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Yoana (Strong First Team Leader, Primal Move Coach, SFTL, PM & PT), a native Venezuelan, has inspired, trained, designed programs, given nutritional consulting and rehabilitated hundreds of people for more than 15 years. Her passion for helping people is evident in her up tempo, dynamic, fun and Latin teaching style. She received a Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Caracas in Venezuela. Her career involves years of radio and television production, organization of sporting events, and Seminars. She won The National Tactical Strength Challenge 2005 and 2006 Women's Division. Selected Top 10 National RKC Instructor. Author of "Kettlebell Mommy" Manual designed to guide, encourage and teach pregnant women how to stay fit & healthy while pregnant.


Deivis Lima
I had the pleasure of meeting Yoana Teran on December 2, 2016, at the first SFG I certification in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul (state), southern Brazil. She is such an energetic person with great charisma, who promotes a positive atmosphere for training with focus and enthusiasm. It was at that event in South America that I decided to attend the first SFG II in San Diego, CA, where I realized that Yoana was indeed the right person to coach me for that more ambitious endeavor.

After witnessing how talented she is in teaching and motivating people to overcome their challenges, I sought her help through online training. Throughout a period of eight months of hard work, she proved her ability to evaluate, correct, and provide personalized training programs that helped me secure a SFG II certification. She also gave me great feedback when I was preparing for the SFL, which helped me immensely in hitting that target. Yoana also trained me for the SFB certification, who once again made all the difference for me to achieve the goal of becoming StrongFirst Elite.

Words are not enough to describe how much I learned from her, how empowering her methods are and how I appreciate her expertise and dedication in helping me reach my goals. I strongly recommend her to everyone aiming at difficult undertakings like those. Thank you Yoana for all the great work you do and for being such an inspiring person!

Mike Yang
I had been working with KBs on my own for a few years, but kept running into various issues (injuries, over-training, lack of progress, you name it). I finally decided to hire a coach to fix my technique and provide some planning and I consider myself lucky to have found Yoana. Other reviews have mentioned her attention to detail, deep knowledge of KB and strength techniques, and inspirational attitude. I completely agree with these reviews, and also wanted to add a few other positive things. The first is that, in addition to strength techniques, she spends a fair bit of time teaching you how to move your body and improve your mobility. My back has never felt better! I also appreciate her flexibility with respect to scheduling, and the various ways she is willing to coach (at my home, in her gym, by video, etc.) This makes fitting my strength practice into my busy life much easier. Have I mentioned that she makes training fun?! Highly recommended!

Mark Benito
If you simply want to check the box for a routine work out, maybe you should not waste your time with Yoana. But, if you want to learn how to get healthier, stronger and more powerful, then you must stop what you are doing and call Yoana now. Her training approach is pure StrongFirst. Her style is unique and amazing. Her knowledge and ability to train is world-class.

Who will benefit from her counsel? Competitive athletes, first-responders, novices, busy moms and busy dads, even older people who have worked at a desk for 40 years like me. I just want to avoid injury while moving around with more confidence. The common thread is that her students want to train with a superior strength coach. If you make the commitment to train with Yoana, she will truly care about you as if you were a member of her family.

Come to think of it, even if you only want a routine workout, you should attend one of her classes, and be prepared to have your life transformed. That is never a waste of time.

When I met Yoana I was impressed because I met a very strong woman, not only physically, but also of inner strength and will. The first time I saw her was 5 years ago in a Bodyweight Certification in México City. I had the opportunity to train with her under the command of Karen Smith. Time after, I have the privilege to call her my friend and be her student in several Kettlebell Courses. The way she teaches, explains and transmits her knowledge is admirable because she leaves no doubt about the passion she feels. She leaves the seed of passion, the thirst for success and the will to surpass ourselves in the people who work with her. That's invaluable!

Arturo López
Yoana is a great person, with a genuine interest in helping others achieve their goals. Demonstrate that if you can, it is the challenge you have with each of the people who approach you. managing to do it with each one of us.

excellent coach

Yoana is a wonderful trainer, coach, and person! I truly enjoyed working with her, and she taught me so much about Kettlebell training. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn about Kettlebells or looking for a coach to help them train more effectively!

