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profilephoto01-001370000076TsZAAUSteve Milles has been a student of strength — as an internationally ranked Muay Thai fighter, athletic coach and personal trainer — for nearly three decades.
As a competitor he won a bronze medal representing the US at the International Amateur Muay Thai Federation World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. After turning professional Steve captured the World Kickboxing Association and International Sport Kickboxing Association US Champion belts as well as the Intercontinental Champion title for the US Muay Thai Association, battling current and former world champions in North America, Europe and Asia.
As a teacher his students have won accolades and championships in national and international competition, including regional, national and world championships. Steve has served as a coach for the US National Teams of both the US Muay Thai Federation and the World Kickboxing Association — USA. Named Kru (teacher) of the International Muay Thai Association by the world famous Grandmaster Thosapon Sitiwatjana in 2001, Steve was elevated to the rank of Arjan (master) by Grandmaster Chansadeth "Cheetah" Chantanao in 2008.
After discovering Pavel and the power of the kettlebell in 2008, Steve integrated the principles into both his own and his students' training. Continuing to apply and spread Pavel's principles, Steve is a StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor, StrongFirst Elite Certified Instructor, part of the instruction team for the StrongFirst Combat workshop, a Certified Indian Club Specialist, FMS 1, GroundForce Method Level 1, Flexible Steel 2, Precision Nutrition Level 1 and a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Federation of Personal Trainers. Steve is experienced teaching and programming groups and individuals, both in person and on-line. He enthusiastically works not only with competitive fighters and martial artists, but anyone of any age and ability who wants to be stronger and healthier.
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Kathryn Grooms
I have been training with Steve for over 10 years beginning in my mid 30's wanting to get into the ring as a Muay Thai fighter, then as a pregnant 40 year old and now as a mother and almost 50 year old trying to stay healthy and strong. Steve has helped me through it all! Steve's enormous skill as a trainer combined with his enormous heart makes him irreplaceable and unsurpassable.

I’ve been training with Steve for around 10 years. He’s an excellent trainer who is as adept at expanding a student’s skill set as he is at increasing overall fitness or prepping for a specific event. My skills, strength, and cardio have all improved thanks to him; this summer he helped me with a simple, but incredibly effective, workout plan for a multi-sport event. A great motivator as well as trainer, Steve is well-versed in a variety of training methodologies and constantly expands his own skills and knowledge. He’s also flexible in working within students’ capabilities. He’s fun to work with and an interesting person as well, but unfortunately can’t be conversationally distracted from making me start the next set of reps...

When I first got to Five Points, I barely knew how to use kettlebells. It’s only been a month later, and I have improved so much! Steve is an excellent TEACHER. He is very patient, and I love his style of breaking movements down into parts; I understand it much better and retain the information. His music rocks, which isn’t a big deal for some but for me, it is a must to have bangin music while putting in hard work. Also, I have gone up in weight when I didn’t think I was there yet because of Steve. He helps you push yourself so that things never get stagnant; you are constantly learning and improving.

Martin Heinz
I'd been a gym kinda guy since High School, doing the usual weight training routine for over 30 years, and worked out with a variety of trainers over those many years. Then I hit the wall and completely lost interest.
Life, kids, work, etc all became excuses to not work out anymore. Took a few years off from training. Then I tried Muay Thai and Steven Milles. My cardio is back, my strength is back and my motivation is definitely back thanks to the very expert training and the absolute sensational down to earth REALNESS of the world's greatest trainer: Steve Milles. If you haven't met Steve, you're missing out on what SHOULD be an important part of your day.

Steve is a great strength coach and overall runs a great program at Five Points. Its the only place in NYC I'd go to take a kettlebell class. He puts together challenging programming while incorporating modifications for beginners and injuries. He uses great cueing techniques and meets students where they are in terms of competence with more complex movements always ensuring proper form and safety. Steve's helped me become stronger and with increased mobility and is one of the best coaches I have ever had over the years.

John Kraljevich
Q: Do you wish you were in better health?
A: Steve Milles
Q: Want to learn and train the best Muay Thai NYC has to offer?
A: Arjan Steve Milles!
Q: Would you like to be, feel, and look strong while increasing flexibility and avoiding injury?
A: Team Leader SFG Steve Milles
Q: Tired of not living up to your potential?
A: Lifestyle Steve Milles
Q: Interested in learning new things and challenging yourself?
A: Instructor and Coach Steve Milles!!
Q: Curious to meet cool people and train at the cleanest gym in the city?
A: Five Points Academy Steve Milles
Q: Willing to finally cut through the excuses and improve yourself?
A: No Nonsense Steve Milles
Q: Open to making lifelong friends, pushing your boundaries, competing in a ring sport, helping others learn with you, and meeting your spouse? (experiences may vary)
A: Life Changing Five Points Academy Steve Milles!!!
Q: Likely to talk about taking better care of yourself but not really put the effort in?
A: Not Steve Milles

Marc Meyer
Steve personifies all of the qualities of a masterful teacher. Whether conducting a group class or an individual session, Steve leads with years of experience, intelligence and humor. With Steve, the challenge of training becomes a personal desire, without the need for a cheerleader. I've been a member of Five Points Academy since 2005, and couldn't imagine going anywhere else, a fantastic group of people-I love muay thai and kettlebells!

Steve is a phenomenal coach. Incredible knowledge and teaching skills, delivered in a very simple, personable manner. I’ve really progressed under Steve’s coaching, and look forward to each session as I know I’ll improve. Big recommendation!

