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profilephoto01-001370000076TgOAAUBrian Wright now serves as the principal in Workhorse Consulting and Training, specializing in personal training, department consulting, online personal training, and national course instruction. Brian has worked in the fitness industry since 2000, previously as owner of BW-PT and Director of Fitness for Sport and Spine Athletics. Being a huge proponent of higher education, he has kept on the cutting edge of the fitness industry by getting his graduate degree in Exercise Science and attaining top level training certifications from the leading organizations in the health and fitness world. Brian’s approach to training is different than other personal trainers and most health clubs. Exercise does not need to be overly cumbersome, exhaustive, and certainly not sickness-inducing. Brian believes in building strength and improving mobility through rehearsed, functional movements to attain a neural-masterly level. The team uses a variety of simple tools to help clients lose weight, gain strength, and improve movement patterns. Overall, exercise should enhance our quality of life.


Master of Science in Exercise, Fitness and Health Promotion, May 2006
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Bachelor of English and Fine Arts, minor in Spanish (bilingual), May 2001
The Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA


CSCS - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
NSCA - Personal Training Certification
NCCPT - Personal Training Certification, Workshop Instructor
SFGII - StrongFirst Girya Level II Instructor
SFL - StrongFirst Barbell
SFB - StrongFirst Bodyweight
Adjunct Professor at American University
USAW Weightlifting Coach
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Brian is an excellent coach. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to train with such an understanding, enthusiastic and talented coach.

Great instructor, very high energy and full of knowledge. I would not hesitate to train with him again.

Brian has worked with my wife and I for over eight years now, and I couldn’t recommend a better trainer. He is patient, encouraging, challenging and above all safe and knowledgeable. Brian’s wholistic focus on health is remarkable, as is his tolerance of my whining. He’s really top notch, and I’d highly recommend his expertise. Without his help, I don’t think I would have developed any desire to exercise much less sustained it. He is, quite simply, saving lives.

Chris G
Brian introduced me to kettlebells 10 years ago and I've loved every workout session ever since! He makes each workout varied and enjoyable and tailored to my needs. If I need a modification for a movement he doesn't miss a beat and has a couple to suggest. He's always very knowledgeable, flexible, patient, encouraging, and upbeat. I've done individual training, small group and large group sessions with Brian and he's always enthusiastic and supportive. Even in bigger groups, you know he's watching your form and helping you make any corrections needed to stay safe. I love how much stronger I am since starting my training with Brian and highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their strength and fitness.

Brian loves to be in a room full of people, working hard, challenging themselves to set and work towards their individual goals. He can make a room full of people doing different work feel like each person is getting his personal attention. He is always evaluating methodologies, approaches, and workouts to make sure that his ideas are current and that he has strategies for all of our different exercise needs. I have achieved the most strength gains and goals working with Brian. I appreciate his methods and approach to keeping me healthy, strong, and excited about working out.

Lesley (aka WonderWoman)
Where do I begin, I met Brian a little over a year ago. I went through two online coaches where progress was little, if any. Brian was very patient, he spoke with me in length over the phone (I think it was an hour) even before meeting me. I shared him with the experiences of what hasn't worked so far. He took me under his wing and within a year's time through bulk/cuts, I reduced my body fat by 8% and gained 4.5 pounds of muscle. I even managed to build a half of pound of muscle, when I was cutting and doing cardio 6 days a week, which is next to impossible. Brian is very patient, he still deals with my endless questions (I suffer from paralysis by analysis, just ask him). The reasons I love Brian is because he practices what he preaches, doesn't force the same monotonus routine for 12-16 weeks at a time and is always there when i need him, he has even responded to a text message as early as 430 am (I wonder if he even sleeps). Brian is a wonderful asset to StrongFirst.

I came to Brian Wright’s Ashburn kettlebell studio 5½ years ago after months of discomfort from a back injury. I quickly became stronger and within the first month was pain free, and have continued with 2x/week classes ever since. Brian easily handles the different needs and experience levels in our small classes. He’s familiar with our individual workout goals, what strength level we are each at, and any possible physical challenges we might be facing (e.g., a bad knee or shoulder that can be dealt with by adapting the exercises and strengthening surrounding muscles). Brian’s philosophy is that a workout shouldn’t be a tedious chore; instead, the goal is to work out “smarter.” His varied routines make the hour-long classes fly by - I don’t think I’ve ever done the same workout twice. Brian encourages, challenges, and most importantly, ensures that each exercise is done with proper form so as to avoid injury and gain maximum strength.

Jojo McDuffie
As a personal trainer and a coach, it is good to have someone in the industry to look up to and reach out to for business and training advice. I first met Brian about 4 years ago when I decided to take a deeper dive into proper technique and training, attending a workshop at BW-PT. Since then, he (Workhorse Consulting and Training) has been my best resource for all things training. After a recent significant back injury, I reached out to Brian for some coaching with specific goals: Improve core strength, prepare for Spring 2018 TSC and SFG I. His 6 week "Easy Strength" program was just what I needed. I hit my TSC goals (including 101 snatches) and now we prepare for SFG in December. He is easily accessible and affordable. Weekly check-ins via text, email and phone. Honest evaluations specific to me. But most importantly, he is passionate and he cares. Brian is the man!

Sara K
Brian is a talented kettlebell and fitness instructor who is well suited to instruct beginners as well as more experienced individuals looking to improve their strength, fitness and performance. His background in kinesiology helps him modify exercise when needed on an individual basis, so that injuries are avoided while still striving for peak performance. Classes with Brian are always varied, fun and challenging. He Is friendly, professional and motivational for his clients.

Sergio Gonzalez
I have over 15 years of weight training experience and over 5 years of kettlebell experience. I took the kettlebell course with Mr. Wright and I learned that after all these years, I have not been doing my presses correctly, my tgu was not as good as I thought it was, and it left me with a humbling feeling that I have much to learn. Mr. Wright did an outstanding job and correcting my form and I feel very confident about progressing to the SFG I instructor course in the upcoming months.


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