Ray Canchola
I met Yoana last march during a Kettlebell Course in Mexico City, that was my real first real encounter with kettlebells . They way Yoana taught the course was so profesional and it was clear, since the beginning, she knew what she was talking about and i knew it was the right place to learn Kettlebell Training. Right after the course i got enrolled in the SFG Certification and Yoana has always been there to give some advice or to share some valuable training tricks and tips with me and and with all the others enrolled for the SFG Cert. She does it because she loves it and she transmits that, she is always willing to help, even if you are not paying her for her advice, that talks about how humble and the kind of person she is. I hope i can get to be as good as she is one day!!!

Maria Cristina Carollo
I first met Yoana in my SFG 1 cert, when she was my team leader. During the cert she improved so much my technique and I’ve learned so much from her that it has changed my life forever. She is responsible for my improvement and she’s keep being my inspiration. Yoana is a Kettlebell and Bodyweight specialist with makes her a role model in the StrongFirst community. From and because of her I learned and adopted StrongFirst as a philosophy of life.

nacho garcia III
Yoana, I have known for 15 years I believe as a person she is extraordinary person knowing the person she is. As a Trainer she is out of this world she talks the talk on Fitness training. I started training with her in 2005 and she introduced me to Kettlebell training and have thoroughly learned so much from her and still do with my training . Her attention to technique and body movement is so keen which is amazing. She is there to help you be the best you can be and be strong bodied for life in general. I appreciate everything she has done for me in my learning of Kettlebell and body movement. Her workshops I have taken are so precise in material and she makes it fun and interesting, I recommend for you to take one to experience her passion and presence of one strong trainer in her field. I'm proud to know her and to have her as a coach to educate me in my personal training and most of all as a long life friend forever. You will not be disappointed when you train with her, you will be hooked as I was. One of the Best trainers I have ever known. Thank you for everything you do and for me always being there when I need help.

Jesse Santiago
Yoana is an outstanding trainer. She puts together workouts that truly enhance your overall fitness. Each class is well planned to run smoothly from the warm up to peak exercise to the cool down. These training sessions improve: strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, and body structure. The gains made support everything from sports performance to carrying groceries or walking a dog. As a teacher Yoana is vested in her students' success. She explains and demonstrates everything thoroughly and provides students with valuable feedback. Yoana is a rare find, train with her as often as possible.

Bill Randoll
From body movement to kettlebell training techniques, Yoana is a stickler for proper form and movement that insures that her clients progress in an even fashion avoiding injury. Being bi-lingual has open her practice up to a worldwide audience as the language of fitness and stength has no international borders????

Mike Zerbato
Yoana is one hell of a coach! I have had the pleasure and honor of being coached by Yoana personally and having her coach our team of In-Home coaches. Her attention to detail and the depth of her knowledge are easy to see after just a few minutes with her. Having a resource like Yoana will unquestionably allow you to reach new levels of strength and knowledge. She is also a blast to be around! I highly recommend Yoana for 1-to-1 (in person and online) as well as group training.

Yoana has been an encouraging and inspiring coach for me the last 4 years I’ve known her. Her knowledge in technique, fitness, the human body and its functionality are just a few of the multiple qualities she has as a strong first coach. She has the gift of knowing how much to push folks in the direction needed to reach their potential and to continue to improve and grow in strength. She used these character strengths she has as a coach, to guide me in the direction of maintaining safe training while pregnant, and thereafter guided and encouraged me to get strong first certified myself.

Valentina Sanglade
Since I met Yoana, she has always proved to be a happy person to be able to share her knowledge, teach and train anyone who is willing to dedicate time to its training, want to learn and improve his abilities

A person with a lot of professionalism, athletic abilities and cheerful; with which it provokes to speak, to share opinions, knowledge, training and much more

I apologyse in advance for my grammar, english it is not my mother tongue

Greetings, Valentina

Mike Sousa
Yoana should be regarded as one of best kettlebell instructors in the world! I had the honor of having her as my Team Leader at my very first kettle bell Certification. Her knowledge and experience makes her the top instructor in the game. If you ever have a chance to train with Yoana, do yourself a favor and do it!


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