lower back and core without fear.
Thank you Sven!

So i was photographing one of Sven’s workshops and he got me so hooked that I booked basics and kettlebell training with him.
Sven has a great and positive way to teach others. His motivation is infectious, he explains clear in a very understandable way and patiently helps with any question you have.
At the same times he pushes you when you struggle and shares incredibly funny stories to keep you motivated ;)
Youre going to get a very positive feeling about reaching your own goals after talking with him. Highly recommended.

I joined again a workshop from Sven Rieger. He has a big knowledge and he supports you very well on any strength level. Also for me as a beginner it was a great experience. Great man!

Thomas Wright
I have an SFGI certification, and recently went to train with Sven focusing on the skills for the SFG II. He is a true student of strength, and a great coach as well. He helped me dial in my techniques quickly, and then helped me devise a training plan based around certain special needs that I have. Being part of the StrongFirst community, with all the experience and knowledge that is shared and passed on from person to person is a gift that I treasure.

I met Sven for a one-to-one training session in Stuttgart.
He had a detailed look on my kettlebell technique and gave easy to understand feedback from different perspectives on how i can improve .

Sven is a great teacher with strong motivation - I will meet him again!

Lucas McClung
Had the pleasure of working with Sven and had him look over my technique.

Improved a lot with just the smallest details.

He has a very deep knowledge of the Kettlebell and knows exactly what to look for.
He's also very kind and has a great sense of humor which made the whole experience awesome.

It was the first time, but certainly not the last time working with him.
It was an honor to meet you, sir!

Oliver Schramm
Thanks for the great support in Stuttgart. Greetings from Erfurt !!!!

Luca La Torre
Sven is just great. Been working with him alongside during some Workshops and Certifications and it´s been an honor. He is smart, helpful and a kind person.

He knows exactly what to look for, to make you better and he always does it with a smile on his face!

Keep up the great work!

Tanja Eisele
A bit more than a year I am working out with Sven as my coach now. I have never thought kettlebell training would be so much fun. For me as a beginner it has been very helpful to get the exercises demonstrated. Sven takes his time to answer questions and to advice. I appreciate his motivating nature. It is always a pleasure to train with him.

Pavel Macek
Impeccable technique, great sense of humor, and Heart of Steel: Sven is an excellent coach and a true gentleman.

I recommend his teaching to all levels of skill & strength - from newbies to pros.

Marcel Damann
I worked as a fitness coach in Stuttgart for several years. Changing gyms, I met Sven.
Until then, I was familiar with barbell work and kettlebells. But Sven taught me a whole new level of training, incorporating kettlebells into my routines.
Sven is able to work out with any type of clients. Regardless of age or training background / fitness level.
His mindset and how he walks the talk are inspiring!
I would recommend getting coached by him anytime!

Andrea Rilli
Tomorrow is the 2nd year anniversary of having Sven as my trainer. When we started working together in 2016, I had trouble pressing an 8 kg Kettlebell. With a lot of patience and motivational words, Sven changed that!

Because of him I own a small but constantly growing „stable“ of kettlebells now. I follow the workout plan he made for me and I know the absolute great feeling of walking up to a barbell and feeling like a badass.

He taught me how to row, press, swing, clean, snatch and get-up with a kettlebell. He showed me how to deadlift, first with a Kettlebell later with a barbell. We are working on me doing a full chin-up/pull-up and I would really love to be able to deadlift my bodyweight some day. I have no doubt that he’ll get me there.

With him I’ve achieved a lot already:
- Over the last couple of years I lost 30 kilos, for about 17 of them I „blame“ Sven.
- we started doing TGUs with no weight in my hands, last week I did them for the first time with a 16 kilo Kettlebell.
- IIRC my first deadlift was with a small Kettlebell, now there is a 60 kg barbell in front of me.

We can only meet every other week, but I am looking forward to it every time! Training with Sven is fun, exhausting, hilarious, inspiring, motivating and has the best soundtrack of all times (if we have control over the gym’s stereo). Plus he takes my verbal abuse and "mimimi" like a champ. Sorry for that, coach! I hope we will train together for AT LEAST 2 more years… or longer!

Samantha Hunt
Amazing Person and Trainer! He knows his craft and knows how to make workout fun and long lasting.
Sven is definitely an amazing motivator and partner if you want to achieve something in your workout routine.

Thomas Jeschke
Simply the best there is!
Usually everyone will say that about their personal couch. But Sven just is THE BEST in Stuttgart and Area. Nuff said!
Thank you for pushing me, thank you for the inspiration


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