Steve is one of the best trainers I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

I have done personal training and taken group classes with Steve. In both settings, Steve is extremely observant, making sure everyone is doing everything with the correct form. His instructions are always clear and easy to understand. He is also very patient and helpful when it comes to correction, modifications, etc. He pushes you in the best way possible.

Every since I started working with Steve and taking his classes, I have become progressively stronger, more agile and aches and pains from my old injuries have begun to fade. No matter what mood I'm in when I go into his class, I know I'll be a great mood when I leave!

Jen Pearsall
To say that Steve is a wonderful trainer is putting it so mildly.

Although my main pursuit at Five Points has always been Muay Thai, Steve’s ability to supplement that work with smart, consistent strength training has been crucial. He has helped me both to avoid injury by building a strong base, and to recover from some doozies that I thought would sideline me forever. At one point, when an MRI revealed a herniation, a slip, and an old stress fracture in my lower back (and I could suddenly barely walk), Steve worked with me to assess my range of motion and overall strength, and to create a program that helped me to come back to the sports I love at 100% capacity – without injections, surgery, or even too much frustration. And as a side note, even without injury, kettlebell training is a great partner to Muay Thai in terms of building strength, flexibility, and fitness.

Whether you are working to hit a new PR or to get in the ring, Steve has a way of finding just the right cue: the words to help you tighten up your technique and make that lift easier, or to get through another round when you just want to drop. Training with Steve has taught me tenacity, heart, and strength that I am able to apply to any situation. And being in my late 30’s, I am also at the point that I really appreciate the physical strength I now have, because it makes my day-to-day life in New York - climbing countless stairs, fighting crowds, walking how many miles a day (in work shoes!), and schlepping heavy bags everywhere – that much easier.

I’ve been at Five Points for nearly ten years, and I can’t imagine wanting or needing to train anywhere else.

Swampy Puddles
Great taste in music; never once played that meathead, Miami rendition of techno and house music that you would hear at Equinox.

What can I say? The relationship I have with Steve Milles has been pretty casual and organic. I started off as an ordinary member at Five Points, hitting pads and fighting off dumpling bod. A year goes by, and he invites me to do fighters sparring. Another year goes by, and I'm fighting for the gym.

Every step towards my "fight" career, and my overall fitness has been done in manageable micro steps. I have the coordination of a blind autistic child; so to have Steve break things down for me in a simple and easily absorbable manner has done well for my coordination (or lack thereof) and my overall understanding of movement.

Caroline kim
After training with Steve for 10 years, beginning with a post-pregnancy huge weight gain and lack of foundational strength, he has consistently moved me to optimal fitness in every area. One of Steve's distinctions with clients is his deep dive into a client's areas of need, where he supplements his professional experience with a tremendous amount of inquiry and study to help a client.

I'm now dealing with multiple health challenges and Steve has adapted our training to help me recover and remain strong. He researched and read about my issues and has continued to modify and enrich our sessions accordingly.

Steve is the best, in every possible way, and if you try a session with him, you will want to stay with him forever!

Julie Cohen
I started training at Five Points Academy with Arjan Steve about one year ago. At the time, I had one Muay Thai fight -- a loss -- that had shaken my confidence pretty badly, but I wanted another shot in the ring and to try to improve. Joining Five Points turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

I've been an athlete my entire life and Arjan Steve is the best coach I have had. He has an eye for technique, is calm and patient, and an incredibly good teacher. He knows how to get the absolute best from his students whether that be in Muay Thai, kettlebell or just an overall strength and conditioning perspective. I really look forward to his kettlebell classes and they have become an important part of my fight training.

Five Points has become my second home, my community and my family. And thanks to training with Arjan Steve, I have grown exponentially as an athlete, a fighter and as a person. He is the best of the best.

Alma Vicencio
Arjan Steve has taught me so much since joining Five Points Academy three years ago. I started because I was uninspired by my workouts, needed a change, wanted to get strong and learn how to fight. He taught my first class there and immediately I signed up and was hooked! At first I was only focused on Muay Thai but gained a lot of interest in the strength and conditioning programs provided by the gym. I started taking the kettlebell, TRX and HIIT classes more regularly to supplement my training. He is very attentive to detail and patient in making sure his students execute the exercises correctly. With in a year at being at the gym I started competing in Muay Thai. Steve has a very calm demeanor (which is very much needed when he’s cornering you) and has his own way of pushing and challenging you to be your best. His gym and coaching has completely changed my life. I now have the confidence to face challenges I never imagined myself doing, and a strong community that I consider family. I couldn’t ask for a better coach or leader- thank you Steve.

Courtney Reardon
I started training with Steve in 2012, and 6 years later I was hoping to bring a Five Points Academy flag to the top of the world, Mount Everest.

When I first came to Steve, I was an office worker mostly but also an infrequent recreational climber with aspirations of climbing more challenging mountains. A special operations friend of mine who was getting his doctorate in sports physical therapy recommended only one trainer: Steve Milles.

I had barely lifted before and had never trained with kettlebells. I appreciate that Steve is adamant about perfect form. I have never been injured or sidelined by pain at any point in the 6 years we’ve worked together. Instead, Steve has been a crucial part of my training for many of my mountaineering expeditions – in fact, on May 16, 2018, I became the 68th American woman to summit Mount Everest and survive.

Now, Steve is working with me towards my own Strong First Level 1 certification. He is awesome – personally and professionally.


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